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I went plant-based for 90 days and this is what happened

I went plant-based for 90 days, and this is what happened. I am a #NOWWellness Influencer. In this post, I have included an affiliate link in this post that I receive a commission from purchases, and I am… Read More

Why should women strength train?

When people want to lose weight, they tend to believe in long-enduring sessions on the treadmills, especially women.  A common misconception that women have is strength training will make you bulky, but I am walking testimony to the… Read More

Seven tips to support hormone health

As a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, too often, I see people focusing on “Move More” and “Eat less,” but there is so much more to fat loss-for people.  So much more involved than just moving… Read More

Understanding Your Hormones

Through my journey, I have discovered many things that have aided me in my weight loss.  Through my certifications, I have learned a lot about the human body and anatomy, and through researched studied, come to my conclusions. … Read More

7 Ways to consistently stay motivated in your weightloss journey

In a weightloss journey, motivation and consistency are one of the hardest things to maintain once I discovered how to stay motivated things changed consistently, and fitness is now a lifestyle.  Many tips will help you to become… Read More

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