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Detox with Food

The best way to detox with food is to be intentional about choosing food that helps rid your body of toxins and adds nutrients for you to thrive. Check out my post about 100 healing foods How I… Read More

I went plant-based for 90 days and this is what happened

I went plant-based for 90 days, and this is what happened. I am a #NOWWellness Influencer. In this post, I have included an affiliate link in this post that I receive a commission from purchases, and I am… Read More

Why should women strength train?

When people want to lose weight, they tend to believe in long-enduring sessions on the treadmills, especially women.  A common misconception that women have is strength training will make you bulky, but I am walking testimony to the… Read More

Seven tips to support hormone health

As a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, too often, I see people focusing on “Move More” and “Eat less,” but there is so much more to fat loss-for people.  So much more involved than just moving… Read More

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