De Bolton Personal Transformation

I think Coach De is a great resource to helping you meet your overall wellness and health goals. Coach De has a unique technique that brings your walk with Christ and your working on your health altogether. Helping us to be mindful that over temples are truly a sacrifice unto the Lord
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By Natasha
The amount of information and various learning points on nutrition and fitness. The need to be consistent and encouragement to push forward.
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By Shelly
I loved receiving daily devotionals, mantras, and prayers. I loved that i could exercise at home and get a good sweat. I loved that my daughter also exercises with me.
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By Candace
Incorporating Gods Word with fitness! I liked the calendar feature where I could see what would be coming up. I app was really cool! I liked that all I needed was my phone and equipment and I could workout from wherever! I also really appreciate the meal prep help and recipe suggestions!
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By Sarah
I liked the clear manner the exercises were explained and how we are instructed to do based on our experience/level. Seeing what was needed to do each day with in app tracking of completion was a plus. I struggled with how to do the timing⏱ and recording of weights and reps in the beginning so it might be helpful to have a video explaining how the app works prior to the start of program. De was very accessible through the app and responsive to questions in a timely manner. The daily devotional and prayers were very good. They were specific and help to bring focus and clarity to specific areas that helped increase our knowledge and encouraged us to hang in there. The meal planning part was the icing on the cake. The shopping list prior to the week was very helpful. Though I was not successful due to my crazy busy life, De always responded to me with a spirit of love and extended grace as well as encouraged me to do the same with myself. I am determined to complete this program and do it again.
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By Stacey
The community was great this time around. There were so many more pre-recorded videos which made working out so easy for me. I did say the workouts were long however that’s just due to limited time in the morning. 45 minutes actually isn’t long in the big picture of the day.
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By Stephanie
The focus on health from the most important area, the spiritual one. I also liked how the workout difficulty increased gradually so it wouldn’t be so tough that I’d give up the first week.
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By Roslyn
De, this program was amazing. I feel like I’ve healed my relationship with exercise. Prior, I really felt like i didn’t like it or it was a chore if I wasn’t weightlifting heavy. I tend to say i HATE Bootcamp style exercises. This was not the case for me. One thing that did stick out to me was early on your messaging was more physical focused about making the body change and as the program progressed it was more about the spiritual change. I’d say start out with the spiritual stuff sooner. That was so powerful for me. I loved the Follow along videos and would love to have it with the resistance workouts. If you want to talk more about what i said I’m am open to it... love you girl!!
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By Alexis
Bibles and Bootcamps helped me focus on my body from the inside out. The scriptures helped me to focus. Coach De made made it available. Jesus held me accountable.
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By Katie
I was able to recommit to my health. I set a goal to do better and push just a little past my comfort. I was able to be consist and reach my personal goals. De is an amazing coach.
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By Taya
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