Join the FaithFueled Life Community

Join the FaithFueled Life Community

Since creating this blog I have aspired to create a FaithFueled Life community.

Faithfueled life community

Let’s get better together

When I began this blog I was seeking a community of Christian women to do motherhood.  Over the years through my own personal experiences, the vision for this blog has changed but one thing has remained the same.  The need for community.

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

We were meant to do life together.  I personally have grown in online communities, met some amazing people that are still in my life today and I want to facilitate a community that provides women connection.

God Showed Up

My birthday just passed and after reflection. I am amazed at how God has been using me over the last three years.   I have lots of plans to help women honor their temple and live a healthier lifestyle.

So many opportunities have been provided by God. So many but the one that I am in awe is the Ambassador Scholarship I received from Revelation Wellness. I am truly amazed because I received the over $2,000 certification as a scholarship.

What shocked me is that they want me to represent the brand for the next year. I didn’t even realize I was on their radar but they were in my prayers.  Every time I would see a new Instructor Training begin I would pray, “let me be the next one.”

Revelation Wellness Platoon 25

God as always exceeded my expectations.  Which made me say, “Use me Lord.” that is often my daily prayer.  I just want to serve a God who blessed me abundantly every day and be a reflection of His glory and Light. So here I am using my gifts and I want to share them with you.

Building a FaithFueled Community

Like I said, from the beginning, I have aspired to create a community for women who are bold with their faith but need guidance for their health. I am grateful to inspire through social media but I want to do so much more.
“Our goal as Christians is not an “inspiration” but to be a “reflection.”

When we seek to inspire, the focus is on what we do.  When we seek to reflect, it’s on what God does. Inspiration is secondary.  It’s a by-product, not the goal. I would like to cause action behind the motivation.

Like the moon, we have no light source of our own.  On our own, we fail. We are solely dependent on the sun as our source of light. However, when we seek to reflect the Son, Jesus in us, working through us,

  • He lights the way for others.
  • He illuminates the darkness.
  • He shines into hearts and makes them glow.

I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord;  apart from you I have no good thing.” Psalm 16:2New International Version (NIV)

How do Faith and Fitness work together?

When you give work on your fitness through your faith.

  • You will make some significant strides; you will be diligent with your nutrition and exercise.
  • You’ll prioritize yourself and be refreshed from your rest.
  • You will get noticeably more fit.
The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are to feel better and look better and inadvertently you will inspire others. Inspiring others is great but we can’t do this without Jesus.  Always point it back to God. Jesus was a living example of although our acts our great we must always point back to the Father (Mark 10:18) we too should be quick to point back to our Jesus.

“He is sustaining in all things…”us included.  We can do no good thing apart from Him.” Hebrews 1:3

Called to connect

Knowing what I know and actually experiencing God’s grace and mercy through my own fitness journey. Over the years I’ve felt called to help other women do the same. Constantly thinking and praying of the best way to form a community of women that glorify God and honor their temple.

My desire is to provide tangible information, real-time answers, and encouragement as women embark on their own journey to live a healthier lifestyle.  I also feel strongly that we are so much better together.

I would like to invite you to my new Facebook group.  There as a community of faithfueled women we will hold each other accountable, pray for each other, share recipes, scriptures, and even do live workouts.  FaithFueled Life members will also have exclusive access to LIVE workshops.

Exclusive Group Access

There will be exclusive content and Workshops in the FaithFueled Life Community.

Our first workshop is scheduled for October 17, 2020 at 10a EST. Understanding your hormones.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how movement can be used to support women’s health. We’ll do moves and learn about foods to regulate the hormones that impact our health, as well as our moods.
The workshop includes a discussion of the endocrine system, how movement can help balance hormones, and hormone-balancing movement practice.
Come away with tools and information you can use daily to support your physical and emotional health to help maintain a healthy hormonal balance.
Movement and food can be helpful for many conditions related to hormonal imbalances, including:
• Insomnia
• Mood swings/irritability
• Thyroid imbalance
• Adrenal depletion
• Low libido
• Fertility issues
• Irregular cycles
• Cramps or low backache
• Low immune function
• Hormone-related anxiety/depression
• Peri-menopausal / menopausal
I would love any specific questions you have on the topic or anything that you want to see in the group and don’t forget to join us.  Please message me or comment below and Register for the Workshop!

Protein Waffles for the Family

Protein waffles are made several times a week.  I make them in big batches and the family eats them in big batches with a family of five active members food goes quick.  Mimi loves waffles and calls them waffle pancakes. Whether their pancakes or waffles they are called waffle pancakes and she asks for them daily. So, I like to keep them available all the time.

I used to make us separate waffles; mine protein and hers from the bag at Sam’s club. The main reason was the cost of protein.  I figured out how to make a big batch that is family friendly and my kids actually prefer them now.  They actually will say, “Mom, what happened to the other waffles.” It’s funny how when you eat good food you crave good food.

This makes a really big batch so I often freeze them in separate baggies for easy grab n go breakfast. It doesn’t take long and once you get into the waffle flipping groove you’ll wonder why you didn’t make your own sooner.  Give this easy yummy recipe a try and let me know what you think of this cost-effective protein waffle recipe.

I find that people think eating healthy is expensive but I think that is just an assumption.  If you broke down the savings from making your own, especially in bulk, you would save a considerable amount yearly.  Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. That is why I really like to use MomSanity Mom Fuel Vanilla Protein. It is affordable for families and the ingredients I can trust to use in for everything my family eats.  When I buy protein I usually buy one for shakes and one for baking.

I love to top it with Lakanto Maple Syrup. I’ve told you in the past why I have switched to Monk Fruit Sweetener instead of sugar for my families baking needs and they have not noticed the difference in the least.

Protein waffles are really easy to meal prep and also to make in advance.  They are also something that is associated with not being a diet food which is hard to get my Bible and Bootcamp Beauties out of the mindset of restriction.  We cannot live our life on a diet but we can make better choices.  These waffles are not as convenient as you just add water but the taste is worth the effort.

Big Batch of Protein Waffles

Big Batch of Protein Waffles


  • 2 cups oat flour; (grind about 31/2 cups of oatmeal in a food processor)
  • 4 Tbsp ground flax
  • 4 scoops Vanilla Mom Fuel protein powder
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon (optional)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp of baking soda
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups unsweetened almond milk
  • 4 egg whites (I used ½ cup egg whites;actual egg whites)


  1. Preheat waffle iron.
  2. In 1 bowl mix together oat flour, protein, flax, baking powder & cinnamon.
  3. Mix with wisk or fork until blended.
  4. Add in wet ingredients (milk, vanilla, egg white) and mix until blended.
  5. Cook on waffle maker until golden brown (about 5 minutes).
  6. Serve topped with berries, No sugar Lakanto Maple syrup, or whatever you like!
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I am a MomSanity Ambassador and Lakanto Affiliate I make the commission of both products through purchases through my link.  My affiliation does not affect my reviews or opinions. I tell you what I like and don’t like. My Full Disclosure Policy

Meal Prep with Mason Jars

Meal prepping with mason jars helps save time, money, and food waste.

It seems like a daunting task, but meal prepping for one person can be intimidating, but for an entire family of six can be overwhelming.  Not only did I decide to meal prep for my whole family, but I wanted to do it sustainably.

Sustainable Meal Prep

I’ve always tried to live sustainably, but for our family, we have had to ease into the process. From changing our skincare, household cleaners, and now I am trying to be a “Less Waste” family, which I don’t think that’s a term but my goal is to be a “Zero Waste” family.  I probably should run this by my family, but like most things, my influence will help guide my family to different choices. 

Mason Jar Meal Prep helps to reduce waste.

Reducing our plastic and waste is much more challenging than I expected. Just when I think I am doing good, I see a bright plastic container, and I purchase it.  But for the most part, our kitchen is glass and stainless steel. I  try to buy pollution-free plastic and BPA free plastic, but sometimes I shop on impulse and realize my mistake afterward.  So, I would not say I am a Zero Waste Blogger, but I aspire to be, and meal prepping without plastic is one way I feel I can make an impact.  

Meal prepping with Mason Jars Investment

Mason Jars seemed like an inexpensive, simple way to meal prep for a family of six.  The initial prep took some thought, but very quickly, I think I have created a straightforward system to have meals prepared for everyone.  I figured even if my crazy idea isn’t sustainable my investment in Mason Jars will be they are great for storage, we use them as drinking glasses and last until you break. Whether I continue this meal prep, which so far I have or not, the investment wouldn’t go to waste. 

Meal prepping with mason jars has many benefits:

    1. Sustainable
      Using glass containers unless we break will have for years to come.  There is nothing to throw away.
    2. Less Food Waste
      With pre-portioned food that is custom to each family member, we are throwing away very little food these days—getting the most out of our groceries.
    3.  Make better food choices.
      We live by convenience.  The more natural something is better and once you figure out your system. Meal prepping with mason jars becomes super easy, almost methodical. It also has excellent fresh options available on hand, which makes it easy for my family.  Most of my family members loved the meal prep with mason jars, except for one.  They loved the convenience and appreciated having the option to customize their meals while having healthy food choices. Most of our food choices were because we weren’t getting the nutrients we needed, so we ate mindlessly.  When you have healthy choices at your convenience, its easier to make a better decision. It also creates ownership of how your family members nourish their bodies.  They get options to choose from, but they are all excellent options. It’s quite empowering for my six years old to make her lunch.Check out my Instagram Highlights. I share several meals Mimi “made by herself,” she felt like a big girl and gave this mom so reprieve from meal assembling which has been a part-time job since the pandemic. I swear these kids eat all day. Now they have jars to grab and go.
    4. Budget-friendly
      There is an initial investment of Mason jars, but Mason Jars are inexpensive storage compared to plastic disposable.  Once you purchase your jars, you pretty much have them for life.  Your grocery budget will also decrease, which may allow you to buy more organic options over conventional.

Meal Prepping with mason jars can help maximize your budget.

Some ways I suggest to make the most of your food budget:

  • I recommend buying in bulk in both protein and produce.
  • Consider frozen organic vegetables over fresh. I always recommend fresh vegetables, but sometimes frozen are more affordable.  For your salad jars, FRESH IS BEST; nothing is worse than a soggy salad.  I also sometimes buy fresh produce and freeze it myself, which is another idea. Meal Prep in Mason jars will save you time and money and afford you to have organic options for your family.

Ways to successfully Meal Prep with Mason Jars

  1. Start small.
    I started prepping for three days. I made three options for every meal; breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  2. Make food your family will always eat and keep it simple.
    I gave my family three options for meal jars: Rice & Broccoli, Pasta & Mixed Vegetable, Salad Jars.  I substituted my pasta and mixed vegetables for cauliflower rice and mixed vegetables. Gluten-free pasta doesn’t hold up as nice the second day, so I was concerned and made the switch.
  3. Make all your food first.
    The initial meal prep took me three hours because I had to make all the protein, chop all the vegetables, make the rice, and pasta.  I made enough for an entire week but only prepped for three days because that is all the space I had for our jars. My second meal prep of the week took forty-five minutes. All I had to do was measure and pour down the line each item like an assembly line. I felt like a rockstar!
  4. Better convenient food options.
    I think our problem is that we want food quickly. Prepping, planning and preparing is too much work, so we go out to eat, the order in, pop it in the microwave.  The three-hour time investment has saved me so much time throughout my week.
    Some days I make dinner, but on the days when I don’t want to, there is no guilt.  I have perfect portioned meals ready for my family to eat at will.  We only sit together for one meal throughout the day is “free for all.” Meal prepping with mason jars has made better food options available to my children.

Meal Prep with Mason Jars Menu and Recipes

I tried to keep my menu simple but with variety.


No Sugar Protein Mug Cakes: Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, and Strawberry 

Super Simple to make these mug cakes.


Lunch or Dinner

Salad Jars


  • Kale, Spinach, Lettuce Mix or Spring Mix or Romaine
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Cucumbers (in Jar Divider)
  • Sliced Rainbow Peppers

Salad Toppings Ideas:

  • Roasted Sunflower Seeds
  • Sliced Roasted Almonds
  • Cranberries & Glazed Pecans
  • Tortilla Strips
  • Dates, Apples and Pecan Blend
  • Bacon Bites

Sauces Ideas:

  • Tomato Sauce
  • Chimichurri
  • Pesto
  • Teriyaki
  • Orange Ginger Sauce
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Cilantro Lime

Others considerations for Meal Prepping with Mason Jars

  1. Sterilize and Sanitize-  If you have a dishwasher that gets hot enough to sterilize, that is probably the easiest way. If not, making sure after you clean your jars that you boil and sanitize them is essential to avoid growing bacteria in your Mason Jar Prep Jars.
  2. Airtight- Make sure that you properly seal the jars by removing as much air as possible. This helps keep the food fresh.
  3. Refrigerator space- This was my problem because we have a small standard refrigerator. Make sure you have enough room for all the jars you prepare.


Meal Prepping with Mason Jars is a lifestyle change.

The Mason Jar Meal Prep has been great for my family to get on track. Make better decisions and give me comfort in knowing they are conveniently eating healthy without the additives of processed food.  

Our pallet has changed as well, and eating out does not have the same appeal as it once did.  This little experiment seems to be an excellent solution for my family.  I will continue the Meal prep with mason jars four days a week.  That way, we can fit them all. I plan on making family meals, but if I am too tired, my family can have a nourishing meal ready for them. It’s a great solution. 

I share the entire experience on my INSTAGRAM Story Highlight! Check out how we ate for a week with the Mason Jar Meal Prep.

Have you ever tried to meal prep with mason jars before? Or meal prep for the family?

7 Benefits of Cherries

There are so many benefits to Cherries. Add cherries to your shake for a super boost before or after a workout.


There are affiliate links in this post. I am a NOW Influencer and in partnership with #NOWWellness. I am compensated for my content. My opinions expressed are my own.  My Full Disclosure Policy 

Living in New Jersey

One of the things I love about summer is the fruit. Cherries are a favorite summertime fruit because they’re so juicy, ripe, and I can get them locally rather than buying them in the store.

Grateful to live in the Garden State and an ideal location. We are 20 minutes from a lake, 10 minutes from a farm, 45 minutes from the Jersey Shore, and 10 minutes from Philadelphia in a great little suburb town in South Jersey. If I was into the mountains, which as of now, I am not a hiking kind of girl, I could be in the Poconos or Upstate New York in about 2 hours.

Buy Local Produce

Buying local is easy where I live; that is why I try to buy my produce locally. I instead support our local farmers and, over the years, have made some great relationships.

When Debbie, the owner of Hess Brown Farm in Moorestown, NJ, told me they got cherries in, I went overboard. Cherries are high in sugar, but they have other benefits that I tend to overlook their high sugar content.  I usually consume two protein shakes a day. One, after a workout and the other as my late afternoon snack.

Usually, the second one is full of greens, and the first is my yummy treat I give myself for sweating it out that morning. Cherry Almond, anything is so yum, so I experimented with my shake and had a great surprise.

Watch your Protein

There are lots of protein powders on the market. Whey, Egg White, Soy, and Plant-Based, just to name a few. I will have done multiple posts on why I choose plant-based protein over the other options.

Plant-based protein is easier on my digestive system. The problem with plant-based protein is it can be very grainy and sometimes just gross. Similar to other proteins. Also, for protein powders, they can be loaded up with junk. Sucralose is the main thing I stay away from because it has a link to some awful side effects.

I don’t understand how health and fitness “experts” can tell you how to work out and exercise and then recommend shakes with gross ingredients that are harmful to your insides.  The plant-based protein that, after much research, I love is NOW® Sports; it is my favorite. It’s not gritty; it’s very creamy; there’s no junk, and it works well when you bake.

7 Benefits of Cherry Juice – These are my personal views and not those of NOW

1.Better Sleep.

A 2010 study concluded that tart cherry juice had resembled effects as insomnia medications like valerian or melatonin on older adults. In the study, those who consumed tart cherry juice had more regular and improved sleep patterns.

2.Fight Inflammation

Cherries are have increased amounts of antioxidants, which have been shown to help reduce inflammation in the body.  The antioxidants that are found in tart cherry choice are highly concentrated anthocyanin, flavonoids that are known to have the same effects as ibuprofen and naproxen.

3. Reduce Muscle Pain

Multiple factors cause cherries to reduce muscle pain, and they are already explained in other benefits: antioxidant content, anti-inflammatory properties, and naturally occurring in nature.  Those who consume tart cherry juice before and after intense training can reduce muscle pain similarly to chemically produced supplements without any health-damaging side-effects.

4. Reduce joint pain

Those who suffer from joint pain has felt relief and reduction through drinking tart cherry juice. Cherry juice has been shown to mimic the arthritis medication in its ability to relieve joint pain without the side effects of these pharmaceutical drugs. Without joint pain, it allows you to live a happier and more productive life in and out of the gym.

5.Helps your body conduct electrical current better

Cherry Juice contains a lot of potassium, which is supportive in allowing electrical impulses to flow throughout the body more efficiently. Cherries have high trace minerals that help maintain blood pressure, hydration, muscle recovery, nerve impulses, digestion, heart rate, and pH balance. This makes cherries an excellent post-workout fuel.

6. Increase Immunity

Cherries contain the micronutrients needed in high concentrations to fight off illness. Most fruits and vegetables contain micronutrients that our bodies need to perform better and fight infections.  Cherries individually are highly concentrated in antioxidants called  Flavonoids. Most plants contain these antioxidants to fight germs. There has been researching concluding that digesting these chemicals found in cherries can have a positive impact on boost our immune system function.

7. Effects of cancer cells

Researchers studied pitted cherry juice and compared it to a treatment called, which is used to treat cancerous colon tumors in animals.  The study resulted in reduced growth of cancer cells with animals who consumed cherry juice regularly.

My pre- and post-workout with beet and cherry juice mix that I am still working on a recipe.   You should be adding cherries to your diet. It is a natural way to improve your health, fight infections, enhance your quality of sleep, and enhance your immune system. It also tastes good too! This recipe you can use any protein powder, but just make sure you read your labels and learn about what you’re putting in your body. If you like Cherries as I do, you will love this. If you try it, let me know what you think. Are you a cherry fan? Why? Why not?


Cherry Almond Protein Shake

Cherry Almond Protein Shake


  • 1 cup pitted Cherries (whichever you Prefer)
  • 1 tbs of NOW Foods Beet Root Powder
  • 1 cup of Spinach
  • 2 scoops NOWFOODS Creamy Vanilla Pea protein powder
  • 8 oz. Coconut Water
  • 1/8 tsp of Almond Extract
  • Ice to your consistency preference


  1. Place all ingredients in blender and blend till smooth. Enjoy!
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Grab $10 off your with code FAITHFUELEDNOW10! I promise you’ll thank me! The best plant-based protein you will ever taste!

I Carry for…

Carry the Carry Forward Project is a Virtual 5k raising fund and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project is a fundraiser that is near and dear to my heart.

For the last ten years around Memorial Day, I think about my little cousin Alex who would be thirty-one years this year, but he was fatally wounded in combat.  Ten years ago in my Uncle received news that his oldest son Alex had died in Afghanistan. My entire family still grieves for this loss, especially my Uncle and his siblings. It has particularly haunted my Uncle for the past decade. We will never get over the loss. 

Wounded Soldiers

We all miss his radiating smile and dimples.  He was always eager to help and a caring big brother—a witty sense of humor and willingness to serve.  When Alex joined the army, it was no surprise.  He was proud to serve his country. Our family has endured many wounds.

My father, stepfather, aunts, uncles, grandfather, grandmother, and great grandfather all served the United States Military. The duty that soldiers possess for their country. I’ve always found admirable.  I look up to so many of these people in my family and am proud of their service for the freedom of our country. Its something they choose to do, which includes sacrifices.  Maybe because my father was a soldier and you look up to your father. My grandfather was a distinguished man that also set the example. I have the utmost respect for those who serve our country so that we can practice our freedoms.  

Wounded Warrior Project

This year I partnered with “Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) to help further their extraordinary mission of honoring and empowering wounded warriors! We’re bringing awareness to the WWP Carry Forward® 5K, delivered by CSX®,  a powerful and unifying experience that raises mission-critical funds for services and resources for wounded veterans. “This is an opportunity for me to support a cause I learned about two years ago actively. 

Last year, I raised funds through my Ms. Muscle and Fitness, where I made it two 6th place with your support. The funds raised during the voting period was to the Wounded Warrior Project.  This year I am doing things differently and putting “movement to this mission.” I am passionate about offering veterans services and tools for them to heal from service.  It is important to care for those who cared for us.

I carry forward

I was taught about sacrifice and allegiance for our country at a young age.  As an adult, I now have deep empathy and compassion for the families of the armed forces.  I partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project to participate in a Virtual 5k to bring awareness and recognition to this organization serving our wounded veterans.

I am not a runner, but I do enjoy a run.  During COVID 19, I have running to be a great time to reflect.  This Virtual 5K was so much different because I was carrying for the people in my family that I have respected and admired. Their allegiances and servitude for the people of our country are admirable, considering the present state. Yet, they serve, and some of them die in honor like my cousin Alex.  Others come home wounded not only physically but some mentally, and that is equally debilitating, and their servitude goes unnoticed.  

Carry Forward is Unique

Running a 5k carrying weight is a humbling experience, and carrying my almost seventy-pound six-year-old as a representation of our fallen soldiers. I carried a weight to represent the responsibilities veterans carry while serving our country. As I ran, I was brought to tears thinking of the man Alex could have been. It’s a unique and powerful way to honor the brave and heroic women and men who serve our armed forces veterans. 

The experience was moving and reflective. I have never run a 5k and had that experience.  Its something that you have to do for yourself and you can.  I ended the race carrying Mimi to symbolize the responsibilities veterans c while serving our country. I carry for my family, my cousin Alex Hernandez, and other families of veterans of the United States. I encourage and invite you to do the same.

Right now, with coupon code FREEDOM, you can join this movement for FREE and participate in a Virtual 5k! 

To join, just click here and share who you are carrying for…let’s recognize these heroes and bring awareness to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

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