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“Ok, y'all, I'm going out on a limb here! But I gotta testify right quick! Been trying to take better care of ME...the pic on the left was taken at the end of January when I started the Bibles and Bootcamp 6 week program with De Bolton, the FaithFueled Mom...the pic. On the right is after | finished! Now I'm still not where I wanna be, but y'all see them results!! I no longer look like a linebacker from behind. Aside from the physical transformation, I loved that her program taught me how I can better glorify God through taking care of my temple! She also sent me daily devotions and gave me yummy recipes and a meal planner to get my eating on track (those BLT lettuce wraps are my go-to)! And all the workouts were done from my phone, which was so convenient! Please check out De's program if you're in the post New Year's resolution slump! It will truly bless you! She has another Bootcamp that will be starting again soon! Here's the link for more info on her program! https://www.BibleandBootcamps.com" Ebony B., Mom of 5  
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By Ebony B.

"I have more energy and mentally and physically I feel so much better than when I started this journey. The meal plans have helped me learn about portion control, calorie intake and how to make so pretty good dishes!! I want to continue with this lifestyle change of eating better and exercising on a regular basis."

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By Pat T.
"I did deadlifts today for the first time since having back surgery with 8 lb dummbells so not too scary.  Your workouts are what helped me get to this strength level. Thank you!!!!!!" Kara Y.
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By Kara Y.
"Hope you are proud of me! I met my goal of 140. I am now continuing to work out to maintain and stay tone.  I was never a skinny girl but I feel good and have much more energy.  You set me on my fitness journey!  Much appreciation to you!" Kathy
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By Kathy C.
This program has really put me back on track for my fitness goals. It's easy to follow and set up for you to succeed. It helped me to step outside my comfort zone and provided the tools to continue making healthy choices that fit my lifestyle. The breakdown of optimal food options alone will be something that I use for a long time. You can really tell how much effort De put into making sure this is something everyone can do and it shows in the results. Now I look great but more importantly, I feel even better.
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By Zaida C.
I discovered De’s virtual personal training during the pandemic.  It’s been a huge blessing in combating weight gain during covid and jumpstarting a return to fitness!  She is equal parts knowledge, encouragement and inspiration.  Within the first session, she was able to pinpoint muscle weaknesses and build a plan to create a healthy foundation.  She takes the time to explain exercises and her attention to form prevents potential injuries.  I’ve felt stronger with each session.  It’s amazing to see and feel progress.  She’s truly a champion that encourages you on tough days and rejoices with each accomplishment.  No matter what your goal – she’s the coach you want in your corner. I'm super glad that she's in mine.
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By Ariana C.

De's Customized Carb Cycling Plan was just the guidance and motivation I needed! By following her carb cycling plan - and staying consistent with it, trusting the process - I lost over 15 pounds! The follow-up and care that De put into my plan was the main contributor to my success. This plan was customized to my preferences and dietary needs and took into consideration my fitness routine and my goals. Further, De checked in on me, and when my fitness routine changed, she was able to help me make the appropriate adjustments I needed to continue to find success.

Now that I've completed a cycle, I am much more conscious about what I'm eating and win. With this knowledge about how my body responds to certain foods, I've been able to maintain my weight loss, and have actually been able to continue losing an additional 5 pounds! I'm looking forward to starting a new cycle with De's plan because I know that it is something that works, and it's something that I can manage!

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By Alexis R.

I first met De when she was doing small group general population strength & conditioning classes.  When I started the classes I was extremely over weight with limited mobility.  The instructors rotated so I only got to work with De once a week.  She was so much better than the other instructors because she provided me accommodations for the exercises I could not do because of my physical limitations.  I felt like she cared about me and worked with me to get stronger and more flexible.  I felt out of place because everyone else could do the workout and didn’t need special adaptations so I stopped going.


During COVID, my son who is a certified strength and condition coach and athletic trainer, worked with me to lose weight, get moving, and exercising again.  We walked and worked out at home.  Knowing he was going to go back to school, he felt it would be beneficial for me to get a personal trainer.  The gym De had worked at was closed, so I thought maybe she could work with me as an independent, at the home personal trainer.  I called her and fortunately, she was able to take me as a client.  She has been very flexible and accommodating throughout my journey.  She came to my house for several weeks where she adapted quickly, utilized the equipment I had, and supplemented that with her own equipment.


I’ve been working out with her twice a week for the past three months while also doing some of her videos on off days.  Since I started with her, I’ve lost 16 pounds, but more importantly, I have gained strength as well as increased flexibility and balance.


She was vital in getting my shoulder to work properly.  Following a lymphadenectomy with scar tissue buildup, I started having scapular dyskinesia which led to me using my shoulder incorrectly and ultimately causing significant pain.  De did a better job at getting me to achieve proper muscle function than the physical therapist.  She is extremely attentive as she watches you do every rep of every exercise to make sure you are doing it correctly.  This attention to detail is not something you find in your run of the mill trainer.  De really cares about her clients and ensures they are getting the most out of every workout.  Through encouragement, kindness, and a touch of firmness, she makes doing the hard stuff seem much easier.


Once my son left for school, she has picked up where he left off in helping me to continue to lose weight.  I text her photos of what I am eating.  If I’m headed down the wrong path (such as too many carbs) she makes gentle recommendations for the next meal.  If I’m late sending a photo, she checks in to make sure I’m okay.  De is completely dedicated to helping you become a healthier and happier you.

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By Lorraine C.Personal Training

I've been working with De since June of 2020 period as of October 2020. I have lost 11 lb and over 4 in off my waist. De put together an amazing workout program tailored specifically to me. She also created a customized meal plan which was easy to follow, fun, and gave me quick results. De is more than just a personal trainer. She has helped me makeover my entire lifestyle to get me healthy and fit in my 50s and beyond. I look forward to a long relationship with De. And I can't wait to see what the future brings. I highly recommend De if you are interested in getting not only slimmer but healthier, stronger and improve your life in all areas.


Erica D.

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By Erica D.
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