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Reclaim Your Temple

Something has changed in the last nine months and I am expanding to help women reclaim their temple. For eight years, I have been teaching and preaching skills and tools to lose weight to help honor your temple…. Read More

Free Wellness Coaching for Black Women

Health and well-being have become paramount in our society, we often find ourselves seeking guidance from individuals who are dedicated to helping others lead healthier, happier lives. Tiffany Phillips, a Women of God and Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach… Read More

Balancing Faith and Mindfulness: A Yoga Instructor who is Christian Journey – Woman with Knowing Talancia Pea

The intersection of faith and mindfulness has become a topic of intrigue for many. It is a balance of faith and mindfulness. I had the privilege of diving into the world of Talancia Pea, a remarkable woman who… Read More

What do you do when your health fails you?

Life can be a journey of unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes, the path takes us to places we never imagined. One of the most challenging moments can be when our health and wellness fail us, leaving us… Read More

How God’s Creation Provides Everything We Need for Well-Being

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth in seven days. This incredible act of divine creation not only laid the foundation for our existence but also bestowed upon us everything we need for our well-being…. Read More

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