The reality of Weight Loss: Real Expectations to prepare you for success

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A Quick Solution to Lose Weight

It’s a simple enough question, but with all the fads, trends, and theories it begins to get complicated. If you’re not like me and decided to go and pursue a degree in Fitness and Exercise Science the science aspect of it doesn’t matter to you. You’re looking for an answer to your question, “How do I lose weight?” and you’re are looking for fast, noticeable results, right? Then you should stop reading here because unfortunately unless you’re trying to lose 5 lbs, then you may need to have a little more patience.  I find when you break down the science it comes to three things:

  1. Mentally be ready to change.
  2. Eat Right
  3. Exercise Often and Consistently

The Real Solution to Lose Weight

I also know that it takes longer than 21 days to create a lifestyle change, so I do suggest considering an approach where you’re ready to go through this till the end. Prayerfully, by the “end” of your journey, they will say that she lived a long active, healthy lifestyle.  If you’re looking to go hard for just a few months why waste the effort and energy.  Even when you reach your goal why would you go back to your old habits and lifestyle?  Instead of looking for quick, fast results what if you wanted to do something that you never thought you could do but secretly wanted to do. Like Ballroom dancing. What if you discover that when you take Ballroom classes, you have more energy, less brain fog, better temperament, you have a sense of accomplishment and a new passion for something you thought you never could do.

That’s how you do it! You don’t put your energy and efforts into something that you don’t like to do. Fitness does not only mean treadmills, weights, and sweaty gyms. Fitness can come in the form of so many things, things that you may love. There is also a quote that I saw recently that sticks out in my head anytime I contemplate trying something’s different:


Be better than yesterday’s you

Start from where you are and just build on that day to day. You may not be able to do it today, but if you keep at it with no time limit, I guarantee you will. We have got to stop living in this microwave everything needs to happen fast and at this moment. It’s not worth it then. A homecooked takes the time to prepare, but it tastes better, is better for you, and that’s the same with gradual weight loss. If you are going to put a time limit on it, I will give it one-quarter, three months, 12 weeks, or 90 days. However, you want to look at it. If you are not feeling and seeing results after four months, quit. There are some stipulations on quitting to stop you have to had:

  • given in 100% commitment
  • Stuck with the plan with grace-meaning you did mess up and skip out but you made better decisions more than you didn’t
  • Ate right.
  • What if, in four months you do see results? When you look back, it’s going to have been a journey.

Weight Loss is in Phases

The First three weeks you started your journey this is the Puppy Love phase: you were EXCITED! Excited to eat differently and do physical activity and beginning to see some results from your effort.

Then you progress to the Dating Love Phase: It’s still new and exciting but not as much as that initial can’t wait to be with you feeling. You’ve been doing this consistent routine for about 4-6 weeks, and although yes, you did see results, it’s been 4-6 weeks when I’m going to start seeing some real muscle definition.

You’ve progressed to the “I love you, BUT you can get on my nerves” phase: it’s been 6-8 weeks you may have started to see a plateau in change. It’s been quite a commitment at this point, and you’re not just dating anymore. It’s gotten real and may not be as appealing as it once was. This is usually when the gyms start seeing a decline and people start losing focus and start gaining grace. You’re either committed to this relationship at this point, or you are looking to find another soul mate.

The next phase is “You mean a lot more to me than others” This stage you love for it is greater than the flaws, but you’re slacking. You’ve gotten comfortable, and you may let a slice of pizza pass your lips once or twice, or you may just skip your workout today, but you will be back on schedule tomorrow. You may be frustrated; you may be comfortable. Don’t get comfortable you’ve committed yourself to 8-10 weeks at this point, and you may need to try something new or switch up your workout schedule. Try a few new recipes or a new veggie each week. This is where you’re defined Why needs to be your mantra and prayer your guide. This is the day that you need to stay focused the most keep making steps towards a better you and lean on Christ for your strength. Making it through the end of this will lead you to some of the rewards you imagined when contemplating taking this journey.

chart of the phases of weight loss

If you pushed passed the mundane, overcome the doubt you will bring yourself to the Engagement Phase. Yep, remember when you first go engaged it was different from the Puppy Love phase as you have known this man for a while now (not 10-12 weeks) but you have a passion again because you definitely see results. You have adopted better nutrition, more activity which has improved your energy and sleep. All those things that you had envisioned when you started this journey are coming to pass. You’re starting to see that you will be able to reach your goal if you maintain this new healthy lifestyle.

The Honey Moon Phase, this is the fun part of the journey because thus far it has been prayers, sweat, and tears but you have arrived at the 12-13 week mark, and you have never felt better. You’re more willing to try new things both with nutrition and physical activity. Other people have noticed too, and that is a boost to your self-esteem also. You’re more confident, and you’re operating at a better capacity than you ever had before.

That just leaves the Marriage phase which is the rest of your life. The short easy answer of being mentally ready for change, eat right and exercise often and consistently has been proven and hopefully sunk in and you continue to not only live a healthier life but show others how to do the same.

What steps do you take to live a healthier lifestyle?

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