What is Pea Protein Powder?

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Pea protein powder fuels my post workouts. Over the years, I have tried so many protein powders and shared them with you.  I have written several posts over the years for protein powder. I’ve gone from having it daily to eliminating it altogether. I am always coming back to add it to my diet because it’s a convenient way to get clean protein.

My Criteria for Choosing a Plant-based Protein

  1. What’s in it?
  2. How does it taste?
  3. Can I bake and make pancakes with it?

Pea Protein Powder is a High-Quality Plant-Based Protein Powder

I also want it to be a high-quality source of protein. Pea protein is considered a highly bioavailable protein meaning your body quickly absorbs and uses pea protein as a fuel source. Pea Protein is a plant-based protein that is a high source of protein that is easily applied and absorbed by the body.  There are many types of plant-based protein.  I find pea protein to be a superior source when looking for a plant-based protein.

Why not Whey Protein Powder?

I don’t do Whey Protein at all, mostly because it has milk in it, and I am lactose intolerant. My husband drinks Whey Protein and has also fallen in love with the taste of NOW® Sports Whey Chocolate Isolate.  Whey protein is also a highly bioavailable protein and has higher absorption than pea protein, especially if you drink an isolate.  I prefer Pea Protein because I digest it better than Whey because of the dairy content. Whey is great for some people, and others, we have a great option like NOW® Sports Pea Protein Powder that comes in different flavors. My husband says  Whey Protein tastes better than others he has tried.

My first experience with NOW® Sports Pea Protein Powder

Last summer at Empower Summer Camp, I was introduced to NOW® Sports Vanilla Toffee Pea Protein, and I became addicted.  We had fun making smoothie bowls my first time, and the taste is fantastic. I am not a huge chocolate fan. I enjoy a brownie from time to time, but vanilla is my go-to in protein powders. Check out my everyday post-workout shake below. They have other flavors too.  Pick your choice of Creamy Vanilla or Chocolate, Vanilla Toffee, or unflavored and make it your own.

Clean Pea Protein Powder

I pretty much trust all NOW products because they are CERTIFIED (you know I love me a cert)! NOW has provided natural health products and supplements since 1968.  They’re not one of these new companies that are popping up on Instagram with the claim of all “natural” ingredients or the naturalistic fallacy.  NOW’s testing is why they have been a leader in producing products for health and wellness. The label is entirely transparent; there is no questioning what is in the bottle.  I trust them for my family’s needs.

What’s in Pea Protein Powder?

NOW Sports Pea Protein passed my high standards for quality protein, but why NOW Sports Pea Protein? Two reasons. It has quality ingredients and 4,400 mg of branched chain amino acids and over 2,200 mg of arginine.Pea Protein has become the go-to plant-based protein because of all of the things I have said above:

  • It’s very clean; It’s just protein, nothing else.  It does have branched chain amino acids and is a complete protein profile, which is why it needs no fillers, unlike dairy-based products.
  • It does not have an overpowering taste, any smart smell, and no bad aftertaste.
  • High Source of quality Protein some people find it hard to find high quality and clean plant-based protein.  Usually, plant-based protein is not enough for dietary needs.
  • Helps maintain healthy weight when people think of losing weight; they first grab veggies, not protein, but protein is an excellent way to maintain healthy body weight.  If you get .7-1 gram per the amount you weigh in protein a day, you will build muscle faster that will help you burn fat faster.  Weight x .8= Amount of Protein you should eat a day. Another reason that proteins help you feel less hungry. Studies have shown that Pea Protein is equal to dairy-based protein in suppressing hunger.

Why do I recommend Pea Protein Powder?

As I said before, I have been drinking the same protein shake daily for over a year with the same enthusiasm. No, seriously, it tastes so good. It’s really creamy, and BCAAs are great for when I am trying to grow for my fitness competitions.  I am not a fan of meal replacement shakes, but I am a huge fan of the convenience of quality Protein Shakes for snacks and post-workout fuel. I sometimes work out as late as 11 at night. It just works. Some people get up at crazy early hours and exercise, and some of us stay up late to crazy hours and workout. Pick your crazy, but don’t judge. The last thing I want to do is eat. I usually Shake, Chug, and pass out, so when I eliminated Protein Shakes from my life, it made post-workout meals a chore.

It’s not gritty, and it tastes AMAZING, and some Pea Protein I have tried are gritty. Light but filling because it is 25g of protein. Shake, and some nut butter and I am ready to go.

Pancakes, Cookies, Donuts, and Muffins

Yes, yes, and yes, it has passed the baking test, and because the powder is so refined, everything is light and fluffy. I also love that NOW has a variety of flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Toffee Vanilla, and Unflavored.  Unflavored is excellent because you can use it to make savory items.  It is so good.  I made “You’d think they Could be Ritz” Protein Crackers. They resembled those buttery crackers mm mm. <Recipe to come>

I haven’t had a protein that I have completely loved until now.  I really am ending the search and found something that is affordable, delicious, actually truly clean with no fillers, and something that I would recommend to my clients, friends, and family with the confidence they will like it, and it’s good for them. If you want to give NOW Foods, a try take 20% off your purchase with coupon code “FAITHFUELED.”

Do you have a particular protein you love?


5 Comments on “What is Pea Protein Powder?”

  1. This is a great explanation of the differences in protein powder. I really like the pea protein based drinks as well. I can’t do the collagen drinks bc I am vegetarian. I have not tried NOW pea powder yet but I think I might!

  2. Yay! I love NOW Food products! :] I’ve tried pea protein before, but I don’t think I’ve had theirs yet–vanilla toffee sounds awesome! I have a ton of protein powder I need to work through (slowly but surely!!) still.

  3. Sounds like a great product!! The toffee flavor definitely peaked my interest:-)

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