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When I first started my weight loss journey I was introduced to protein shakes. I wasn’t aware of all the options and drank what was recommended. After about a month I knew I had to try something different but didn’t know what to choose out of all of the many. A year later I have not only a great understanding of the value of protein powders in your diet. I have some recommendations. Protein powders are a great addition to your diet because:

• They are a convenient, high-protein, take anywhere food similar to meats, fish, eggs and dairy but can nonperishable in the powder form.
• They are a great healthy fat containing very little fat and are usually cholesterol free which is hard to find in a high-protein food
• They can be used for the entire family
• A bonus to all of these other benefits it can taste great too and be a treat after a hard sweat session.

You can find hundreds of protein powders on the market in the United States. They range from poor quality and ingredients to an excellent source of nutrients every day. There are two types of protein and then subcategories:
protein-powderI feel like you need to try a variety of protein powders to see which one you prefer especially after testing out a few this summer. My biggest concern when choosing a protein powder was quality and food allergies. My food allergies lead me to plant based protein. I am allergic to wheat and lactose intolerant. There are other types of proteins such as whey and casein, egg and soy, but I am going to talk specifically about plant-based protein.

What do I look for in a Protein? For the best protein for me I took a few qualities into consideration:

1. Ingredients are important-all that Sucralose, Dextrose nonsense is no good; Artificial or artificial/natural flavors I stay away from; the only option I have is natural flavors and sweeteners.sucralose 2. Cost of protein- I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements it needs to be below $80 per month. Nor do I find that a wise way to spend your money. Protein can range in prices. The protein that I regularly use is $35 with shipping for 30 days of protein.  I usually buy one for baking and one for drinking.

3. Additives- does it have additional ingredients that enhance the protein powder kinda of like a 2 for one which can be a bonus! I personally like that No Udder Protein has  L-Glutamine for Athletic Performance and Recovery.

Why plant-based protein? Animal protein is more popular than plant based protein for a various reason mainly taste and nutrition.  Most people use whey protein it is probably the most famous protein powder. Most people think that plant-based protein users are vegetarians and vegans, but that’s not always the case. I decided to go to a plant based protein due to the discovery of food allergies and intolerance. Plant based protein has provided me the protein I need with no food allergy reactions, but I love meat too. It’s been a long journey through grit, but I have found a few plant-based proteins that provide quality ingredients-meaning junk free protein, affordable price, great tasting and some have additives that provide even more convenience. healthyskoopprotein How does it taste?Taste is a big factor for me when choosing a protein if I can’t enjoy I can’t eat it or drink it. Although, I won’t sacrifice honoring my temple for artificial sweeteners to sweeten my protein. There are artificial sweeteners that are approved by the FDA, it doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to put in your body. It makes no sense to me to workout hard, eat right and then sip on a Protein powder that has artificial chemicals. It seems counter-intuitive to all of your efforts. I love the way Healthy Skoop taste and smells my middle daughter does too.

Is protein expensive? My family is reviving our financial health and stick to an adhere to a strict budget. I am not able to have a large supplement budget, so cost is a factor. This all is dependent on you but the lower the quality, the lower the price. Don’t use your stomach like a waste basket and drink junk.
vegaessentialshake Enhancements and meal replacements It’s common to find proteins enhanced with BCAAs, arginine, amino acids, glutamine, some are meal replacements with added carbs; not to get confused with protein shakes as they often are with direct sales shakes. Protein shakes are not meal replacement they are additional high-quality protein, amino acids to give you additional nutritional support.

My Top Choices Healthy Skoop as my most favorite to bake with it didn’t change the taste of any of my baked goods it only enhanced and it smells amazing.  It’s also my top choice because it gives back to American Schools fresh produce through their program Project Produce 3% of their sales.healthyskoopreview

No Udder Protein

Next on my RoundUp is NoUdder than No Udder Protein. This is my second pick only because it doesn’t make pancakes well. I am completely honest; protein pancakes that important to me. I look forward to them when I plan them on the menu.  This protein gave me the best pre and post workout feeling. Even on leg days, my recovery was minimal, and I am going to attribute that to this protein shake. It’s also has a mild flavor, so it is excellent in shakes it doesn’t overpower the flavor.noudderproteinreview Vega Essential Shake Vega  came in at number three it is a great shake too. It is a great addition to the essential ingredients that you need on a daily intake.  It tastes good too and is not gritty.  It makes great shakes and baked goods and delicious pancakes.  It was hard to decide, but I will be using all three regularly. I also want to try other Vega products as they have a lot of different specialized protein, and I would be interested to see how they work out. vegaessentialshakereviewI felt weird not leaving a recipe for mealtime Monday. You have to try this Basil Lemonade it is delicious and refreshing just what you need after a hard workout out. I’m obsessed with Basil Lemonade and since I have way too much Basil (Sweet and Purple) in my garden I am drinking it up! Basil has some nutritional benefits:
🍋🍃. Reduces Inflammation

🍋🍃.Anti-Aging Properties

🍋🍃.Rich in Antioxidants

Let me know what kind of protein you use? Whey?Egg? Plant Based? None?

Basil Lemonade Protein Shake

Basil Lemonade Protein Shake


  • Ice,
  • 4 Leaves of Basil,
  • 1 Lemon Squeezed,
  • 8-12 ounces of Coconut Water


  1. Place All ingredients in blender.
  2. Blend.
  3. You can thank me later! Enjoy!
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24 Comments on “Powered By Protein”

  1. We aren’t familiar with any of those brands of protein powders but we do have a couple that we use.
    I had always thought I had enough protein until I started writing everything down and it was only then that I realized I was really lacking. These are great additions to a healthy diet!

  2. Congratulations on getting this out. I know you worked incredibly hard on it!
    We are honored to be part of your plant based protein review among the other great companies.
    Keep up the outstanding blogs!!
    P.S Sorry about the pancakes 😉

    • Although, pancakes are important my husband and I enjoyed your protein and thank you for the opportunity to try your product! We give you 2 thumbs up 👍👍

  3. I haven’t added any supplements to my journey, yet. There are so many options and I’m still tweaking my nutrition to find what works best for me. I know that I didn’t want to start adding supplements and not be able to remain committed because of finances, etc. But this is a great breakdown. I’ll pin it for future reference if I decide to try it.

    • With my heavy weight training I need the additional protein boost. It’s a great idea to check out all of your options. Let me know how it goes if you do.

  4. I haven’t heard of the first two products, but will look them up to try as I appreciate the research you have put into this. Protein pancakes!? Why didn’t I think of doing that before now!

  5. Sunflower protein all the way! I always use it as my go to breakfast. After lifting, I use “Her Whey,” but I’ve never tried these products. I also take pre workout before a long session of lifting and circuit training, but that doesn’t really qualify as “good for you.” lol! It does get me going though! Great info!

  6. Thanks for the honest review. Do you have any ida of the BV of plant protein versus animal, and especially whey? I’ve always understood that should be one of, if not the greatest, considerations.

  7. Wow. thank you for sharing such a detailed and in depth opinion and advice on them. <3 I've never heard of No Udder, but I have heard of Skoop and Vega. Right now I'm using 'Try About Time' which I've liked so far!

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