How I eat like a women’s figure competitor?

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My Second Women’s Figure Competition

In May, I am competing in my second women’s figure competition. My first time I had disappointing results, but I believe it’s the result of the effort I put into my prep.   This time I am training to win before I was training to compete, and I now believe m. I have a new coach this prep, too, and I am following the HK Fitness plan to the letter.  I want to see if I put my all into my prep what the results could be, and I feel I have a great coach to help.  Trainers need trainers, and I have the best. Now I have to do the work.  No matter what he plans for me. If I don’t execute, it doesn’t matter.


It’s hard to be disciplined about food

The biggest and I think the hardest thing for people is food.  Being taught is hard when you let your emotions lead you.  This is where I feel my strength is I can be very disciplined with food. It’s pushing myself in the gym where I lack.  I need accountability.  I am starting my prep, and I will no longer be eating to bulk up.  In this phase, I am eating around 2,500 calories a day, and the results are already showing up. The question I get asked the most is, “What are you eating?” I plan to share my journey more this round.  Here is what I eat daily while I am trying to bulk for my second OCB Figure Competition.

Timing is key

The amounts of food vary for everyone. There is a science to bodybuilding, and I think one of my most significant attractions.  By manipulating the

  • timing of your food,
  • types of food,
  • amounts of food,
  • and workout routine,

you can literally transform your body into a lean, defined person within weeks. But you have to be intentional by weighing and measuring your food.  You also have t be intentional about the carbs, protein, and fats that you eat and what time.  Keeping your meals consistent and on a timed regimen is vital. So far, my problem isn’t the food I have to eat, but the timing is my problem.

Food timing is my struggle while bulking for a figure competition

I have been struggling with food timing. Often I find myself full and still needing to eat three meals at 7 pm.  It took me about three weeks to figure out a schedule that didn’t end up in frustrating tears. Timing my pre-workout meals has also been hard and something that I am trying to find some consistency. At the moment, it’s hard to have a consistent workout schedule for many reasons. First, I get up way too early in the morning, meaning I go to bed early at night.  So, I am at the gym training 6–7 am, my midday I am with my five years old and my evenings are either training or chauffeuring my girls.  It’s hard to find a schedule that I can stick to food timing is especially hard when you’re trying to squeeze in a workout. I plan on planning better to get through this prep.  You can watch my effort, progress, and transformation on my Instagram Stories.


What do I eat bulking for a women’s figure competition?

I eat a lot! That is not an understatement. I eat 2561 calories a day of quality proteins, fat, carbohydrates, and supplements all spread out among six meals a day.  I initially was eating less but was increased after some adjustments.  The thing about bodybuilding is everybody is different, so what has worked for me might not work for you. That’s why I shy away from generalized meal plans.  It doesn’t take into account individuals’ somatypes and metabolism.  They often initially work because a calorie deficit will help you to lose weight, that is a fact. No matter how the deficit is made up of less protein, carbs, or fats or higher protein, carbs, or fats. If you are eating fewer calories than the energy you are expending, then you will lose weight.  If you eat more calories than energy expending, you will gain. That’s why diets work if you work the diet.  Within this four week phase, there had to be some adjustments made based on my body’s response.

Phase 1

womens figure bulking meal plan

How I meal prep

Although I am bulking, I still need to measure my food and eat good food.  I have to measure each portion out.  Meal prepping can be overwhelming for me, so I do things a little differently.

  1. Making all the protein ahead of time makes prepping food easy.
  2. Once they are all cooked, I measure them an place them in individual containers.
  3. Then I add the sides. 
  4. I make some ahead of time, but I tend to make the vegetables every couple of days.
  5. My meal preps are usually two days at a time. 

I prefer to prep containers two days at a time because it’s not as overwhelming as a five-day prep. My meal plan is also subject to change on Saturday, so prepping long term can backfire.  My old coach didn’t change my meal plan up, so I was more comfortable. I knew what I was going to eat every day for 12 weeks. It got really old, really quick, and I had an aversion to certain foods for a while, it is still hard to eat certain food combinations.  I also like to purchase my seafood every two days. I prefer fresh food but when on a budget I will buy frozen. The process doesn’t take much time with these few meal prep hacks. 



Food timing is essential in bodybuilding

The importance of timing is valuable, but what you eat is just as important.  HK plans all the meals that I eat six a day at a specific time. He also took into consideration my food intolerances and allergies.  Knowing what to eat and when makes the journey less daunting and why I recommend a coach.   My pre-workout, Intra-workout, and post-workout food and supplement intake are essential. For my pre-workout, I usually eat a meal that is a high protein, carbohydrates, and a little bit of quality fat. My pre-workout meals while I was bulking consist of things like:

PreWorkout Meal

  • Eggs
  • Gluten-Free English Muffins
  • Spinach
  • Oatmeal
  • Strawberries
  • and Peanut Butter

womens figure preworkout meal


Adjustments are necessary when bulking for  a women’s figure competition

Everyone bulks different, but the goal for me was to get into a food routine and to eat good food.  There were adjustments after the first three weeks of bulking and seeing any body composition change.  At least very little with some tweaks, I feel noticeably different.  After switching my food and timing, I started to put on muscle without adding a lot of fat.


Supplements while bulking for women’s figure competition

The supplements I took during my bulking phase are very similar to the supplements I take every day.  My daily supplement intake is not as systematic as it is while I am prepping.

Supplements while bulking for womens figure competition

Supplements I take Daily


  • a multivitamin is excellent to support where your nutrition leaves off. I wish I could consume all I need in food but some things I can’t eat enough good for you food to get what I need.  Daily I take a multivitamin from NowFoods.


Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics

  • digestive enzymes twice a day and a probiotic every morning.  Gut health is critical for us to perform at our best.  I use the Now Probiotic 10, which is essential for healthy digestion.  I also take Digestive Enzymes with my meals to help aid the absorption of my food and fully utilize the nutrients that I eat.  It also helps me with belly bloat, which is my immediate reaction to most foods.


Supplements I take during my workouts.

BCAAs and 20 oz. Gatorade Zero is part of my Intra workout hydration. I also drink the effervescent tabs in my water towards the end and post-workout if there is any left. I like to drink a lot during my workouts. Staying hydrated is a vital part of your workout.   You need to replace the water you lose when you sweat. BCAAs are like fuel for building muscle. It’s a great aid in muscle growth if you drink during your workout, but it also helps preserve muscles so you can drink it post-workout too.  But it’s not a replacement for drinks like juice or soda. I drink the effervescent tabs in my water because they have electrolytes in them, a fun fizz, and a light flavor. 

Supplements I take post workouts

I would use NowFoods Vanilla Toffee Protein Powder. I choose NOWFoods for my Supplement and food supplies for several reasons. First, they are affordable, compared to other supplement brands you can get the same thing at NOWFoods for so much less.  Second, NOWFoods is a trusted source for natural health products and supplements since 1968. Their company is a foundation of quality, and I trust all the ingredients in their products. Affordability and quality are comforting when choosing a supplement source and brand.  I use NOWFood products every day in a different way. Got to get 20% off your purchase with coupon code “FAITHFUELED.”

How much does it cost to bulk?

My personal grocery bill is $110 a week to bulk. That’s eating some organic and all grass-fed beef,wild-caught, but and I prefer Perdue Harvestland Chicken. I trust in Perdue for my protein source, whether its chicken, turkey, or beef. Over the last ten years, Perdue has been making efforts to produce chicken sustainably and ethically.  My family has trusted them for years. They have a new Subscription service that you can take advantage of to have your Perdue premium meats delivered at a discounted price. I try to eat the best and of course catch a sale.   Making healthy choices at mealtime just got easier! Order on Perdue Farms today.

best chicken for women's figure bodybuilding competitor

How do you feel bulking for a women figure competition?

Mostly, I feel full and strong, which is excellent. While bulking, I have a ton of energy, but I do feel guilty when I am complaining about being too full. People are starving, and I have the luxury of bulking to look good in a bikini.  I am blessed I get another opportunity to pursue my goal. My goal is to put my all into this prep and pray that I have better results.  I hope you follow along, or if you are a women’s’ figure competitor and have any tips, I would love for you to share and connect.

Do you have a goal that you are pursuing this year?




29 Comments on “How I eat like a women’s figure competitor?”

  1. I knew that training for a figure competition was intense but I had no clue that the timing of when you eat was as important as what you eat as well. I sincerely admire your dedication to this!

    P.S. – I have the same food prep containers and love them!

  2. That’s a huge commitment, congrats on your consistency! I know it’s all part of the plan, but the “being full and still having to eat” would really drive me crazy. It’s so different from what we’re taught about not over-eating or stopping before one feels full.

  3. I reallyyyy need to start meal prepping again! I was definitely in much better shape when I was doing that! Major props to you for your discipline + dedication!

  4. This is really interesting! And there are so many things that are the same no matter what your goal is it seems. I personally am not aspiring to be a body builder, but I am trying to be a better athlete and I do need to lose weight. The HARDEST part for me is the TIMING. Also I don’t know EXACTLY how many calories to eat (TDEE calculation with no/activity, vs. w/activity, then how much to take off to see a loss). Food prep I also do ONLY a couple days at a time because also I may want to change things up and not eat chicken every single day for lunch. So my discipline isn’t lacking in the kitchen – I keep doing this regardless of any weight loss – but my workouts (strength mostly) are where I’m lacking it. I also take supplements, mostly from NOW conincidentally. I did not know they had an effervesant tab!

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  8. Thanks, I’m beginning my prep, and I will never again be gobbling to build up. In this stage, I am eating around 2,500 calories per day, and the outcomes are as of now appearing!

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