7 Ideas for Home Strength Training Exercise without Weights

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Best Strength Training without Weights

We are all bringing it back to basics and they may mean strength training without weights for fit people who don’t have home gym equipment. I would consider this my second week of COVID-19 of 2020.  It has been a rollercoaster to put it lightly. Daily things change, precautions are revised, supplies are depleting and people are panicking.  This is my observation with very little to zero information on the virus.  I have not googled, watched any news or media production and I skip over precautions posted by friends and family in my Social Media. Am I naive yes and no but despite me overindulging on the information this virus is affecting our world?


COVID-19 has changed our world

I do know that it is a virus. I do know that washing my hands, avoiding my face and refraining from contact will decrease the chances of me getting the virus or spreading. That’s about it folks, that’s all I know and the results of this virus is that we must refrain from contact with one another.  People are dying daily from this virus especially those who have preexisting health issues. These health issues are common in those who are older. Working with many people who are older and have had these issues in the gym is a risk.

Strength Training while Self-quarantined and Social Distancing

As I understand it we are to remain in our homes for an undetermined amount of time and refrain from spreading the virus.  This has caused many service-based businesses’ including the gym to close.  In complete honesty, that’s when I panicked, just a little.  The announcement was so abrupt and unplanned.  I  was at work working out before a client session and the owner of the gym announced that in the state of New Jersey all gyms must close by 8 pm that evening.

strength training without weights

Fitness Competition during COVID-19

I am strength training while prepping for my second Fitness Competition in May.  For the last 12 weeks, I have been on my grind and with the last 8 weeks remaining. It’s hard for me to find the energy and motivation. Without a gym to train I was almost ready to quit and eat all the things.  I was just about to freak out and then I said a simple prayer.  “Help me figure this out, Lord.”  then I went to train my session.  On my way home from my session, I built my gym in our home and was ready for the next adjustment the COVID-19 has made on our family. Yesterday my competition was canceled but I am still trying to train and keep close to my meal plan until I figure out when I am going to compete.

Strength Training at Home while Figure Prepping

This week alone I have become a homeschool Mom which is something that never interested me.  I admired women who did it but I never aspired to educate my children.  I went from being a working Mom to a stay at home mom again and my gym closed.  Like I said,  a roller coaster where the turns change quickly. It’s hard to even think about strength training or adding movement to my life but it becomes a very important part of my routine.

God is Faithful because I have been preparing for this time without even knowing it.  There are so many provisions set in my place I know that we are going to make it through this experience and it will be for our good.  I have complete trust and Hope in Jesus.  But in the meantime, we have to make do with what we have available. That’s exactly what I did. I went into our dank basement and gathered up every plate, dumbbell, ball, anything and everything that I have ever received in the sponsored post and created my gym.

Continuing Strength Training at home with no equipment

I am blessed to have everything that we may need and more. I am so fortunate to have the collection of equipment that I need to continue to prep for my competition.  I also have access to the food that I need through Perdue Farms Home Delivery free shipping for orders over $119 using this link.  I have replaced some fresh produce with frozen which I have enough and get the protein powders and supplements that I need through NOW Foods Official.

Strength training for women

Not everyone has the provisions that I have and I am fully aware and count my blessings.  But you can still get a great workout with very little or even things that already exist in your home. Strength training is hard when you don’t have the correct equipment.  I want to share with you:


7 things you can use for strength training without equipment

1. Cans

    1. T-Raise
    2. Y-Raise
    3. Front to Back Reach
    4. Russian Twist Tower

2. Laundry Detergent or Water Jugs

    1. Lunge  or Single Leg Twist
    2. Bentover Rows
    3. Shoulder Press

3. Chairs

      1. Seated Curls, Fly or Press
      2. Tricep Dips

 4. Stairs or Step

    1. Step-Ups
    2. Side Step Ups
    3. Stair Sprints

5. Body Weight

      1. Pushup or Wall Pushup
        1. Incline
        2. Decline
        3. Pike Pushup

6. Styrofoam Plates, Socks or Furniture Movers

Core Sliders7. Grocery Bag Workout

Check out the entire workout! If you do have the equipment or are willing to invest check out my post about Home Gym Must-Haves.  If you’re looking for a workout program to help transform you from the inside out. Join my FaithFueled Life App where we have 21 days, 6 week and Monthly Programs to help you meet your fitness needs! Above all just move it will help get rid of the cabin fever. Also, check out these other Strength Training with No Weights Workouts Pass some time to give you the energy and boost your health and immunity.  Honoring our temple is the best way to make it through the next few weeks!

What was your hardest transition during the COVID-19 2020 Global Pandemic?

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