Fish Oil Supplements for Kids

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Every day I give my children a fish oil for kids, a multi-vitamin, and prebiotic.  These supplements provide me with peace of mind when it comes to my children’s nutrition.  Often, I fight with one of my girls on eating well and nourishing food. Although, I am a personal trainer, my children didn’t catch the memo that they need to eat all things healthy.  Instead, they opt for something like pizza and boxed mac n cheese any day.  Don’t get me wrong they eat fruits and vegetables too, but I don’t think they get enough to meet their essential vitamin needs.

Supplements are a great tool to help kids get what they need

When you say you give your kids supplements, you often get a dirty look. I know as a child, I took supplements.  My Mom gave my Flintstone vitamins daily.  I thought it was a fun candy treat. I didn’t realize it was filling in the gaps for where my nutrition was lacking.  I never considered giving my daughter a supplement for omega-3s until I heard all the positive benefits. I give my children supplements because it gives me peace of mind; they are getting all they need daily.

fish oil for kids

Benefits of Fish Oil for Kids

There are many benefits to people who take a supplement for Omega-3, which is an excellent addition to a balanced diet.  The Omega 3’s and 6s found in quality fish oil can help nurture and maintain healthy brain function.  It’s great to improve and maintain eye health as well as nervous system health.  There have also been studies that show an association with behavior and temperant in children and their consumption of fish oil.

Bioglan Fish Oil for Kids

Finding a Quality Fish Oil for kids

I try to be aware and make informed choices on supplements for my girls and myself.  I have recently been introduced to Bioglan Kids Smart High DHA Fish Oil.  My girls love the fun Burstlets. Each burstlet is shaped like little “fishies,” as my daughter calls them as she requests to take hers daily.  When you twist the tail and squeeze, you get tasty fish oil. There is no fishy taste because Kids Smart Chewable Burstlets are micro-encapsulated. , so there is no fish taste! Instead, it tastes like Grape, Orange, and other fun flavors.  They’re so tasty Milah always wants more Burstlets.

Why are Kids Smart High DHA Fish Oil Chewable Burstlets better than other Fish Oil Supplements for Kids?

Kids Smart Chewable Burstlets provides more than ten times the fish oil than most kids supplements on the market.  They are gluten, yeast, wheat, and dairy-free supplements.  Kids Smart High DHA fish oil chewable burstlets also contains two essential omega-3 fatty acids called docosahexaenoic known as (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid known as EPA. Both of these fatty acids are essential because the body does not produce them on their own.  The only way to get these essential fatty acids is through foods high in them or supplements.  Most kids won’t eat enough fish to get the benefits of DHA and EPA.  That’s why I supplement mine with these fun chewable capsules that have a tasty berry flavor.

Where can I find Kids Smart High DHA fish oil chewable burstlets?

If you’re looking to give your children a better quality, higher potency, and tasty chewable supplement, I want to recommend Kids Smart High DHA Fish Oil Chewable Burstlets.  They come in a 30 count bottle or 180 counts.  Use this link to purchase yours today?

Do you give your children fish oil?

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