My Favorite Workout Apps and Online Programs

Here are some Online Fitness Programs and Workout Apps that I recommend to help you spiritually, mentally, and physically on your journey while you are quarantined.

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Within a day, your gym experience became a home gym experience, and many apps are being offered at the moment.  The fitness industry is probably aware more so than the consumer of the positive benefits of movement while being quarantined. Having a way to move your body with limited space and equipment is a great resource to get through the days.  There are so many apps out there, but I wanted to recommend some that I think will help you begin your journey or maintain your journey to a healthy lifestyle.  It’s not about the pounds that you put on while being stuck in the house. It’s about leaving spiritually, mentally, and physically better than when you began.

You have no excuses with Online Programs and Workout Apps

You can no longer use the reason that you don’t have enough time.  There is an infinite amount of time to these endless days and short weeks.  I find myself being very productive, especially when I move midday.  It’s that energy I need and time I need to kill to get me through the rest of these long days in self-quarantine. So, I’ve narrowed it down to apps that I use and love anytime but are especially useful now.

Free Access to FaithFit Project Workout App

FaithFit Project is an audio devotion fitness app.  This is my cardio go-to! When I am running on the treadmill, outside, stair climbing, this app gives me motivation and inspiration. What makes this app different than other apps is it is audio devotions.  You can choose mode where the instruct you through the workout. Using Scripture references, and devotion or you go it alone and just have the Word in your ear.  Its a really powerful app that you should try.  You can find it in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.  Download it today and give it a try!  Share the app with your friends on social media!

Oxygen Magazine Online Fitness Program

I have joined the #OxygenCares Movement as an Oxygen Elite Ambassador, and Oxygen Magazine is offering FREE access to its Fast-Track Fitness online program. This 28-day program created by Chady Dunmore implements a quick, effective workout using minimal equipment — perfect for doing at home. So, even if your gym doors are temporarily closed, you can still get in a solid workout and maintain your gains! Use the code BEWELL at checkout to get free access for 60 days. This offer ends 5/15/2020.


FaithFueled Life App 7- Day Access to Monthly Membership Program

My fitness app is great for all fitness levels and a way to keep moving. FaithFueled Life apps have multiple ways for you to move.  Bible and Bootcamps 6 week program, Sugar and Detox 21 Day Program, Monthly Workout Programs, and Virtual training directly through me.  Workouts vary from or seven-minute total core burnouts to full-body exercises you can do in your home or gym.  Now I am offering a free one week trial with code STAYWELL. (Students, teachers, and health care professionals can receive a free trial through July 1.) Choose your workout from five-minute HIIT routines to 45 minutes of strength or bodyweight training. After the trial, the FaithFueled Life app costs $19.99 per month or $16.67 per month for the year.  Learn more about Virtual Training and Classes you can take with me here. 

My Fitness Pal is an excellent Workout App for Accountability

This is a great way to stay accountable for mindless eating. Set your food budget the night before by putting the things you plan to eat. Then if you plan on adding to the budget, ask yourself, why? Before you make that poor food choice.  While we are shut-in, we need to nourish our body to keep it healthy.  I plan on taking the time to make improvements in my lifestyle.  I hope you would join me and lets’  be friends.  Lack of accountability is where people fail.  It’s also nice to connect during times like these, and I encourage that you reach out to people and see how they are doing.


Spotify is a great Workout App for Inspiration and Motivation

We have been playing a lot of music which equals dancing, which is movement.  It also helps lifts your spirits.  Dance parties are something I used to do when the girls were little. Since being quarantined, we have been playing Just Dance or just turning on some music and dancing. Its been fun and a great stress reliever.  I also like to listen to music when I workout. It’s actually the only requirement.  Here’s the playlist I have been Running and LIfting on Spotify. You can also follow me on Spotify and grab all my playlist.  I also co-host a Fit Black Queens Podcast, which is excellent for cardio sessions or just to listen. We share the brown girl perspective of fitness, health, and wellness.  I think we’re pretty funny, but you should listen for yourself.


HIIT Interval Timer is an excellent Workout App for Efficiency

I use this timer for my group classes and my own personal workouts. I like it personally because it works with your existing music.  Timers make it easier to do the exercises than counting reps.  You can also focus on the move more if you don’t have to remember what number you’re on, and it keeps you on task moving from exercise to exercise. Download this really easy to use HIIT Timer!

Whatever you use or how you choose to move. Just don’t make movement an option. Taking care of your health, praying for others, and supporting how and when we can is the only way we’re going to get through this together.  I would love to help you on your journey or just connect.


What new ways have you found to move since being quarantined?

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  1. These are great. I’ve been doing a bunch of challenges with friends, as well as walking every day. I’m still rehabbing from injury so I’m modifying everything to accommodate my leg and ankle.

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