Three Lifestyle Changes I’ve Made this week

Changing my routine in 2020

Within the last few weeks, I have had to embrace lifestyle changes very quickly and almost daily. This year has been every event full.  I’m not sure if it’s been because of all the events in the last three months of life is just busy. Up until a few weeks ago, I was in my routine. Training my clients and prepping for my fitness competition. I had no time for embracing anything new or different.  Rewind to present days and we are in this surreal time of life.  One minute we feel we have things in control to the next changing everything we’ve previously done.  All within minutes changing day today.  We are living in unpredictable times meaning that the routines that we have become accustomed to day in and day out are being disrupted. 

To embrace change, you have to like what you are doing differently more than you did before. Within the last few weeks, our world has been inflicted with a pandemic. Every day feel we are adjusting to a new normal. Many people are reflecting and making lifestyle changes. I included and the Fit Black Queens Podcast.

Fit Black Queens Podcast

In February, a group of Fit Friends and I started a Podcast.  It was a little rough at first but we are starting to get this podcast thing.  It’s nice to have a place to talk through the events that are going on in this world.  We have five women of various ages and fitness backgrounds.  We all have a unique story and perspective and we share our views on the Fit Black Queens podcast. Saturday Mornings on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Anchor and Stitcher.  Sharing the brown girl’s perspective of Fitness, Wellness, and Health.  We also host Virtual LIVE Power Hours and Cocktail Hours to get together and connect with Fit Black Queens.  I’m also looking forward to our Virtual Retreat coming soon.  So, many plans for Fit Black Queens this year.

Fit Black Queens Podcast Challenge 

Last week on the podcast that I co-host, Fit Black Queens. We had a Power Hour. Sharing 10-minute Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness tips to help inspire FIt Black Queens while quarantined. If you have been listening to our podcast the last few episodes have been our experience with the quarantine as a fitness professional. Sharing our experience with Social Distancing and our desire to experience new things while indoors. There have been many lifestyle changes with the quarantine that have evolved weekly since our Surviving COVID-19 Quarantine.  In the last episode on Social Distancing, we were challenged to do something different while quarantined. I am always up for a challenge so I tried three things differently this week that may lead to lifestyle changes.


3 Things I’m doing differently now

The Fit Black Queens Try something new challenge is a great reminder and inspiration to intentionally get uncomfortable especially now when we are facing daily uncertainty. Sometimes lifestyle changes are necessary to adapt to the world. Our Power Hour was motivated me to try these three things:

  1. Meditation is something I never took the time to do because I never thought I had the time to do it.  Deani the Yogini shared a 10-minute Meditation that I have been doing daily. It has been a great way to clear my mind after my morning devotions and Bible Study. It’s something that I think I will continue to practice. Finding more mental clarity and presence led me to have a very productive week.
  2. I appreciate the outdoors.  Alexis of Flecks of Lex shared with us a fun way to add movement and to get outside every day even if you are quarantined.  My family adopted these outdoor moments. We have made it a point to get outside and get some fresh air for at least 10 minutes a day. It’s amazing the difference it makes for our mood.  When we take it outdoors for short breaks I feel so much more energized. My appreciation for fresh air is greater now that I have been forced indoors.  The sunshine does a body and mind good.
  3. Simple meals can keep you sane. After making meals all day every day for a week. I quickly took Jquenow’s advice and kept things simple. All my meals this week took about 10 minutes and the family loved them all.

Here are some Quick & Easy Meal Ideas to make for dinner

We are Alone Together during this COVID 19 Pandemic

My word for 2020 is Connection.  Every week I am reminded of it someway, somehow. I have been intentionally trying to make connections and reach out.  That is not something that I typically do I tend to stay to myself, reaching out and letting people know that I care is something that I am trying to do differently. I am connecting with friends now more than I did before either virtually or on the phone. Sending out, “How you doing?” text and letting people know they are loved. Safely social distancing from my computer at home like the majority of us.  It doesn’t replace real-life connection but this can feel isolating to some people.  Although, I hate being forced to stay indoors. I am amazed daily at how well my family is adapting and how quickly I can adjust to a new normal. I am sure I will be doing things differently more and more as the weeks’ progress.  Hopefully, they will be positive changes in my life.

What lifestyle changes have you made since the COVID 19 Quarantine?

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  1. Since I was basically self-isolating for the past few months because of my broken leg, I haven’t had to make too many changes to my lifestyle. It’s just a continuation of that.

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