Healthy Gut with Prebiotics

Prebiotics are great to improve gut health

I have had poor gut health for much of my adult life. I never knew prebiotics could help me feel better.  It wasn’t until I went on my journey to honor my temple did I begin exploring the reasons behind my gut ailments.   Every time I ate, I would have excruciating pain afterward from gas, bloating, and poor digestion.  After years of suffering, I finally went to my doctor to see what ails me.  After many different tests and elimination diets. We discovered  I was lactose intolerant like 70-80% of the American adult population and had a wheat allergy.  When I removed both of these things from my diet, my gut health improved, but I still am susceptible to certain foods.

Gut Health affects other areas of health

I am sure that you have heard that all disease begins in the gut and that is very true.  How we fuel our body affects every part from the heads on our heads to our toenails.  Have you heard the quote, “All diseases start at the gut,”? It isn’t entirely accurate, but proper digestion does begin at the gut.  I never knew that I needed a prebiotic until trying Gut Health Digestive and Energy Balance for over a week.  I have been using probiotics for years but never recognized the value or need for prebiotics, which is what have been seeking.

What is a prebiotic?

According to an article from, “Prebiotics are types of dietary fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in your gut. This helps the gut bacteria produce nutrients for your colon cells and leads to a healthier digestive system .  ” You can find prebiotics in foods like commonly used: cocoa, garlic, onions, asparagus, leeks bananas and a variety of root vegetables like jicama, chicory, and a variety of other sources.  We don’t often get enough of these foods in our diets to promote the growth of good bacteria in our stomach that we need to have digestive balance.

Gut Connection is High-Quality Supplements

I didn’t believe in taking supplements before because I thought that was for fit people, and it was hard to find a quality brand that has quality ingredients.  Gut Connection has been in the industry since 1971 with a quality and purity standard that is the Country Life Pledge of integrity to guarantee that every bottle is high quality and purity. They are also very passionate about improving gut health.

Gut Connection has a Formula for your needs

Gut Connection from Country life has “8 different formulations that create balance within your gut microbiome by enhances the existing probiotics by using whole food fermentate. It creates a healthy stomach lining that is able to absorb better efficiently. Gut Connection has clinically studied ingredients in each bottle, providing personalized solutions for your everyday issues.***.”

What is Microbiome?

According to BMJ Journals, “human microbiome” is “The human microbiome is composed of communities of bacteria (and viruses and fungi) that have greater complexity than the human genome itself. The human microbiome has extensive functions such as development of immunity, defence against pathogens, host nutrition including production of short-chain fatty acids important in host energy metabolism, synthesis of vitamins and fat storage as well as an influence on human behaviour, making it an essential organ of the body without which we would not function correctly”

Our human microbiome is unique to us, and that is why not everything works for everybody. We have our own naturally existing probiotic bacteria. Probiotic is live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you found in your digestive system.  It’s our own unique microorganism systems that are custom to help us function.  Having a variety of Gut Connection from Country life to choose allows you to make a specialized shift in your gut microbiota composition.

An imbalance gut

Often times, our microbiota becomes imbalanced because of our American diet. The use of antibiotics, and environmental factors that affect your microbiome.  You know that your gut is imbalanced if you feel digestive discomforts such as bloating, infrequent bowel movements and feeling sluggish.  Because our microbiomes are individual, we need to use a supplement specific to our symptoms. “Gut Connection’s scientifically formulated supplements can bring back balance and connect you and your gut back to health. Country Life Vitamins believe that is all connected.*** They provide formulas that nourish and feed the probiotics existing in your gut. To help maintain a balance and improve digestion,

Fermentation is Key

Eating fermented foods is often suggested to help neutralize or balance your gut.  People either don’t like or don’t get enough fermented foods in their diets.  These essentials prebiotics can help relieve some of our digestive issues.  The gut connection has created an ingredient that is called fermentate. This ingredient allows the gut to build nutrients and metabolites to build a healthy microbiome.  That is what makes Gut Connection different from other digestive supplements. With the eight different formulas, you can match the type of digestive support that you need, whether it is a balance in digestive, cognitive, stress, energy, mood, sleep, and weight. You can pick the supplement combination that helps to improve your health and customize your needs.  I will be traveling next week so, I plan on taking Digestive, Immune, and Energy balance to keep me balanced while I am living in travel mode, which can cause anxiety.

Should I stop using probiotics?

I’m not a doctor, but you can use Gut Connections with probiotics; they are two different things. Prebiotics supports the probiotics. It is not necessary to take a prebiotic for your probiotic to work. It will make the probiotic more effective.  Probiotics are to help breakdown foods during digestions and prebiotics are not found in your body, and they give your probiotic something to consume. Using them together is called microbiome therapy. It’s really up to you and of course, consult a doctor. People have found positive results from consuming both at amounts and what works for them. Keep in mind that many probiotics have dairy in them so if you are intolerant, make sure you read the ingredients. Gut Connection from Country life is lactose-free.

All the Free’s

I get teased from eating with wheat-free, dairy-free, and trying to be sugar-free but it makes my gut happy. I am all about honor your temple, and we are individuals, not everything is for everyone. And, I have found something that keeps me feeling good and living a good, which is honoring my temple.

Country Life is:

  • gluten-free and certified gluten-free
  • vegan and certified by AVA
  • soy free,
  • wheat free,
  • sugar-free
  • salt-free
  • artificial: colors, flavors, and sweeteners-free,
  • kosher
  • and there is no magnesium stearate. This ingredient causes diarrhea and why many people don’t want to take a probiotic supplement. Most importantly, Gut Health Connection by Country Life is probiotic-free.  Now that I know the difference. It will be something I look for and educate others on when suggesting a digestive supplement.

Do I need Gut Connection from Country Life?

I can’t reiterate enough every gut is different, and you have to do what honors your temple. People who are feeling imbalanced gut symptoms and desire improving their digestion. My suggestion would be to try the different formulas. See if they help to improve your gut health and find balance.

Were you aware of prebiotics were different from probiotics?

*** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
“I received this product for free from Moms Meet and Country Life Vitamins ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided, and this page may contain affiliate links.”

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