Freeing Yourself from a Dieters Mentality

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I am so excited to have my FaithFit friend Amanda Wright on the blog today! Amanda is a faithful women like myself who also is driven to show others how to honor her temple. I am so honored to have her on the blog today!

Crazy Prayers!

What’s the craziest prayer you’ve ever prayed?  I don’t mean crazy in the sense that you were praying with bold faith for Kingdom values we know our Father has prepared for us.

I was thinking more along the lines of pretty self-serving, incredibly shallow, and well…crazy!

Mine is a prayer I prayed quite often for the decades of life that I was living under the burden of being a “dieter” and pretty obsessive about my food, eating, and body.

My crazy prayer would always be, “Lord, can you help me not gain weight from this excessive amount of (fill in the blank) that I’m about to eat (or, let’s face it, was already in the middle of eating.)”

Note, it was NOT a prayer asking for His strength to help me stop eating, nor was it a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for such a treat or meal.  Oh no, it was always out of FEAR that my compulsive eating or drinking would make be fat.

Funny, but I can’t remember one time that my loving Father answered this prayer.  Every time I over-indulged, my body wore that decision.

Guilty Indulgence

Then I would feel guilty and condemned for letting my eating get to so out of control.  So then I would over-compensate for that guilt by overhauling my eating on some diet or clean eating regimen for as long as my willpower held out.

But sure enough, my cravings would come back with a vengeance, and I would set my sights on some new over-indulgence and the cycle would start all over again.

Jesus Girl Dilemma’s

This is a dieters dilemma for the faith-based girl.

So, allow me to officially introduce myself.  I’m Amanda Wright, founder of my business A. Wright Fit.  I am a certified nutritionist and certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and I teach women the tools to grow STRONGher in her body, WISEher in her mindset all by living more SURRENDhered to Jesus!

So, I am a fit-faith friend of our girl De, and have been passionately following her amazing transformation journey and am in AWE of her discipline and motivating presence in this world.

De and I have been chatting about nutrition and the struggle that we ourselves have experienced along with the struggle we see so many of our friends and clients face with regards to our eating and our relationship with food.

We see that there are problems with the “diet mentality” for women of Faith.

There is a beautiful quote by Elisabeth Elliot that said, “We cannot give our hearts to God and keep our bodies for ourselves.”  So much truth to that!

Surrender is not to be selective.

And in my crazy prayer I shared with you above, I was certainly being selective in what I gave God reign over and I see a lot of my faithful friends still doing that as well

So, I wanted to share 3 problems that I see with this diet-driven society, and also give you a chance to embark on a new journey with me (and De) to transform your nutrition with my Nutrient Based Eating lifestyle based program for women.
Problem #1:  We are commanded by Jesus to “not worry about out eating or our drinking.”

““Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? “ Matt 6:25

When we “worry” over anything, even something as good as getting good nutrition, we are, as Rick Warren says,  “acting like practical atheists.” You take on God’s role when you think that by worrying about something, you actually have power of it.  We think that when we “worry” about something that we are proving that we care.  But that is not true.  Worry is based out of fear, and fear opposes love and all that God is.

Your Solution:  There is a way to CARE about your eating without worrying and that is to step into the love of what you’re after.  Instead of “worrying” about every detail of your food, you will simply take on an attitude of doing your best to build good habits and then surrender the rest.

Let’s be clear, we do need to care, so don’t mistake this advice as though you need to shut off all consideration for what you’re eating.  We must care because our body is a gift from God that we are called to steward well.   We must simply draw the line on the emotional power we allow our food choices to have over us.


Problem #2:  We follow “her” instead of Him.

“Do not follow the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2

Often we get caught following our girlfriends more than we follow God’s call on our lives.  This is not necessarily bad, especially when God sends good women to help teach us, but we have to be able to discern what is a pattern of the world that belongs to the world versus a pattern of the Kingdom that is worthy of our practice.

Just because your girlfriend claims that she saw such fast results taking her supplement program or going vegan does not mean that that program is right for you or your body type.

In my coaching, I have come to realize that I cannot be a hero for my clients.  I cannot give them the “magic fix” by telling them exactly what to eat.  I have to teach her how to take personal responsibility for her own body and investigate what foods work best for her own metabolism, tastes, and body systems.

We are all uniquely made! God will guide you in the process of self-discovery.  Own it!

Problem #3:   Practices that use only our “willpower” limit our “Godpower.”

So many women think the only option to change her eating is to take an “all-or-nothing” approach to her eating and completely overhaul everything at once.

Anytime you try to make several changes at once, you are by default relying on your willpower to sustain your efforts.  Habits are very challenging to make stick in our busy brains (Dr. Caroline Leaf shows it takes about 63-days for just ONE habit), so multitasking all these changes at once creates overload and eventually breaks down.

Ultimately this is a fleshy response, trying to use our own will to transform us.  And we know that anytime we are acting in the flesh we are opposing the Spirit within us. (Galatians 5:17)

Your Solution:  Instead of overhauling your eating, consider making just ONE habit in the right direction and allow God to show you what this may look like…which may just include a little guidance from yours truly.
If you are in need of some faith-based wisdom on what nutritional habits to follow in order to improve your lifestyle based approach to healthy eating, I would love to welcome you to the Nutrient Based Eating habit-based program for lean lifestyles and thriving energy!

The NBE is a eBook and video eCourse that guides you step-by-step through 3 important areas in your nutrition.

Section I:  Education— In the book I teach you the incredible power of having a “nutrient” focus on your eating instead of a “calorie” focus.  I teach you what holistic eating is and why it is the single best decision you can make for your eating!  You have a full guide on the essential vitamins and minerals and where to find them in your food.

Section II:  Application— Here I take you through the 5 PHASES of Nutrient Based Eating progression.  Using plate graphics and hand-measuring tools I guide you through the building of 17+ solid nutritional habits that will keep you progressing!

I give you printable tools like my “NBE Habit Formula Tracker” to help you hold yourself accountable and the “Assessment Protocol” to help you determine what is working for you and what needs to be tweaked.

Section III:  Maintenance— where other programs might leave you hanging here, I help you prepare for this phase once you reach your goal by teaching you the “mindset of maintenance” along with the reverse-habit protocol you can take to ensure the lifelong maintenance.

When you join, you will receive 6-eCourse videos that teach you the NBE lifestyle in full.  I will also add you to the private Facebook NBE group and portal to be in community with fellow fit-faith women who are in this journey with you!  You’ll receive daily encouragement, accountability and coaching that will help you stay CONSISTENT!

For more information or to purchase, click here.  But be aware, the opportunity to purchase only lasts until Friday, March 3 at midnight!  So, feel free to reach out to me or De with any questions!


“Amanda Wright is a Jesus-girl, a certified nutritionist and Certified Strength and

Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). She is owner of the fit and faith-based women’s

health coaching practice, called A. Wright Fit, where she teaches women to grow

STRONG’her in body, WISE’her in mindset all by living more SURREND’hered to


She is madly in love with her husband of just 2-years, Howard, and stepmom to

Alyssa and Eden. She and Howard reside in California in the Silicon Valley area. She

loves to exercise (obvi), hike, read and is also incredibly lucky to travel the world

with her husband for his current role in corporate America.


9 Comments on “Freeing Yourself from a Dieters Mentality”

  1. Such an amazing post.

    I especially liked “Worry is based out of fear, and fear opposes love and all that God is.” That can apply to what our nutrition looks like, but really in ALL of our life.

    That being said, I think the dieter’s mentality is SO ingrained for some of us that it is hard to give it up. The reality is that we’ve engaged in a destructive relationship with food and need to give it all up to God to find the path out.

  2. I totally understand the fear of “wearing” your bad decisions, and unfortunately the reality of it too! The idea of nutrition based eating is appealing to me–at least most of the time!

    • I know I am very dedicated most of the time and then I get a sniff of fries and I give myself some grace. It is a program that I will be adopting in my nutrition.

  3. Yes changing one thing at a time helped me a lot! I so appreciate that you are sharing that each individual needs to know how to take responsibility for their nutrition.

    • I am so glad that you were able to make change and see the value of Amanda’s post. Thank you for stopping by.

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