Tackling Food Fixation

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“The Struggle is real,” I know that is a cliche at this pointI read the book, Full, it’s something that continuously looped in my head. I wish I would have found Full months ago, but then again I don’t think I was ready for it. For those of you who have been following my story, you have seen me lose a gross amount of weight in the last two years, but the one thing that although I am growing in daily still have not mastered is my food fixation and motivation.

It’s been almost two years, and I have made some serious lifestyle changes for myself and family. Limiting processed food in my life, introducing a whole nutrient dense diet, consistently exercising weekly but it’s an everyday struggle to live a healthy lifestyle that honors Christ. Just like anything, I am human and not without sin, and I struggle if I don’t lean on Christ for support.

A little bit about my background. I am the oldest of 6 children from a blended family. My parents did the best they could with all of us, but there were some parenting blunders that I wonder if they may have had a lasting effect. For example, my exercise association. My parents didn’t beat or spank us. They would ground us which was only in severe cases, but the there form of punishment was exercise.

Instead of “getting a whooping” we’d have to hold a plank for an unlimited amount of time or run our ¼ mile driveway until my dad (who I think sometimes forgot we were running like maniacs outside) would say “stop.” I know that my parents had the best intentions and wanted to give us consequences for our actions, but I feel that left us children to associate exercise with punishment. I know for years I viewed it as such and there are still some days I procrastinate going to the gym because I just don’t want to “punish” myself that day.

Breaking Up with Old Thoughts

Now, I love the after effects of exercise, the endorphins, the after burn, and the energy BUT I have to pray to get me to the gym. I tell people that my faith fueled my fitness and this is what I mean. I almost always pray before a workout; pray for motivation, safety, energy and desire. I pray for strength to get through that last set and I praise God for a good workout at the end. The end I love it’s the beginning where I struggle.

The same with food. I love food! I love the experience, flavors, I love to indulge, and I still have been known to overindulged if left to my own devices. Similarly, to exercise over the years, I have created an unhealthy association with food and comfort. I also have issues with self-control. I’m one of those “take a little sliver here and another and another. Then, “How did I eat an entire cake.” Yep, I have done that recently. Yep, Miss Health Nut, Fit Girl ate a whole gluten laden cake, and I physically and emotionally felt awful. Physically because I am allergic to wheat and it has an adverse effect when I eat it and emotionally because again I failed to control my desires. I have take orders from a cookie before still after sweating my butt off to get rid of all the extra cookies. So, why? After all, I know, and all I have been through do I still overindulge unhealthily. One slice of cake is excellent and entire cake that I know is going to physically make me ill for the rest of the day is insanity. (Let’s just call it what it is) But it’s my insanity, and my struggle and I bear it daily. That is why I need Jesus.


Stopped Mid Scroll

Scrolling on Instagram one day I found a book that until I picked it up, I didn’t realize how inspiring it was going to before me. I didn’t know that I am not alone until I read the book Full which not only made me realize that thousands of women are suffering daily with food fixation.

The book Full made me realize that I am not insane just deprived. Not deprived of cake or cookies but of the intimate relationship with God that I thought I had. I figured I was fueled by faith. I devote daily; I study the Word, I even can quote the Word from time to time. I often pray so why was I still filling up on a cake?

That’s what Full made me realize and so much more. This book has been pivotal in my faith walk, and as I turned the last page God placed on my heart this must be shared! This book must be applied; this must be your next book study with your FaithFueled Life women. We talk about this regularly in the group the highs and lows of dieting, the triumph, and failures of nutrition and the need and the want for God to be a guide in our life. So, as I put the book down my brain began to a hurricane (I wish I had brainstorms, but they are usually more like hurricanes). The result was our March Full Worship and Workout! Starting Monday, we will be walking together on this journey of Freedom from Food Fixation.

Join Us

Join us as we prep for our March Worship and Workout where we will be exploring Food Fixation and Honor Our Temple through education, discussion, exercise, and nutrition. We are focusing on getting to the real problems of our food issues.

Who’s ready to:
Break up with food fixation
Learn to lean on God
Discuss with others the trials of food fixation?
Learn how to honor your temple

Full contains:
“Revealing 12 biblical principles that can break the power of food and free us to taste and see that God is good, Full addresses questions like:

* Why we need a spiritual solution for our food problem
* How to reawaken a hunger for God
* Practical ways to overcome food fixation

A healthier relationship with food through a stronger relationship with Christ—that’s the goal of Full.

There will be a
Weekly Reading Plan
Daily Scripture Prompts
Daily Discussion Questions
Weekly Workouts (no gym required)
Monthly Workout Plan
Fast, simple recipes (under 30 minutes and few and simple ingredients)
LIVE online support 24/7

What do you need to do?
1.Join Us www.FaithfueledLife.com
2. Purchase the book http://amzn.to/2lJ4v5B
3. Find some dumbbells ( I don’t care how just don’t steal haha)
5. Check-In through the week

Are you ready to make lifestyle changes instead of a month to month change? Let’s get to the real reason you’re not getting full and find something more sustaining!

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