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Recently I decided to try an Insanity Class. I am sure that you have seen the infomercials. A high-intensity cardio workout that is supposed to get you results. Also, the name alone is something to either be very cautious of or curious. I chose curiously; now I am not a BeachBody representative or distributor. They did not pay me nor do I get any commission from this post but I am exploring different forms of exercise on my weight loss journey and having a lot of fun trying new things. I was invited by a friend of mine to try this class. I went for three reasons:

1) I’ve been in another plateau for the last few months. (So annoying)

2) I was curious I wanted to see why some people just love to put their body through an insane amount of cardio for 45 minutes. I do not like cardio, but I need it to boost my metabolism and get this stubborn weight off. So, why not make it fun too and have some fun with my friend.

3) It was free. Yep, the first class, was free so what did I have to lose other than a few calories.

Before Insanity
So, I did it. I went, and it was, insane! (Yep pun intended) We started off with a warmup and instantly my body went into sweat mode. Not sure if the heat was up but those short 3-5 minutes which felt like 30-50 got me revved up. Then we would do five different moves that worked different areas for three sets. For example, one set would be five plyometric moves that we do for 30 seconds each; take a break for about 1 minute then another two lays down the same. At the end of the third set, we do something called a “power move,” which was some crazy hard (at least for me) move that we do for a minute. Take another break and then move onto something like Agility moves, or Strength, Core and Abs. These mini circuits lasted for about 45 minutes ending with a cool down and for me lots of praise thanking God that I didn’t throw up or pass out. Yes, you do the same thing repeatedly expecting different results. In this case, the result is a lot of huffing, puffing and sweat.

I’ve been working out for over ten months now, regularly and I’ve never felt so out of shape. It was challenging for me, and I burned 376 calories in my first class, which was a bummer because in my 20 minutes of strength training I usually burn about 355 calories. I felt like I put myself through a whole lot of work and even more sweat for nothing. Another thing about cardio is that it only burns calories while you’re doing it but Strength training continues for 24-48 hours after the 20-minute workout (at least for HIIT). Despite all of these downers, I would totally add this to my workout routine, why?


It was fun; I know that sounds sadistic, but it was. It was fun hanging out with other like-minded women and making crazy moves to some intense music and at the end being proud and thanking God that I made it through. Also, it switches things up for me. Strength training is great but despite what people say you need to do cardio to lean out and slim down. Why not, have fun while doing it. Working on plyometrics and agility is also a great well-rounded workout to add to strength training. Now, I don’t plan on becoming a cardio queen. I still prefer lifting heavy stuff, but I think I will continue to add some new cardio classes, moves to my weekly routine. Have you tried Insanity? Did you like it? Do you want to try?

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  1. Wow! What an inspiration. I seem to go through seasons of liking cardio, and then switching to something else and then coming back again. I have not tried the Insanity workouts *yet* . Maybe you’ve convinced me to look into them sooner 🙂 .

  2. I like how you try different forms of exercise to keep things interesting. Sounds pretty insane though — you inspire me!

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