Get Strong Series Day 5: The Importance of Squats


John 16:33 ESV 

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

Every day we have breathed in this world is a constant battle between what we see and what we know of God. It’s often a contradiction, and that’s what disrupts our peace. The world is full of peril, discouragement, hurt, lies, and pain. We see them played out in different areas of our lives. Although we believe, many others do not share the same beliefs as us when trying to walk in the Light. Do the “right” thing. Be holy and live for the glory. It’s going to be complicated. It’s like paddling upstream. We are going against the current, but we have a supernatural power to give us hope to see us through. 

“But take heart” is the part where faith is required to see that despite our world, there is something better for our future. Despite this moment, I am set back. God’s got it! He has already “overcome the world,” and my victory is sealed because it is in Him. 

So, you are beginning strong. The beginning is always the part where you give it. You all plant this seed when it’s easier to take in before you hit the trials and tribulations of undergoing change or transformation. It’s harder to receive when you’re in the middle, but as you prepare, “take heart” that God already gave you the victory, so lean on Him now at the beginning when it’s fresh and new. But go even more profound when things get hard, and with God, you will succeed. You will overcome!


With God, I will overcome

Let’s Reflect:

  1. What common setbacks have thrown you off course in the past?
  2. What are ways that you can avoid these setbacks?
  3. Have you ever included God when trying to overcome these setbacks? How about this time?

My prayer for you today:

Father God, Thank you, Lord, for already being the victor. As I go through my journey Lord, let me focus on you and who you are instead of who I am not. Please help me to overcome and remain steadfast in you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Why Squat? Because they’re functionalwe do them everyday. Thats why weshould have squats in our training tobuild up our functional strength.#trainertip #squats #moveyourbody #fypage #fyp #fitness #squats #fitover40

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Why are squats important?

We squat every day. Whether assisted or unassisted, we sit down and stand up daily. Squats are training for the movement of sitting and standing alone. When training squats in the gym, they are often loaded. Practicing your squat is essential for many reasons, but pain relief, injury prevention, and prolonged independence are why you should have squatted in your lower body training.


What is the specific benefit of squats?

Squats help you with injury prevention and pain relief. They specifically help strengthen and improve.

  • Leg muscles, including glutes, quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings.
  • Squats help to strengthen the muscles that surround the knee joint. Helping with keeping joints lubricated and mobile
  • correctly, training squats will help you maintain your lower back.
  • Continuously training squats will also help your lower body’s range of motion and flexibility.

How often should you train in squats?

Technically you train squats daily, whether you’re mindful of your movement or not. You can instruct your legs 2-3 times per week, including squats in your lower body training. It all is dependent on your goals. I would recommend adding a squat variation in your lower body workouts.

How do you train squats?

Squats don’t require training weight, but you can add different resistance and leg placement to squat.

Here are some variations you can find in the FaithFueled Life App and FaithFueled Life Workouts.

  1. Stand with your legs and feet parallel and shoulder width apart to perform a basic squat. Bend your knees slightly. Rock your pelvis towards your chin, lift and open your chest, and press your shoulders away from your ears. I tell my clients to picture their backs against the wall.

  1. Place your arms over your head with your elbow by your ears. If you have issues with shoulder mobility, extend your arms straight out, even with your shoulders. Root your feet into the ground and press through both feet.

  2. Engage your core and lower into a sitting position. Keep your chest upright and act as if your back is against the wall. Try to resist bending forward. Exhale as you come to a standing position. When lowering into a squat. Lower as low as you feel comfortable while maintaining a straight back. Avoid sacrificing form for speed. If you think your squats are in your hips, knees, or ankles, you may want to have a personal trainer observe and help you correct your squat.

Types of squats include but are not limited to:


What equipment do you need for squats?

You can use any resistance to perform a squat: dumbbells, barbells, sandbags, water tubes, resistance bands, and kettlebells.

More Info:

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1 Comments on “Get Strong Series Day 5: The Importance of Squats”

  1. Thank u for a Good word. Keeping my Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul on Our Lord & Savior. May the Lord Bless u & give u Peace on this day. Amen.
    Squat Life. Woo-Woop.

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