7 Ways I shifted at 2019 Shift Con

Usually, when I come back from blogging conferences like 2019 Shift Con, I typically have information obesity. My intention is always to “do all the things,” but my life and self-discipline usually fail. It’s been a few weeks since I attended Shift Con. It was a great conference that I got to experience with three of my good friends.

The first week I needed to process mostly, because I won the 2019 Best Fitness Blogger. Winning was a shock and a fantastic experience.  I thought I knew which direction I wanted to go when I left Shift Con. I was at peace on the plane ride home, reflecting from the weekend. The most memorable part of the entire experience was the influencers who attended Shift Con. 

I met influencers that are doing amazing things for people and our environment. I never considered using my voice and influence to provoke change. I have used it to inform, but there are people out there changing laws, demanding better for everyone, and they are using it through their Eco-Wellness Influence.

Information Processing

I needed to process all the info on lifestyle changes. I would consider myself living green, but I realized that I could be doing better. In all things, we should strive to do our best, and when you learn something new, you have to apply it, or what’s the point in learning? I went to Shift Con with no expectations than attending another conference, and I left changed as the fantastic Ari Adams spoke, “we need to Shift!” and that exactly what I experienced at 2019 Shift Con.


7 Shifts from SHIFT Con

7. Community exist

Meeting other bloggers in the wellness and sustainability community was refreshing to see other influencers who had the same concerns about ingredient labels, food quality, household toxicity, and water quality. As well as the education and knowledge I received on how to take actionable steps to change. 

Still Reeling from the Community of Shift Con

It took me days to process the Shift Con community. They were so encouraging, helpful, genuinely trying to collaborate and help each other succeed. I’ve been to other blog conferences that have been motivating and empowering. I have never experienced the authenticity and kindness like the Shift Con community. That made the difference for me for Shift Con and other influencing conferences. Everyone was so giving, kind, and eager to help each other. It was such a connecting atmosphere, which is what you expect from the events but don’t often receive. 

Learning from your Peers

On the last day, we had a Bloggers Round Table, and it was hard to choose because each table had a skill I need to improve.  I got to two tables, and because I had to split my time, I got as much information as I could, and it was info overload. They were giving us exactly what we needed to do to improve. 

Meeting New People

Meeting so many new people would usually have me anxious, but I was pretty peaceful the entire weekend. Usually, I’m an anxious traveler. I felt completely comfortable, and I know its due to the people and the atmosphere.  I also have many new influencers to follow and grow my awareness of sustainability.

6. Personal Responsibility 

You don’t know what you don’t know,


when you learn something new, then you have a personal responsibility to act. #CommitActImpact was the theme of the OCS2 Network.  The Organic Sustainable Community is a community of thirty-two sustainable leaders who work together to have a positive effect on the natural products industry and our environment.”


We are consuming our natural resources at such rapid rates without replenishing them that they will run out.  We have to learn and try sustainable practices to live productively in this world. I learned so much at Shift Con Eco-Wellness, especially in Climate Control, and I have some things I need to change. They are supporting businesses like those of the OSC2 Network that are making a positive change outside their own companies and creating powerful communities to thrive on their own.   

Lotus Foods part of OSC2 Network supports More Crop Per Drop Program

My family’s impact may be small, but that’s why I blog. Sharing what I’m learning on this journey to help others hopefully is a personal responsibility. As well as who I collaborate with is my personal responsibility. Considering my impact on this world and how I can do more was a significant shift and Shift Con.

5. Be a Voice

I can be somewhat ditzy sometimes, and I had a moment at Shift Con, so please don’t judge me for my ignorance. One breakout session that I didn’t mean to attend probably gave me one of the most significant “Shifts” in my perspective at 2019 Shift Con. The title was “Being a Budget Activist” I didn’t read the description, but I’m really trying lately to budget to went in completely naive and walked out inspired to make a difference. 

Within minutes I realized that I had joined the wrong class. It wasn’t what I was searching for, but it’s what was needed. 

Leah Segedie, Carissa Bonham, and Moderator  Paige Wolf are three inspiring women and Eco-Wellness Influencers. They don’t sit back; they take action, and the three were leading the room and sharing the gifts of how to take actionable steps to create change in our legislature. 

What kind of change?

An Influencer in the audience got a crosswalk sign put up in her town after her daughter was hit by a car in the same area.

Leah worked on labeling for Genetically Modified Foods in California, Oregon, and Washington. I am still working diligently in the green sustainability movement.

Carissa worked on Medical freedom in Oregon.

Paige was the catalyst for removing toxic floor cleaners and wax in Philadelphia schools have.

These women have all taken a stand to make change happen, and because of their compassion, things are better for everyone, especially our children.

Using our voices as Influencer and being an activist for what we believe was a massive shift in my thinking.

4. Quality is more than essential its critical

I have never been so comfortable around a group of people. I have been called an ingredient snob on more than one occasion; In several different ways, when it comes to my food and cleaning products. Recently, I’m turning my nose at conventional health and beauty products.

Our shelves are overstocked with chemicals that are harming us.  There is little to no regulation, and the company complete disregards humane practices for the sake of mass production. The inferiority of our products should be concerning and voiced.  I often get the response, “we’re all going to die from something,” but why accept if you know there is something better.

We deserve Quality

Mindset shift at Shift Con on the quality of all of my products, not just-food. I want to be more intentional about all of my products.  I am pretty green in the cleaning and food but still working on my makeup and hygiene products. That would be my next Shift at Shift Con.

Working with Green Brands and Services

I have been searching for an Aluminum-free Deodorant that lasts for longer than two weeks and doesn’t make me stink.  So far, I am liking Type A Deodorant. I love the application; it’s not abrasive. I like most of the scents their not overpowering. It doesn’t go on chalky, and I don’t have to reapply as often as other natural deodorants.  I have tried so many in the last year but feeling satisfied with TypeA Deodorant.

I learned about companies like the Environmental Working group and products with EWG Verification. EWG is creating an education platform for consumers to know what products are clean. Unfortunately, as consumers we must be our best advocate.

3. Knowledge is Power

My shameful confession is I live in a bubble when it comes to the worldly news. Whether its local politics, state, federal, or international news, I have no idea what is happening. For the last three years I have intentionally removed all access to local and world news.

Filtered Perspective

I choose what I see in my Social Media feed. We stream television, and I don’t watch tv. So, unless I intentionally check out the news, which I don’t, I have no idea. Except for my husbands’ occasional rants of social and political injustices.

Shielded from Reality

I am shielding myself from reality, but I really need to know what is going on.  Balance is a continual struggle for me and something I need to work on for all things. That is a constant shift that I am working on.

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2. People are listening

I started writing this blog five years ago because I love to write. I always have since I was a little girl. I wrote many “novels” in my younger years.

When I was introduced to blogging, I had lots of time on my hands. I needed a creative outlet. I started writing about Christian parenting. Then I began my weight loss journey and seeking information.

It was on my mind, so I shared it with you, and to my surprise, every month, people are reading the things I have to say. Then I became convicted to share the gospel through my journey.

Memorable Moments at Shift Con

At Shift Con, it was refreshing to have people tell me they followed me as I follow them was mind-blowing. Or meeting people that I have been following for years but never thought I would fit in real life. Like the Crunchy Mommy, I have been following for over five years since Mimi was a baby. Sharing the stage with Aaronica as an award winner was crazy! When I share, I’m usually talking out loud, and it’s good to know people are listening. 

Ari Adams CEO of Shift Con, Aaronica Cole of The Crunchy Mommy Pants from Aikacircle.com use “faithfueled” to get 20% off

It’s not the first time that someone has told me they’ve read my blog. The difference since Shift Con is I am ready to own it.  I work hard, and I am passionate about what I do! I am grateful it is appreciated. I am even more appreciative that people still read!


First, can I have Hallelujah, Praise God and Thank you, Lord moment. Honestly, without God, I would not be at this point in my life. The opportunities that I receive are nothing but a blessing and a light on my path.  I am beyond grateful but trying to remain humble. My mission and what I always set out to do in FaithFueled Mom is for His glory — not my own. I am really psyched and appreciative to receive the award and just in awe of God and His grace. It was obviously the highlight of 2019 Shift Con for me and a shift. That I can be exactly who I am and share what I believe and still be recognized by my peers is an honor. Next, I want to thank everyone who nominated and voted for me. I appreciate you. 

I was Chosen for the 2019 Shift Con Best Fitness Blogger, which is kind of a big deal for me. Chosen was my word for the year.  


Ephesians 1:3–6 (NIV): 3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. 4 For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love 5 he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will—6 to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.


There are a lot of fitness bloggers out there, but we’re not all the same. Although, my message is to move and fitness is a method of movement. My ultimate message and the one that Shift Con made me realize I need to get out. Is to honor your temple!

Take care of what God has given us from your body inside and out, where you physically live, and how you treat this earth God gave us. There are so many facets of honoring your temple, and fitness is just one of them. I want to other wellness.

I introduced to Shift Con two years ago, another blogger friend Aida of Girlfriend with Goals, told me I needed to attend. Two years later, I did, and she was right.  I’ve been to many conferences, but none that made me want to make a change and serve others more passionately than Shift Con.  

Next year, Shift Con will be in Irvine, CA, on October 8-10, 2020. Inform yourself and learn more about Shift Con. Why did it begin? What is eco-wellness and see if you would like to join me.

There are so many little details I didn’t recap, but I did on my Instagram Stories Highlights as I walk you through the three Days of Shift Con. Hope to see you there so you can shift stuff in your life too.  Do you ever attend bloggers conferences?


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  1. ShiftCon was amazing! I returned home excited and ready to share with others in my community more ways we can help each other honor this planet of ours. We really do have the power to SHIFT things. The conference was a wonderful reminder

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