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Cleaning Up my Skincare

I have been looking for safer skincare since I have found out that I have a wheat allergy. Since knowing what has been affecting my hyperpigmentation. I have been on a mission to have clear skin the natural way. I don’t need a mask, treatment anything I want to improve my skin without Toxic Chemicals. My diet alone has made a vast improvement. Living wheat free, mostly dairy free (I still love Cheese, and Vegan Cheese doesn’t have the variety for my passion for yummy gourmet cheese, and I need to detox, seriously). Wasn’t it till I had watched a documentary on Whats up with wheat?  It was eye-opening, and I suggest that you check it out if you are wondering why this Gluten-Intolerance, Wheat Allergy is becoming an epidemic.

Wheat affecting my skin too

I learned a lot about digestion and gut health but what shocked me was that we produce so much wheat in America that we are putting it in everything and that includes skincare and hygienic products. Have you ever notice skincare labeled “wheat-free?” I didn’t until I found out that it is in our skincare products and yes, it’s not a given that is wheat-free. Wheat is in so many products that American’s consume and if you have an allergy like me the products I eat and use on a daily basis can be making me sick and symptoms that I have been dealing with for over eight years can be irritated or worse.

What’s in that?

My new concern of “What’s in everything?” I found Everclen which has been a God sent for my skin! I have been using the toner, lotion and eye cream along with Black Soap for a cleanser. It has dramatically improved the look and feel of my skin.


The Never List

Now, I am doing my research on this allergy-friendly skincare.

In the past when I explored the Toxic Intake affecting weight loss I wrote about the American Standards and protection or lack thereof when it comes to skincare. It’s nice that they’re skincare companies that despite what the law allows are taking extra precautions to protect their customers. I appreciate the effort so that I don’t have to add another concern such as which of the 1500 chemicals are in my lotion that I put on my skin and takes less than 20 seconds to be absorbed into my bloodstream.


 What did I think?

I love the lotion my skin feels hydrated without feeling greasy or caked on. Since I workout almost daily I look for a facial moisturizer light and doesn’t clog my pores.  My skin also had no flare ups while on the product.

The toner which is what I used first after I cleanse my face and post workout. It is refreshing and the perfect cool blast I need after gettting all sweaty with my workouts.

The eye cream was something that I particularly like because of my seasonal allergies, lack of sleep and although I hate to admit it age. I have bags it’s a lovely gift from my mother.  Never thought about using eye cream until recently.

This stuff is fantastic even when I was dead tired there was a very noticeable difference!! I have entirely adopted Everclen for my new skincare line. It has no perfumes that would irritate your skin, and it is so light compared to other skincare products that I have tried.  My teen daughter also uses it, and she has extremely sensitive skin even some hypoallergenic products irritate.

Ever since I have found Everclen, I feel that I am using a product that won’t harm me in the future. It’s safe and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and the essential thing in skincare is that it works.  This is one of those shouting from the rooftops because I love this product so much!

Being confident without makeup is something that I have never had before but nowadays I opt for no makeup versus covering up my dark spots, and that is all because of my new skin routine with Everclen.

Are you looking for a skincare line? Have you ever heard of Everclen?

This post was written in partnership with Moms Meet and Home Health. Although, this is a sponsored post but my thoughts and opinions are my own. My Full Disclosure Policy

10 Comments on “Safer Skincare with Everclen”

  1. Always great when you can find a skincare product that works for you! I find that In can use a brand for a while and then out of the blue it will stop working for me. It can get frustrating!

  2. It’s a true God send when you find a product line that works for YOU. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I react to a lot of environmental stuff (not so much with foods, though, thankfully).

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