Celebrating this Birthday with a Champagne Toast

Celebrating this Birthday with a Champagne Toast

This summer has been pretty extraordinary and I believe the cause for cheers! I can’t think of a better way to end it than a champagne toast for my 36th birthday.  I have gained so much in the past year things that I have prayed for and to see how they have unfolded has been short of fantastic.  My thirty-fifth year I had so many first times.


My First Time Hiking

I  went hiking for the first time.  It was nothing that I had imagined it to be and such an amazing experience I ended up going twice. Live Life on Purpose Today Beginners hiking trip was a great first-time experience. I was guided up Bear Mountain in New York by Adventure for the Soul Retreats and Events founder Bettina Peets and walked through experience by Kawanzaa King.

I hate to admit it, but it was so much fun exploring and navigating the mountain. By the end of the 3.9-mile hike, I just wanted to get in the car and drive-“What a hike?” My hips, feet and everything hurt and it was another humbling experience that I am not as in shape as I thought.

I plan on doing more hiking this year I am taking a trip out west to see the beauty America has to offer, and I need to be ready to hike,On my trip. Until I go West I plan on hiking and exploring the East Coast more this year.

My First Figure Competition

I achieved a lifelong dream of competing in a Figure Competition which deserved a toast this year.  It was the scariest thing I have done yet it empowered me more than I could imagine.  It taught me to do the things I want to do despite the naysayers.  The competition taught me that I could have self-control, commitment, and dedication.  And that moment I took that first strut on stage will never be forgotten. It taught me to celebrate the things I do-win or lose. And not compare myself to others. I had lots of gainz both physically and mentally from experience.

Setbacks this year

There were also some setbacks this year.  My first significant injury had me down and out for the first few months of the year.  It taught me to appreciate what my body can do and to test my limits.  It strengthened my faith even more with days of disappointments and unplanned events. Being put on your butt for a few months is a great way to reset and assess your life. I did too much before was busy being busy. This year I want to be intentional with my life and not feel the need to do so much.

Be Present this Year

I have also watched my little divas grow so much this year and left the Mom of Tween and battling through the Mom of Teen stage of life.  I am not sure how older parents deal with these teenagers, but I am grateful for my youth.

My oldest has had me on my toes this year, and as we prepare for high school. It has dawned on me that I only have four more years with my baby before she takes on the world.  I will never get these days back, so I am celebrating all the moments, big and small.  So there are some things that I am going to do differently this year.

While my big one is going to Highschool my baby is on her way to PreSchool. This Mama needs to be present and hold on to every second. Enjoy life and make time for those that I love.

So these are 7 things that I am doing for my 36th year!

  1. I am not competing in a Figure Competition this year. Although, I loved the experience it took to much time, money and social time with friends.
  2. Doing more things that intrigue me. For too long I tested the waters or just waited for the right time to do things. I plan on just doing more and expecting less this year.
  3. Making moments count. Especially with my daughters. I want them to remember moments and not things. I plan on being more present for the people around me and jumping in with the crowd rather than watching it which I tend to do when overwhelmed.
  4. Spending time with friends. I have a few fantastic friends that I have not spent as much time as I would like because I have let life get in the way. This year I am going to make more time for those people in my life.
  5. Celebrating the small things. I feel like we are too busy commiserating and sweating the small stuff why not celebrate the small stuff.
  6. Counting the gainz, not the days. When training to compete, it’s a countdown of the days until your competition. I am changing my motivation to getting stronger in the gym, not a certain date to get too.
    It’s been a colossal mind-shift but it’s helping me to get back to enjoying my gym time and not feeling pressure.
  7. Poppin’ Bottles and Sharing the love. Say what? Something else that motivated me last year is to help other women not only in fitness but in all areas.  Support other women are working hard to achieve their dream.

 I am excited to be able to share with you a new Athleisure line from Fit and Flirty.  Anna opened her online store on August 15th, and she has some adorable tanks and shirts that celebrate the finer things in life.

Fit and Flirty tanks are really comfortable, soft and have fun messages and different styles. I love the cap sleeves muscle tanks too.  I am celebrating with a virtual toast to Anna for following her vision and launching her new Champagne Athleisure line.

So raise your glass with me and let’s celebrate! Cheers to a New Year a life, new opportunities, and new gainz in all areas of life, new business openings, the new perspective,  a new year for me to learn to grow and get a little bit older!

If you like my tank and looking for something different in your workout tanks check out FITANDFLIRTY for tanks like mine in other colors or other fun athleisure you can get Buy One Get One 50% off this week or (maybe a birthday gift for me); it’s August 30th in case you were wondering wink wink.

I got a small and it fits perfect just in case you were wondering no upsizing needed.  You can also use discount code SWEATPINK17 for 15% off any other time!

This post is sponsored by Fit & Flirty partnered with Fit Approach.  I love the tank, but if I didn’t, I would tell you also my full disclosure policy here.



27 Comments on “Celebrating this Birthday with a Champagne Toast”

  1. Happiest birthday to you! It sounds like you celebrated in style, had a phenomenal year and have some great plans for the upcoming one.

    Hiking is definitely nothing like what I expected. I used to shy away from nature, but now I absolutely love it and enjoy the great outdoors as much as I can.

    • I am really excited about exploring more! I have NEVER been an outside girl but I guess things change with age! Thank you for the Birthday wishes!

  2. Happy Birthday! It’s been a great year for you and it sounds like you have a great year ahead. The time with your girls will fly by but there are still plenty of moments to enjoy.

  3. what a great way to reflect on your past year!! and I love your focus for the upcoming trip around the sun!!! Awesome!! I’m turning 50 in less than 2 weeks and have been reflecting a lot. You’ve inspired me to think about what I want to do with my first year of the 50’s!!! CHEERS to you!!

      • For real. Things we worried about before seem so much smaller. And the things we loved and cherished seem so much greater. It’s nice to sit down and relive those good moments and also see what all you’ve enjoyed and accomplished in a year!

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