Water Quality Awareness Month

August is Water Quality Awareness Month

Not only is it my Birthday month. It’s Water Quality Awareness Month!  That’s right August is all about “me”-just kidding it’s all about the importance of water! Let’s be real! If you’re honoring your temple every month, you should be too.  If your water is a problem, my friends at ZeroWater make it easy to have high quality filtered, great-tasting water. ZeroWater gives me the confidence I need when I am looking for the best source of hydration, not only for myself but for my family.  Since I have been drinking ZeroWater, I have the confidence that we are drinking the purest tasting, and virtually free of all dissolved solids. We have always hydrated adequately with ZeroWater. I have actually become a water snob.

Hydration is essential to active people

I have mentioned the benefits of hydration several times on my blog. Whether its for muscle recovery, performance enhancement, weight loss, or just proper fuel.  Hydration is key to any active or non-active person. Because of the state of our environment, not all water is the best to fuel your body. We need to take into account what is in our water.

Not all water is made equal

So here’s the problem.  The United States is currently in a crisis when it comes to its water distribution.  Many states are relying on aging infrastructure. Daily there are reports of water contamination.  Water in many cities is showing higher than normal levels of lead, radium, PFOAS, and Teflon. It’s becoming more common than not, and the Flint Water Crisis in 2014 was just the beginning. There is so much more discovered and undiscovered in so many more states and cities.  The best way to avoid contamination is a better filtration system.

4 Reasons I am a Water Snob

There are four reasons why I have become Water Snob. It all started when I attended the Well Summit last year.  I thought drinking water was a good thing until I realized all of the Total dissolved Solids I was drinking and learned about the Quality of American Water.  After more research, I realized the water that my family was free but was not adequate to properly hydrate us for several reasons:

1. Water does have a flavor.

I remember a time when I hated water. It didn’t have a flavor. Here I am 4 years later, and I mostly drink water. I can tell you what comes from the tap, what is purified, and now that I have been drinking ZeroWater, even the purified water tastes different. That’s because unlike purified water.  ZeroWater eliminates virtually all of the total dissolved solids in your drinking water. Total dissolved solids are “inorganic and organic compounds like salts, minerals and heavy metals such as lead can hide in your water.

2. Water filters aren’t removing everything.

ZeroWater has a 5 stage filtration process that has been tested to remove 99% of TDS in your water. Compared to the Brita Standard 2 Stage filter that only removes 50% of the TDS in your tap water.  ZeroWater has NSF certifications to reduce Lead, Chromium (Hexavalent), Chlorine and Mercury. It also has third-party lab testing to reduce many other contaminants such as Radium, Chromium (trivalent), Fluoride, Arsenic and so much more! These third-party tests found that a standard Brita filter does NOT reduce nearly the same amount of percentage of these contaminants when compared to ZeroWater.

3. My Tap Water is Contaminated

ZeroWater has a “How Clean is your water” application on their site to find out your TDS amounts in your Tap Water.  When I entered my zip code in the simple app, it gave me a score of 156. It’s on the higher side of the spectrum but falls into the typical contaminant level of USA water.  Areas like Maine, South Carolina, and Wyoming have very low impurities levels, and cities like Texas, Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota, and California have the highest TDS levels in the nation.  If you live in these states you probably already filter but know that your water filtration needs to be replaced more frequently than others.

4. I have so many options to filter my water.

I think the biggest reason I am a water snob is that ZeroWater has so many options to filter my water. There is no reason I should be drinking anything but water with 000 TDS.  They have a variety from Tumbler on the go to 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,20,23 and even up to 40-gallon filtration dispensers. They also have a Bottle water distribution. There is absolutely no reason why my water can’t be filtered for the entire family.

Using ZeroWater has also saved me from buying bottled water, which although I know it is terrible of the environment. Was a regular purchase out of convenience.  My Brita filtered way too slow and was just an annoyance. I never trusted the one on the tap either. I have been using ZeroWater for over three months, and it has been an easy solution to bottled water. We have the 20 cup container, and it keeps my family hydrated. We are active and continuously filling up water bottles, cooking, and even use it for our ice.

So, if you see me walking around with my ZeroWater tumbler, sorry, once you go Zero, you can’t go back! I would definitely take a look at the water filtration system you are using for your family.


Does your family use Water Filtration? Have you tested the TDS in your drinking water?

My blog is in partnership with ZeroWater.  I am being compensated for this post but that does not affect my opinion. I chose these brands because I believe in the product and what they stand for. My Full Disclosure Policy


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