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Have you ever looked back at where you’ve been and it all of a sudden make sense? That’s has been the last few months for me.  A few years ago, I was lost (Spiritually and Mentally), depressed, anxious, creeping up the scale and desperate for a way out.  It wasn’t until I completely surrendered all aspects of my life and sought God’s counsel that I found a direction to take.  Then a year ago almost to the day I had a “God idea.” I was scrolling through Facebook and an add for my current college popped up. I never thought of going back to school but as if I was forcefully pushed I pressed “Send me more info.” Within minutes I got a phone call that has literally changed this lost girl to having a clear vision that gets even more high definition by the day. Honestly, if I list the blessings that God has given my family and I in the last year it is nothing short of amazing and all God’s glory.  Well, here I am a year later with seven months left to go in school.  Two NASM certifications and amazing opportunities to lead people to God’s kingdom through fitness.

Taking HUGE Risk

I believe so much in this vision God has given me to build a community of women that glorify God by honoring their temple and need to be fueled by faith.  After  prayers of “How”, “Why” and “Who.” God led me to an amazing team to get all of these floods of ideas into an amazing program that can help women:

  1. Increase their dependence on God through their weight loss journey
  2. Lose weight efficiently and effectively while learning lifestyle habits to help them honor their temple.
  3. Increase energy so they can be the best soldiers for God’s army and gaining confidence to lead people to Christ.

I wasn’t sure how that was going to look but slowly and methodically just as God has ordained and with a lot of inspiration my team and I have been drafting up an amazing program for women to use everywhere.

I wanted to make sure that my program addressed all fitness levels and spiritual needs.  My six week transformation program has become a customized program that is designed uniquely for each women’s strengths and weaknesses.  Giving you all the tools that you need to make transformation in your life.

In April, I will be launching my first Online Bootcamp! Bibles and Bootcamps will be a Six Week Transformation Program.  We will be exploring an amazing book called Cling written by Kim Cash Tate that will walk us daily for Forty-two days in the Word and increase our dependence for Christ on our fitness journey.

Bibles and Bootcamp is an intense, unique, six-week transformation to boost your potential to get dramatic results inside and out. Bibles and bootcamp has a three step approach.

  1. Spiritually and Mentally we will help you change your thought patterns, increase your dependence on God and enhance your self-confidence and get rid of beliefs that have you held you back before.
  2. Nutritionally we are going to show you what to eat that really fuels you.  Educating you and on nutrition adn healthy eating and providing a Biblically based meal plan that will help support you in your goals.
  3. Physically we are going to apply the spiritual discipline and living sacrifice into a customizable workout program that increases your strength, flexibility, core, and endurance.

Bibles and Bootcamps will also be deivering some invaluable tools with our six week program.

  • 6 week program
  • Grocery list of approved foods
  • Nutrition guidance and accountability
  • 5 workouts per week
  • Daily tips and training
  • Group Q&A
  • Cookbook

I have pulled every tool out for this to be an amazing program. Utilizing my knowledge in Fitness Exercise Science.  Several groups Beta testing and tweaking. Also, teaming up with some amazing Christian Women authors.  Our series will tackle Food Fixation, Dependence on God and Nutrient Based Eating.

I’ve researched and spend countless hours exploring what Christian women need to stop sabotaging their efforts and start thriving.  What I have found that a key factor is your Spiritual relationship with God and a proven workout.  My Beta testers’ are also seeing some pretty amazing results.

Ammie Black

I have always struggled with my weight and especially with eating too much sugar!  Although I love fruits and vegetables, emotional eating has always led me to cake, cookies or some other sweet tooth food.  I met De through Twitter and Facebook and was drawn to her kind manner and simple, straightforward approach to fitness and nutrition.  I had decided I was ready to start my weight loss journey and do it in a way that would enable me to make it a lifestyle change, not just another diet.  I have yo-yo’d for years and I did not want to continue that cycle.  I desired to not just look better, but to feel better and De made me feel like I could do that!  Combining scripture and devotions with a solid approach to ridding sugar from my food sources led me to loose ten pounds in just one month on the Sugar Detox Plan!  And because the approach was sensible I have been able to continue incorporating the principles to keep me on track with better nutrition…and in fact, when I do eat something sweet now, I really do not even enjoy it because everything seems overly sweet.  I never thought that could happen for me!  I will not say that I have kicked sugar all the way to the curb, however, with De’s help I’ve moved it out of my permanent residence to being just a sometimes visitor.  And I am confident as I continue to work with De that her coaching and training will help me reach my weight loss goals.    I would never have seen myself using an online coach, however, I am so glad for the God appointment that placed De in my path.  I love that she is Biblically centered and I know that her heart is really in it to help women like me reach their best potential…spiritually and physically!



Kawanzaa King

“When my virtual trainer De Bolton posted about a 21 day sugar detox and devotion, I thought, “Oh that’s nice; good for her.” “But uhh, that’s not for me.” Besides, I like to take my scriptures with coffee and a lot of cream – specifically, caramel macchiato! Yet, deep down, I knew I lacked self control in the area of sweet treats. Treats had become my reward, my confidant, and my late night news companion. Even though I was working out 3-4 times per week, I had become frustrated because I wasn’t achieving my fitness goals to being leaner and lighter. On February 13th, I made the decision to detox from sugar for 21 days. Here’s why on day 18 I can report that I have successfully abstained from sugar (and caffeine):The sustaining grace of God’s word coupled with De’s gentle spirit, patience; and her persevering with me. It may have been about day 3 that I shared with De how much I had been relying on sugar and treats to fill the void that only God could fill. I also believe it is De’s commitment to my success. Before day 1, she made sure I understood what I was signing up to in her detox prep video and manual. These tools helped me understand not only the sugar’s impact overall, but the physical changes I could experience during the detox. As a certified professional coach, I understand the importance of having the coachee’s buy-in, commitment to the process, and willingness to take action even when reverting back to former ways are so tempting and easy! The coachee may not be aware of their potential, but the coach does and always believes the coachee can. That’s the gift of De to me on this sugar detox journey – everyday, she let me know I can, and so I did! sugar free – Thank you De!”

I cannot wait to see what this program does for you in your life.  I am honored and privileged to get to cheer you on the entire way.  If you’re looking to find a way to Honor God’s temple at it’s best and tired of the on again off again plans and looking for something that is going to sustain you inside and out than you must join us for our First program! If you’re interested in participating please join our list for more details! You will be contacted as soon as a spot becomes available.  Let’s do this together; join here 


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