Say ‘Yes’ to Healthy Tricks and Treats with PlateJoy

October is such a fun month. It truly starts feeling like fall, spooky decorations come out, haunted houses go up, kids in cute costumes, and just all the Halloween fun in general.

However, with all the great things that come with Halloween, there’s also the processed candy and temptation to indulge that sweet tooth with unhealthy sweets. Instead, say ‘YES’ to healthy tricks and treats this year with good habits and a balanced diet. Sugar can cause havoc on the body; causing fatigue, weight gain, and headaches. Too much sugar can also increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you keep an eye on your sugar intake. Not to say that you shouldn’t treat yourself with low-sugar snacks to satisfy those cravings. It’s all about balance.

While it’s easy to cut out obvious sugar-packed treats and other foods, it’ good to be aware of hidden sugars in other everyday foods. For a better idea, check out the infographic below about how hidden sugars can add up fast!

With all that said, if you need help creating these healthy eating habits and understanding better choices without breaking the bank and stress – PlateJoy can help! The ultimate meal subscription plan, PlateJoy offers flexibility and tailored meal plans for your lifestyle. With each plan, you will receive recipes and grocery lists that give you more control over your custom plan. Also, PlateJoy cares about the environment and doesn’t pack boxes with dry ice and plastic containers like other meal subscriptions. They go beyond the food and stay green with special features like their Digital Pantry to prevent food waste.

Try out PlateJoy and learn more about their plans like Clean Eating or Paleo. With their wide range of options, finding the right plan for you should be super easy. Speaking of easy, PlateJoy‘s partnership with InstaCart takes things to the next level.

InstaCart is a grocery delivery service that offers same-day delivery in over 200 cities. They have thousands of products you already love at stores you already shop at. No need to find time to go to the store and figuring out what you need, PlateJoy and InstaCart have everything covered for you. Plus, you get $20 OFF your first Instacart order + FREE delivery when you sign up with PlateJoy. Get an extra $10 off your PlateJoy Sign-up with promo code “FAITH10” 

So, let PlateJoy help you start making easy and healthy habits and put your focus on your amazing Halloween costume this year instead!

Simply take their personalized quiz to start your FREE Trial and Get Started Today!

Want to learn more of that PlateJoy has to offer? Find out more at


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