2018 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide & Desk Cycle Ellipse Giveaway

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Turkey has been consumed! Family time has been had, and now if you haven’t already, it’s time to get ready for Christmas.

I am sure you have had some sort of clue from the Christmas Display that has been taunting us in most retail stores that’s it’s that time of year.  If you have intentionally been ignoring the festive advertisements until now.

Yay! Me too!

Time to start Shopping

Now that the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten I am ready to decorate the house for Christmas.

For my girls it’s simple, and I pride myself in getting the girls Christmas complete the week before Thanksgiving and regardless of the early date this year. Now is the hard part shopping for others that I love in my life and the older we get, the harder it gets?  

I love checking out gift guides because it gives me some great ideas of things that I may have never considered. Have you ever considered giving someone the gift of Wellness?

Gift ideas for Fitness Enthusiast

No seriously, I know it sounds lame, but your gift can help some live a better life. Whether its makeup, skincare, fitness equipment or the gift of preventative health it all could be appreciated. There may be that person in your life who really values going to the gym, wellness or just fitness.  It can be daunting to find a unique gift that they don’t already have or may need.  

Feeling a little like Oprah but here are:

7 of my Favorite things

that are must buys for Holiday gifts this year! I am excited to share with you some of the things that I truly love this year. I hope it’s helpful and buying the perfect gift for the one you love. 

My Affiliation

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This post also contains other affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase, I make a small percentage of the sale with no additional cost to you. Although, I was given these products or am an ambassador my opinion is entirely my own and can’t be bought. My Full Disclosure Policy 

Activmotion Bar

Life is dynamic, and our training should reflect that and really didn’t realize the potential until receiving my activmotion bar to try. This bar is excellent for anyone looking to add core stability to their workout or challenge themselves.  Activmotion bars come in different weights, and the most popular is a 10-pound bar.  This gift is going to add variety, body awareness, and stability to your workout and just a great tool to have if you like to exercise.  

Right now you can get 25% off your bar using code fitapproach25 from now until January 5, 2019.  Grab your bar here


Plate Joy has been a lifesaver this year for me and definitely one of my favorite things.  Getting a subscription to this app would be an excellent gift for the Mom who is at her wits end with creative meal ideas.  Until I found Plate Joy, I was always frustrated trying to think of something healthy, fast and affordable for dinner.  When it’s the end of the day nothing is worse than asking your family what they want for dinner for them to respond, “I don’t know.”

Having my own personal meal planner that not only plans the meals but also makes the grocery list, tells me the correct portion size and even takes into consideration leftovers. It has been a time saver, budget minded and just a helpful tool.  I think any Mom would love to have a year of meal planning from Plate Joy for a Holiday gift!

You can get a Free Trial here, or You can get $10 off your Gift Card or Subscription with code FAITH10 Get your PlateJoy here.

Momentum Jewelry

Photo Credit https://beforeandaftermyemptynest.com/

Often get asked about my Inspire necklace from Momentum Jewelry! I customized it this summer to remind me of my “why” The Inspired Necklace inscribes “For His Glory,” and it’s a great reminder of why I do what I do!  You probably will always catch me with some type of Momentum wraps, jewelry, and accessories.  It’s nice to have wearable inspiration for when you need to see a reminder or your spirits lifted.  I think Momentum Jewelry is great for everyone, but this inspiring jewelry is meant for the Athlete in your life.

They are having so many sales for the Holiday’s grab some spark to share with someone in your life! Grab your Momentum Jewelry here.


Glider Gloves

It’s cold ya’ll! Every year around November I start to reconsider my residency in New Jersey. I was made for Arizona or New Mexico because I hate the humidity and hate the cold.  Winter in Jersey comes with hat, scarf and a warm pair of gloves.  The worst is when you have to take your texting handoff in the cold.  Get someone you love these warm and cozy Glider gloves that swipes just like your finger without the biting chill.  Great gift for anyone in your life this year!

Get your Glider Gloves here!



Sole Healers are Therapeutic Stretcher and Massager for your feet! They are amazing, and everything begins at the feet. SoleHealers are a pair of foot and calf stretching tool.  It helps to increase circulation, flexibility, and range of motion in your feet. I highly recommend these to anyone whether you are active or not, using these after you Desk Cycle or standing on them and gathering your balance at the day. If you suffer from foot, knee, or hip pain, plantar fasciitis, tight Achilles tendon, bunions or hammertoe I would add one in for you too! These are by far one of my favorite things to use for recovery.

Grab your Sole Healers here and don’t forget to get you a pair too! Use coupon code “15BLESSED” to get 15% off your purchase.

Cross Training Couture Tanks, Sweatshirts and Hat

Often, I get messages of “Where did you get your tank or what we call a “Truth on a Tee”?

The answer usually is Cross Training Couture which is a Faith and Fashion line that I am an ambassador.

When choosing brands represent companies I have to personally love and believe in what they represent. Cross Training Couture’s ministry is to witness through fitness (And wardrobes) is similar to my own. I am grateful to be able to be a Cross Training Influencer for them.

Another way that I get to connect with women fueled by their faith and desire to honor their temple is through their CTC VIP group monthly. It’s such a God-centered group that devotes, worships, prays and workout together and if you’re looking for something like that in your virtual world you should join them. If you are looking for cute, hats, tanks, sweatshirts and more for you and your family. Check them out! Tell them I sent you through this link and got your very own Truth on a Tee for someone you love this Christmas!  Another one of my very favorite thing! 

Grab your tank here! 



Desk Cycle- Ellipse

Whoever thought to put an elliptical under your desk was a genius! I am pedaling right now and have to say since getting my Desk Cycle Ellipse I have been getting some extra cardio instead of sitting idle.  The Desk Cycle Ellipse can only be used while sitting and is excellent for a tall or short desk.  It’s very quiet and comfortable to adjust resistance.

The other day I cranked up the dial, and after reading through emails, I was feeling the burn — leaves very little excuses for why you can’t move.  There is an LCD that is found on the Ellipse, or you can have sit on your desk to keep you motivated.  My little divas have competition on how many revolutions they can get in their homework time.   I am obsessed with the Desk Cycle Ellipse and think it’s a fabulous gift for anyone who sits at a desk in your life and shares it on my Instastories. I am amazed at what I can achieve while sitting.  It’s a great way to get your body moving while you work.

Grab your Desk Cycle here!

Desk Cycle Giveaway

Have I told you lately how absolutely thankful I am for you? Some of you have been following me and supporting me from the very beginning. Others are very new to my journey.  Whenever you came in I am grateful for your likes, double taps, follows, shares and comments.  I want to say Merry Christmas and give you some motivation to stay active in the New Year!

You have no excuses now because I have partnered with Desk Cycle. We are giving away their new under desk exercise equipment the Desk Cycle Ellipse by 3D Innovations.  The giveaway will end 12/9/18 11:59 pm EST.  So enter as many chances as you can before now and then!

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope I gave you some ideas for a gift for your loved ones!

Click Picture Below to Enter into the Giveaway!


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  1. I love momentum jewelry!!! I will have to check out plate joy. Sounds like it is super helpful!

  2. That’s great! I’m glad you’ve found a routine that works well for you. Fasted cardio is such a highly debated topic. I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. When you work out in the morning before eating, your body has no other reserves to draw from other than it’s own stores. But I’ve yet to find a research study that provides convincing evidence. Most studies just talk about the overall calorie deficit for the day, not how the body uses it’s reserves when in a fasted state. The body’s processes are extremely intricate. So for now I’d say that it’s not so much more effective that you should change what you’re doing if you’ve already found a routine you love. I wouldn’t go out of the way to do fasted cardio. But I do look forward to seeing more research come out about this topic!

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