Morning Routine to reduce your stress

For me, the first five minutes of my day are praising the Lord for the blessing of breath and the opportunity for another day to be used for His glory.  I may even read a Bible verse before I start my day.  But it can quickly change when a moody teen says something rude or I pick up my phone for a quick status check of the world through the lens of Social Media.  I need more than 5 minutes. And if being
My morning routine needs to set me up to deal with the day.  And if time with the Lord is still making me react in my flesh, am I just going through the motions, or am I taking time to connect with God?  For me, it takes a little more time. My morning routine can optimally be achieved by how I prep the night before.  This brings me to the importance of a bedtime routine! (Blog post coming soon)
Before I move, I eat.  I used to do fasted cardio, and I found that my body, when I did eat, immediately bloated. So, I begin with water and food. I prefer food as a preworkout over drinks and powders.  I believe in supplements, and I usually take those at bedtime (more on my bedtime routine and snacks coming soon) but not to fuel my workouts.
What I eat and drink also sets the tone for my days.
Next, I would say some movement like stretching is great to get your digestive system awake, your body prepared for the day, and stretch out anything that may have tightened while you were sleeping.

My top three stretches:

Easy Twist or Lying Chest Opener

Twisting is a great way to get the digestive system moving, and this is also a total body stretch whether you’re standing in the Easy Twist or lying in the chest opener. Your body will appreciate the movement.

Feet, Calf, and Hamstring stretch

Your feet are the foundation of your body and work probably the hardest.  They need love in the morning and your calf and hamstring that help control your body’s starting and stopping.

Figure 4 Stretch

My favorite stretch because my hips are always so tight, and I just need it.

You can check out some other stretches that I love:

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