Idea World Blogfest 2018 Recap

Idea World Blogfest 2018 Recap

I am sitting here thinking about what my Idea World Blogfest 2018 takeaways are this year; This is my third year at Blogfest and saying it “exceeded my expectations” is not me exaggerating; it did!  I forgot about the sisterhood of Blogfest and how women who make time in their lives to book the flight and come out.

Some were there first time like myself two years ago. Others who have been there all five years; Whether its to reconnect or get introduced the #SweatPink Squad. The reason Sweat Pink is such a fantastic community is it is led by four amazingly, loving, hardworking women.

Fit Approach

Your tribe attracts your vibe, and it was so amazing to be in a room with phenomenal women of Fitapproach are passionate about making people healthy. Connecting influencers and bloggers with brands to use their voice to make an influence in living an active, healthy lifestyle. These women are so kind and to pull off an event to this magnitude that is helping improve fitness bloggers skills or empower them to be their imperfect, beautiful self is impressive.

Sweat Pink Squad

Alyse, Jamie, Nicci, and Liz are four beautiful women who just are inspiring on their own. They are Moms and busy women running their own fitness practices and blogs. Two of the leaders are Moms of tiny ones (like under two years). Vet Mom’s you remember those days.  Yet and still they pulled off the best Idea World Blogfest that I have been to in three years.

Photo credit courtesy of Liz Wilson Pictured: Liz Wilson,Jamie Walker, and Nicci Randall

A room full of my people

The place is filled with a man (sometimes two) and women different ages, ethnicities, who like to do different things to get fit, there in various stages of getting fit, but they all know that somehow their unique difference could make a difference.

Jerod our honorary Sweat Pink Mister and My girl Vida from Healthy Curves Rocks

It’s funny when you sit down and have a 15-minute conversation with a person that you initially identified as a Social Media Handle. You learn their name and where they come from, and it all makes sense why they chose that handle.  Even more than that; you are inspired by who they are and just made a real-life connection with someone you would have never met before.

Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and say “Hi” to a stranger. You won’t get to meet a fascinating person. This was a big theme at Blogfest was “Get out of your own way” as well as embrace your imperfection which is how we began Blogfest.

Perfection Detox

I think we all could use a little perfection detox. We are becoming a society that is ultimately anxiously pursuing perfection.  Petra Kolber really motivated and inspired us to embrace who we are and comfortable with that but always strive to be your best.

The Perfection Detox Books is Coming in August

She has a fantastic book coming out in August “The Perfection Detox: Tame your Inner Critic, Live Bravely and Unleash Joy.” We can all use a good read and some joy releasing. You should check it out when it comes in August 2018.

It was a great way to start our morning after our #TeachOnTheBeach workout on the beach with Fit Bodies, Inc. Fresh Coconuts got a little weight on them and fun and still challenging workout. My butt and abs intensely felt it.

Idea World Blogfest is Two Days 

The second day of Blogfest was the busiest. I was grateful to start off with breakfast! Bells Institue representing General Mills was a great option to cater to my gluten sensitivity and dairy intolerant. I haven’t had cereal in forever and after getting my butt kick needed to refuel with a big bowl.  

Also, had the delicious HiYQ which I am obsessed with and excited to see it in my local grocery store soon. I could eat it with no sensitivity issues, and it is creamy low sugar delicious goodness. I may or may not have stopped at their booth for a few cups. Okay, I did, and I’ve tried Coconut, Mango, and Blueberry. All delicious!

We even got tips on how to Instastory and props to use to take pictures of our meals. It was nice to see the creativity of other bloggers work.

Photo Credit Carleeh Mulholland of Healthy Socialite Featuring Sandrell Bentley Natural Fly Diva

Get out of your Own Way

I liked the previous years’ speakers; if I didn’t I wouldn’t keep returning to Blogfest. This year the speaker’s actionable information was beyond excellent. Todd Durkin who was the keynote at Idea World Blogfest 2017 is always inspiring and uplifting. It was nice to have Female fellow blogger, mother, wife and rockstar business women as our keynote was empowering.

Idea World 2018 Jack Lalanne Award Recipients

Heidi and Chris Powell received the Idea World Jack Lalanne Award handed to them by my favorite lady Elaine Lalanne who I met at 91 and is now 92 years young since I have been attending BlogFest.


Learning about Heidi

Heidi Powell was real and just told her story straight off the cuff. She is a real as you and I and has had struggles and lived in imperfect life like everyone walking on this earth. Who she is on her Instagram story is who she is in real life so that was to be expected but it’s just different when you meet people in person. 

I had a fangirl moment with her when she complimented me on my arms, like “Heidi Powell just complimented my “guns.”

It’s one of those things that “I never thought this would or could happen to me,” moments.  It’s not why I started, and now I am here in the best shape of my life. All because when I came to IdeaWorld Blogfest two years ago. I was inspired to take care of my body and to become a trainer to help others do the same.  

Getting to Know Heidi

Getting to learn how Heidi’s hard work, business skills and determination helped her overcome her circumstances. Together with her husband Chris who is apparently without her saying it her best friend, business partner and love her life.

Photo Credit Carleeh Mulholland of Healthy Socialite

When Heidi spoke, she motivated me because I know she could completely relate to me. I would love to make the impact she is making on people’s health. Heidi and Chris Powell are two visionaries that work well together and compliment each other.  

The two of them are actually helping people live their best life through health and fitness.  AND she is a Mom who is there every day for her four children and best friend husband, Chris Powell.

Takeaways from Heidi Speaking

It makes you think it can be done; it takes time; be who you are; live out your passion and create a life that makes a positive impact on other people’s live. That is my takeaway from Heidi speaking.


Learning how to Make Love to the Camera

I saw new and old connections between bloggers. Each year I meet someone who has been there before, but I really never really got to talk to the last trip. 

This year I felt there were great opportunities to connect with each other and network. I loved in the past when we had peer group chats. We did video interviews with each other giving feedback and working together.

Making Better Videos

After hearing fantastic information about how to “Make love to the camera” by Gigi Ashworth of Gigi Eats Celebrities. I learned so many actionable, valuable tips on how to improve my video presence. I am planning on applying them to my new IGTV.

Broken down step by step

From idea conception, Gigi gave us the step-by-step guide to executing a video that is unique to you. In an hour and a half. We learned step by step how Gigi creates her Vlog post.  In the future, I will be practicing what I learned. 

Getting Hacks on Video Blogging

There was so much value the speakers presented at Blogfest which was great for both new and old bloggers. It’s nice to have step by steps from seasoned pro’s so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. 

I feel like a newbie blogger even though I am going on my fourth year. So, I appreciated the valuable information that Gigi brought with her fun personality that is just as endearing as her blog.   

Her husband also made a cameo to talk about cameras. A cute couple can’t wait to see their little baby and see how Gigi Eats Celebrities with a baby.

The Difference between Idea World and Blogfest

What makes Blogfest different from IdeaWorld Convention? One Idea World Convention is classes, workshops, panel discussions, and certifications. It has also been happening annually for over 35 years. Blogfest is new it was introduced five years ago. At Blogfest you receive information about furthering your blog business, opportunities to learn and work with brands and we get fed.  

Good Eats

The National Dairy Council gave us lunch which was great to get us through our jam-packed day. They also presented us with some significant research on the benefits of dairy that I didn’t know. It was a very informative delicious lunch.

Thank you for lunch National Dairy Council

Google Analytics Explained

I think why Idea World Blogfest 2018 exceeded my expectations is the caliber of the speakers. Kristine Beatty is a fellow Sweat Pink Sister, and during the day she is a Google Analytics master. Helping a business’ maximize their internet presence.

It was great to hear from one of your own Sweat Pink bloggers on something that she has passion and knowledge. Also, Google Analytics is a complicated spider web. I have been really intentionally trying to learn as much as I can and use it for blogging to work smarter not harder. Kristine thoroughly explained how to analyze, decipher and review your Google Analytics dashboard.

Sadie Nardini

I started following Sadie Nardini on Social Media earlier this year. Sadie is known for her Yoga Shred programs and her rockstar mohawk. She is women who decided to live life on her own terms. Do what she loves how she wants. 

Her yoga is not traditional, but she has used her uniqueness to set her apart in a market that you can easily get overlooked.  

She also has created an online business that allows her to make money her way. Sadie helped remove the trial and error of Online Fitness I have been struggling. She gave me clear direction and what I need to change about Bibles and Bootcamps and what I need to do. 

From nuts to bolts Sadie broke it down so that anyone can start an Online Course with the skills they have and simple equipment.

I snuck away after her presentation to ask her a few questions about entrepreneurship, and she was so kind answering them all.  It was great that she let me have few minutes of her time.  I think that was another thing that made Idea World Blogfest 2018 better than years prior was meaningful connections.


I had a specific prayer the weeks leading to blogfest for God to give direction on Bibles and Bootcamps? Connections to my future and collaborations? God did not disappoint, but he exceeded.  I was sitting down rolling out my hamstrings because we put in that work the second day morning on Frog Fitness.

Idea World Blogfest 2018 Frog Fitness Workout from FaithFueledMom on Vimeo.

Another fun workout from a Blogfest sponsor that was a sweaty mess. It was fun working out with other bloggers watching us all trying to get in action shots is always funny.

Meeting Natalie Jill

Rolling out on the Grid from Trigger Point I looked up and caught the eye of Natalie Jill.  Serious fangirl moment! Natalie’s latest workout calendar is probably in my inbox now. Like other followers, I have watched her in her beautiful home; workout and make delicious recipes for over four years.  

Her story is very similar to my own. I love how she is motivated to inspire women like myself to be confident in who they are.

Wearing Discover Peach Nina Leggings

I had to tell her how much she had inspired me. So, I walked up and introduced myself, and word vomited my story.  Where I had been, what I did and yes, even pulled out my before and after photos.  She was so kind, and her husband was too capturing this photo.

Do you see me in the pic? Yes, I am thinking is this really happening? Am I standing next to Natalie Jill?

It was nice to have the Trigger Point lounge which was a great place to have drinks, snacks and roll out in between Idea World Blogfest session. It was Godcidence we were there together, and I got to tell her how I am want to encourage others.

Trigger Point was so kind to gift me these foam rolling tools which are amazing.  I can’t wait to share with you all that you can do to release muscle tension and help you in your workouts.

Natalie’s Business Tips

Natalie gave us a lot of info in a short time about how to create and stood by what your brand is which was another ongoing theme.  I can so relate to her story and just like Natalie didn’t set out to be an influencer in fitness but through her own experience made it her work to help other women succeed too.  

I also got to work out in person with a woman who I worked out with on YouTube and Facebook for countless hours years ago.  She kicked my butt literally my booty was singing at the end of her bodyweight workout. It’s always nice to get a workout with no weights necessary. 

We had a painful (because I had really tight muscles) after the two days, yet much-needed rollout with the Trigger Point grid. I learned some ways to reduce muscle soreness and relieve tight muscles.

It’s Hard to Say GoodBye

We ended with a Networking Party, and it was hard to say goodbye to other bloggers we met over the last two days. Or to those that because of lack of time you just didn’t get to connect.  Although, we had brief encounters. I have some new Social Media friends until we get to connect at Idea World Blogfest, again. 

There were so many sponsors throughout the two days that made the experience even more enjoyable through breakfast, snack breaks, and California Almonds.  If you needed something to nibble, they had perfect portions, and there were plenty of almonds available to refill our tins.

We also got a delicious sweet treat with Being Better Matters delicious chocolate protein squares. These little bars are just what you need for your sweet fix and I will be doing a giveaway for a box of my favorite flavor.  The Coconut Trail Mix is sinfully good!  We really were spoiled and loved on by all of our sponsors.

IdeaWorld Convention

The two days after BlogFest ticket, we also have access to the Idea World Convention 2018 and the Nutrition and Fitness Expo.

It’s like the Superbowl for passionate fitness professionals.  It’s an opportunity to work with and learn from the best in the Health, Fitness and Nutrition Field.  

Workshops, Classes, and Certifications

While at the convention I took a course with Australian Trainer and Professor Mike Cunico. Other sessions I attended were mostly about Online Fitness business classes with Vito LaFata and Sadie Nardini.

Trigger Point Movement Prep-How to Integrate foam rolling

Marc Cunello taught us how to incorporate foam rolling in my training and group class programming. Marc is a respected sports trainer in the field.

I keep returning to IdeaWorld Blogfest because I keep learning and growing and working on this blog. Idea World Blogfest emphasized being my true self. 

Getting to this point of my blog has been a journey in the last four years.  I am eager to put what I have learned into practice to improve my blogging skills and help others honor their temple.

There are so many other fun things at Idea World like opening ceremonies (but if you have gotten to this point you either have a passion for fitness too or I’ve given you a good recap of my four days in San Diego at Idea World Blogfest 2018.)

Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies always makes you cry to see over 14,000 passionated fitness professionals in one room. There is a Diversity of the many different countries represented around the world. All convening to learn to grow and become better in their field.

Chris Powell quoted a former boss of his saying that “Trainers who attend Idea World are passion trainers, not paycheck trainers.” You go there to progress in your field and to be surrounded by people of a similar agenda is motivating, confirming and empowering.

Welcome Party

It’s also fun to have the Idea World Epic Party on Friday night with lots of foods, drinks, dancing and having fun all dressed up not in leggings.  It’s a great way to start the Idea World Convention. It was so nice to get “purty up” with these ladies and get to know them a little better.

Blogging Boost

Blogfest is the needed connection, information and motivation to get through the second half of each year blogging. It’s also why I really want to help build their mission with Sweat Pink New Jersey to give opportunities for local fitness and active lifestyle influencers to experience the experience of Sweat pink.

Ultimately, Idea World Blogfest is about connecting, educating, and empowering healthy lifestyle influencers. Encouraging (mostly) women to be comfortable in who they are, grow their skills in blogging and make connections with like-minded people.

A group of women working together to spread a positive message to be their healthy selves. I think the women of Fit Approach are a fantastic job at building this community.

Photo Credit Carleeh Mulholland

Join the Sweat Pink Movement

If you want to join the Sweat Pink movement or go to Idea World Blogfest 2019, I hope to see you there go ahead to to become a Sweat Pink Ambassadors and until then let’s connect online or at a Sweat Pink New Jersey event.

Also, check out my Instagram Highlights for more pics, videos, and shares. Idea World Blogfest also had some fantastic sponsors and I want to say thank you for supporting bloggers and contributing to the growth of our brands.  Want to thank! Almond Board of California, Being Better Matters, Fit Bodies, Inc., Frog Fitness, General Mills, Great Lakes Gelatin, Haiku Bags, JiMMYBAR!, Kettle Gryp, LaCroix, National Dairy Council, ReSync, and Trigger Point.

Do you attend any annual conferences? What do you get out of them? Will I see you at Idea World Blogfest 2019?


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  1. I’d so love to go to this someday! Yay for Gigi–she’s awesome! 😛 I hope my schedule stops hating on me so I can meet you at a Sweat Pink NJ event at some point!

    • Thank you so much Wendy! I hear you on the FOMO reading recaps. It was so good this year and thank you for you kind words!

  2. WOW! SO much info to digest! HOW did you remember all of it to put into words for a post? I’m hoping to get to Blogfest someday…it looks like such a great experience. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Friend, you are such an inspiration. It was so good to see you at BlogFest, even if we didn’t get a chance to chat too much. Keep doing the amazing things you’re doing–you are truly changing lives. <3

    • Aw Beth! Thank you so much for you support on and off line. The days are jam packed it’s so hard to make the rounds. I am glad that we did get to say, Hi and so grateful that I am able to help people live better. See you in a year, Sweets!

  4. As tired as I am after IDEAWorld BlogFest, I’m even more invigorated and inspired. And this just seals the deal for me. Thank you for putting this amazing weekend into words – I feel like I got to relive every moment. I’m so excited for what’s to come in your world and glad our paths will be crossing more and more :-). Your story, your drive, and your spirit are incredible, De! So glad I got to see you this weekend (though I always wish we had MORE time!) Love ya lady! XOXO

    • Aw Nicci! Thank you really can’t put into words. I am so grateful for the opportunity of Blogfest and clearly see all the hardwork you ladies put into helping us get connected. With each other and brands. I am also grateful to always have you pulling and cheering for me. I appreciate you greatly and know will be seeing each other sooner than later. I need another word for Thank you but Thank you! XOXO

  5. It was lovely meeting you at the happy hour De! You’ve included some great takeaways here, and I agree that events like Blogfest give me that human connection in real life that leaves me feeling inspired. I just may see you at a Sweat Pink NJ event sometime! 🙂

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