Sweat Pink X Soulcycle

Sweat Pink X at SoulCycle

I just got back from a trip to San Diego, and I had so many new experiences that I want to share.

I tried Soulcycle for the first time before I attended the Idea World Blogfest and Convention 2018.

If you check out my recap, you can see how much I learned.  Something that as valuable as learning is the connections I made to other influencers in fitness and nutrition.

In the past, I have always been so rushed on the first day of Blogfest, so I intentionally came in a day early.

Time for Sweat Pink Sisterhood

It was an excellent opportunity to connect with other Sweat Pink Sisters who came early or lived close by Idea World Blogfest.  Fellow SPAs Carleeh of Healthy Socialite and Erica of Sprinkles and Situps organized a Sweat Pink Soulcycle class. Just joining my Sweat Pink Sisters would be exciting and honestly, I didn’t do any research nor did I ever see a Soulcycle class. The most I knew was that it was a type of Spin class which I haven’t taken in over ten years.  I just wanted to Sweat with other Sweat Pink women, so I was in.

Photo Credit J’Que of J’Que Now


Searching for Pre-Workout

I went with Shenie of Sheylu Fitness and J’Que of J’Que Now.  We got there early and went to the Pressed Juicery in La Jolla, CA.  I usually drink a concoction pre-workout that has a lot of Beetroot, cherry juice and Yerba Mate among other things. I was looking for something comparable at the Juicery.

After taste testing a few different variations beet and green juices (which I wasn’t even looking for but tasted some interesting, mixes anyways) and checking out labels. I settled on this to give me the pre-workout boost.

I thought I was going to need something to get me through the Soulcycle at 6:30p at night West Coast time. After flying since 5:00 am East Coast time.  Not sure if it worked but I got through the class. Soulcycle is not my comfort zone at all.

First, you have to wear these inverted heeled shoes that clip into the bike but unless fastened to the pedal just feel awkward.  In the gym, I train at we promote barefoot training so special shoes it’s not my norm.

A Couple First Times

A few Sweat Pink Sisters came in their Sports Bra which I didn’t think too much about until the class let out and the entire class was drenched strutting in Sports Bras.  Again, new to this thing and now thinking I may have needed to do some research. These girls were beet red, soaking wet and I had no clue what just went on in their class, but I don’t sweat like that lifting weights, so I was a little concerned.

What’s Soulcycle Like?

The room is dark! I would show you, but they HIGHLY discouraged phones in the Soulcycle room.  “We’re bloggers we need the photos,” but just imagine a bunch of spin bikes like 30. Really close together in a pitched black small room with mirrors lined on the front wall. No ventilation and two little small fans in the corner which did not get turned on.  There is one prominent spin bike, the instructor’s bike that is on its own platform. She controls the lights, music, and mic. Can you see it? Not really! I told them I needed a photo.

So, I get my bike adjusted to my height and get clipped in. Before I was ready I decided I needed to practice clicking out. Cardio is not my thing and I would not be considered your Cardio Queen.  I actually get really nauseous with intervals or anything that makes my heart race and then cool down quickly. I am scared to try Orangetheory for that reason because I don’t want to be the fit chick who pukes. Not a good look! I also gulped down that Beet juice so even worse look. My ankle that is rehabbing needed extra help getting out but all-in-all I knew my puke plan.


So, I’m on the bike ready to go and in walks Janelle, our instructor, like right off an Instagram account. Hops on the bike and immediately takes command of the class.  Janelle put us to work and about 3 minutes maybe less of bobbing and weaving and basically dancing and pedaling-which takes coordination. Immediately, I ripped my tank over my head and joined the Sports Bra crew. I have NEVER been so hot in my life while exercising. I also have never worked out in public in my Sports bra. With sweat literally pouring out of me I just tried to survive this was just the first few minutes.

Not as Experienced as I look

I have to remind people that I haven’t always been fit. I spent most of my life getting by with being skinny until I had my lil diva’s and my metabolism revolted against me.  I’ve done Zumba, a few muds run, lifted weights and try to be a yogi from time to time. Other than that I am not very experienced with exercise. This was new!

Use your Core

My quads were killing me- I didn’t think I could make it through the entire class. Besides sweating from every pore of my body and feeling like I was on fire. Meanwhile, trying to pedal while bobbing and weaving-on beat. I was so out of my comfort zone.  I told my girl J’Que I didn’t think I could keep doing it and she said, “use your core.” Never even dawned on me-I was too busy trying to sync to Janelle’s “choreography”- I think it was choreography. Basically, I was trying to duck,dive and pedal on the beat.

The core is everything people, and I have worked on mine for some time now.  Engaging my core seriously helped and allowed me to finish the class.  It was a crazy hour of inspirational chat and shimmying, shaking and pop locking (just kidding didnt pop and lock). We did grab some tiny dumbbells and burn out our arms for a few minutes-that felt familiar. Finally a brief stretching. Hallelujuah! I survived-barely.

My Poor Booty

I think I could Soulcycle more if it weren’t so expensive but I would need a butt pad. For the next three days no matter what I sat on a pillow or a bench my butt cheeks-literally my cheeks were so sore. That is what I had forgotten about the spin-spin butt. Good Lord!

Photo Credit Carleeh Mulholland of Healthy Socialite

Fun New Experience

It was a fun and new experience, and I am glad that I got to share it with my Sweat Pink Sisters.  I want to thank SoulCycle in La Jolla, CA for hosting Janelle and us for inspiring, motivating and literally tearing my butt up.  I can now say that I have tried Soulcycle and you never forget your first time. Lots of first for me in just one class.

Have you ever tried SoulCycle? What was it like for you?

12 Comments on “Sweat Pink X Soulcycle”

  1. Thanks for the great and honest review! I’d love to try it, but as a runner and cyclist, I don’t know if I’d enjoy all the “moves”. I definitely wouldn’t be in my sports bra–no one needs to see my abdomen! LOL

    • Girl it is too dark for anyone to see. Other cyclist said the same thing. “We were doing too much.” Definitely something new

  2. Oh, this would be WAY out of my comfort zone! I’m not much into cycling, and have only been to one spin class in my lifetime. And the “moves?” I’d be swaying and bobbing in the opposite direction of everyone else…and the clip-in shoes would be a major scary thing as well. Good for you to stick it out and survive the class 😉

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