How to make Lemon Mug Cakes

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If you love Lemons, you will love this Lemon protein mug cake that is packed with plant-based protein! I love lemon! I have so many Lemon Recipes on my blog; it has to be kind of apparent. For the last three years, I have asked for a Meyer’s Lemon Tree for my Birthday to no avail. Maybe this will be the year I get the it-hint hint, fam! But even if I don’t, fresh lemons will always be in my kitchen, available to make a yummy treat and so many other benefits!

Lemon water is a popular fitness trend, but do you know why?


Benefits of Lemons you may not have heard.


There are lots of benefits to lemons, but here are a few that people don’t often mention:

1. Great for digestion-

That’s why the Lemon Water Trend began in America. We are always looking for a solution to our digestive issues. According to Fox News Health, About 74% of Americans experience daily Gastrointestinal Discomfort. Some people are now looking for natural remedies. Adding lemon- even if it’s in the form of Lemon Water to your diet can help aid your Digestion.1 Lemon are an excellent source of soluble fiber which especially in the form of pectin, which is a soluble fiber that helps slow down the digestion of sugar and starches meanwhile reducing your blood sugar levels. It would be best to ingest a lot of lemon pulp and skin to get the fiber benefits lemons to offer. That is why most people use juiced lemon to help increase their lemon pulp intake. Although that is the theory, most people don’t juice the required amount of lemons to improve gut health. If they did, they would help with their digestion.


2. Great Anemia protection-

Any fruit containing Vitamin C and Citric Acid is an excellent addition to someone trying to absorb the Iron that occurs in plant foods. Helping people absorb more Iron from their foods can be helpful for those who are Iron deficient. Veggies rich in Iron like Kale, Greens, Broccoli coupled with lemons can help with iron absorption from plants instead of animal sources of Iron.

Adding more lemon to your diet will help you get the absorption from plant sources harder for us to absorb than animal sources of Iron. Supporting add protection against anemia.

3. Great to prevent kidney stones

According to News Medical Life Science, “They noted that there was an over four times rise of kidney stones among women and the incidence had doubled among men over these three decades.” Mostly because of the overprocessed American diet. Our body and the lack of water and overconsumption of oxalates in our foods. 2

Lemons are an excellent natural remedy for chronic kidney stones. Studies have concluded that the high levels of citric acid found in lemons help increase urine volume and pH, making it less likely for kidney stones to form.3 Consuming a minimum of half a cup of lemon juice daily can positively affect kidney stones.4

4. Great for weight loss

This is probably the most common reason I found people drinking lemon water because they believe it helps them lose weight. It does but not to the extent that you think. Studies have revealed Lemons have polyphenols (which I have written about before) that help you lose weight, but a healthy diet and exercise are necessary to achieve quantifiable results. 5 My lemon protein mug cake is a great alternative for when you’re craving sugar. Check out post: Why you are craving sugar

5. Great for your teeth

Studies have shown that lemon’s chemical properties are excellent for tooth pain, cleaning, and cleaning your mouth naturally. Seek a toothpaste with lemon in it or add a drop to your mouthwash routine. It’s great to eliminate the bacteria in your mouth and neutralizes bad breath.

6. Great for Internal Bleeding

This is something that surprised me in my research. Lemons contain antiseptic and coagulant effects that have helped stop internal bleeding. Some people use it as a remedy for things like nosebleeds because of the coagulant effect. Put some lemon juice on a cotton ball and apply it to a nosebleed and watch it magically stop.

7. Soothes Respiratory Disorders

Lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C, making them great to combat respiratory issues and breathing problems. Drinking lemon juice in water, diffusing Lemon essential oils can help assist with breathing and respiratory disorders.


Not only does lemon have all these and so many more benefits, but they taste great too! Give this 90-second Lemon protein mug cake a try next time you are looking for a delicious lemon treat. You can grab all the ingredients to make your Mug Cake from NOW FOODS. Use Code “FAITHFUELED” to receive 20% off your purchase.

Were there any facts that surprised you about lemons?

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