The best sports bra for women with a small chest

the best sports bra for women with a small chest

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Finding Flattering Sports Bras for women with a small chest

I have found the best sports bra for a small chest. Finding a sports bra can be hard whether you have a small chest or large can be challenging. Sports bras have come a long way, but not all styles work for all sizes. We all come in different shapes and body types. Thank God! And we all have to embrace what we got!  Although, many women focus on creating this idea of how they should look.  But even if we all looked like that perfect person, we would all be different because we all have different opinions.  After years of transforming my body from the inside out. I have come to accept what I was once teased for, like my forehead, which cruel boys would call “five head,” or my nose, butt, and a small chest.  Childhood bullies can really define people’s adult insecurities.  I’m not sure when I grew to accept these things, but I remember years of wanting something I didn’t have until I became grateful for what I got.

Finding a Sports bra after weight loss

My weight loss journey started with the intention to change my body because I knew I wasn’t in the body I was meant to be in.  I didn’t want to struggle to walk up the stairs. I wanted to have more energy. My vain pursuits changed from getting skinny to honoring my temple, and it is now to be strong in the Lord and physically strong. I am also mentally stronger than I was and more confident in the skin that I am in. I know I will never look perfect, but I no longer want to look like someone else. I’m okay with what God has given me.  This journey has helped me to become grateful for my body and all of its imperfections and strengths. This body that has endured hard things in life fallen but didn’t break and turned to God to pick it all back up again.  When you see yourself, how God sees you, you’re okay with your small boobs and big booty because that is how God made you.

God made me perfectly imperfect, but not all bras embrace small chested women. Don’t get me wrong, I would have been happy keeping the boobs and losing them everywhere else, but that is not the body that was meant for me, especially after nursing my babies. (I blame my middle, in particular; she was one hungry girl and born at 9lbs. There’s no turning back from that). Finding a bra that flatters my boobs and not flattens what is left is hard to find in a sports bra for women with a small chest.

Finding a sports bra for women with a small chest

I found Handful bras on Instagram through an Influencer I follow @thefitfork. She inspires me to actively fulfill my desire to age and is my goal not in body type but her outlook on life. She is funny, focused, fit, and friendly.  I’ve got focused down. I am still working on the others.  I am always amazed at how Jennifer of The Fit Fork does amazing exercises and poses, always rocking her Handful bra.  And her boobs look great!  When I got my first Handful bra, I remember it’s in my first favorite color (my second would be glitter), Kelly Green Y-Back Bra.  Something about green makes me happy, and it made my boobs look so good.  It was comfortable and easy to take on, and I was hooked. Every sale, every clearance, I was ordering a Handful bra for myself or my daughters. They love them too, especially my middle, who is thirteen and prefers sports bras over bras.

best bra for women with small chest

Handful amBADASSador

This year, I was asked to represent the Handful bra, and it was an unforeseen blessing.  Not only are their bras comfortable, but they have been one of the best companies I have ever worked for.  Handful Bra not only supporting women with their bras. They are supporting women with cancer care, entrepreneurship, business, and relationships. I always shared my love for this company even before I was an ambassador.  On Fit Black Queens’ Podcast Season 1,

Look at God!  Months later, they asked me to be an ambassador. God gets all the praise and glory.  Handful bra has supported my endeavors like the Fit Black Queens IGTV Takeover on their channel.


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The Handful bra is the most comfortable bras for women with a small chest.

Handful bras are so comfortable. It truly feels like you’re not wearing a bra, and your boobs look amazing, but I prefer them for comfort overall.  Even their leggings feel like butter. The material they use is wicking and very soft.  The styles are so cute.  I’ve tried them all, and there is only one that I didn’t like.  The removable cups are labeled left and right so you know which can easily be added to your sports bras.  You can stack them or remove them, and they don’t bunch and twist. Even the removable cups are also made well with reinforced stitching outside, so the layers don’t come apart like other sports bra removable cups I have owned.

They have various styles, colors, and prints, and I have tried every style Handful carries.  I love them all except for their The Zen and Now. It just didn’t fit my body well, and the band was too tight for my broad back. Wearing the Zen and Now was not the same experiences I had with the Adjustable Bra, the Closer, the Y-Back, the Double-Down, Bound and Determined, and the Fav. I think it’s only fair to share my experience with each Bra.

Best bra for small chest

The Double Down Bra Handful bra is the best bra for the small chest. I can imagine all sizes would appreciate this bra. Its extra-wide band doesn’t dig into your side.  It’s supportive, and you don’t have to constantly pull it down, which most sports bra ride up on a small chest. It makes these little girls look good. I love the extra-wide band and double straps. It stays put and is very supportive. Handful also has great colors and prints. I have the Double Down in Purple Reign seen below and Booya Black.  If you want to check them out, use my code FAITHFUELED to receive a discount.

comfortable bra for women with small chest

A most comfortable bra for small chest

The Adjustable bra from Handful is the most comfortable bra I own. I love the ease of how this bra goes on and off, and it is so comfortable. Once you put it on, you’re not constantly adjusting it, but what makes it adjustable are the straps. You can do cross back, halter, or spaghetti straps.  I’m not a fan of halter tops; I don’t particularly appreciate how they feel of things on the back of my neck, so I usually keep it crossed or in spaghetti straps for certain tanks.

supportive sports bra for women with small chest

Best fitting bra for small chest

I love the Y-Back from Handful. It was my first Handful bra, and I feel it fits me the best.  It easily comes off and on and holds you up in all the right places. The Handful Y-Back bra is the best fitting bra for women with a small chest.  My daughters and I both prefer the Y-back because we love the way it fits.  It’s awful after a sweat session wrestling to take off a sweaty sports bra.

Most supportive bra for women with a small chest

If you prefer a zip front sports bra, you want to get the Closer bra from Handful.  Once you zip it up, the mesh top looks are cute, and you know that you can do any activity and your boobs are staying in place.  This is my box jump, jumping jack-friendly bra, and you look good while you’re doing it.  It also has clips, so by chance your zipper falls, you’re still protected.  I love the way this bra looks and feels.  It’s what I wear for HIIT workouts or something that involves a lot of movement.

Most stylish bra for small chest


When the Fav bra from Handful first came out. I immediately dismissed it.  I thought, “These itty bitties aren’t going to look good in that bra.” I thought it was too open in the chest, and I wasn’t going to fill out the bra.  It would probably gap or look weird. I was encouraged to give it a try, and I was completely wrong. I love the Fav bra from Handful. It’s so cute, and I love it in this print Glass Ceiling.  No matter your size or shape. Handful has a bra that will make you feel confident and feel supported. I wouldn’t wear it for a HIIT workout, but I would feel comfortable doing pilates with this bra.


I also like the Bound and Determined bra from Handful! It’s another stylish bra but with more support. You can do any workout in this bra.  I especially love how low it sits on my chest.  I have it in several prints.  This style looks so cute and keeps you fully covered.

Handful bra is the best bra for women with a small chest.

I have loved Handful bras for years, and my daughters do too.  It’s the only sports bra that we wear. What I really love is their heart and how they support women.  Handful bra gives 12.5% of revenue from their Battle Cry Pink bras year-round to YSC® (Young Survival Coalition) in recognition of the 1 in 8 women (12.5%) who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. They also give cancer patients a lifetime 30% discount on their bras.  I am beyond blessed to be partnered with Handful, and I am honored to represent them.

They also are advocates and allies for diversity and inclusion.  Their campaigns include all body shapes and sizes, and they are one of the best companies I have ever represented. I truly feel like I am part of the Handful family.  They are always commenting and supporting me.

If you want to give them a try the best sports bra for a small chest, use my code FAITHFUELED to let them know I sent you and receive a 15% discount. Like me, I am sure you will love all the styles and fit.


Do you have a hard time finding sports bras for small chests?


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