Popcorn Indulgence, that’s good!

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My Not-So Guilty Pleasure

If you were to ask me what my favorite food was, I would say without hesitation pizza and sushi. The third thing that I cannot resist is popcorn. It is the most satisfying tasty snack that you can chomp on for awhile and fill full, and craving quenched.

I love air popped popcorn, but it’s a hassle to take out the air popper and make popcorn. I also have a really old Air Popper from 1990s that I am almost positive was made with phthalate, BPA plastic and probably not safe to use any longer. A little trick I learned from my mom to get air popped popcorn without the hassle of an air popper. It is a much healthier option to microwave popcorn too. It is a two step process but if you like popcorn the fresh no preservative microwavable popcorn option can be a treat.I also like how you can make so many different topping ideas. The only problem with popcorn is that it can turn from a healthy beneficial snack to junk food right before your eyes.

Why is it the Healthy Snack?

According to the National Healthy and Nutrition Examination Survey results, “reported that popcorn eaters consumed an average of 250 percent more whole grains than non-popcorn eaters.”

Some other benefits of popcorn are:

  • Great source of fiber.
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • reduce blood cholesterol
  • help regulate blood sugar,
  • B vitamins,
  • minerals,
  • protein
  • and antioxidants
  • hulled corn contains high concentration of polyphenols


What is this polyphenol everyone is talking about?

The word itself sounds technical, inorganic and “chemically.” It is anything but and something that we should be adding more to our diet. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “Polyphenols are abundant micronutrients in our diet, and evidence for their role in the prevention of degenerative diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases is emerging.” Polyphenols have some great benefits for your health depending on the amount and classification that you eat.

  1. Lowers your cholesterol
  2. Lowers your blood pressure
  3. Improves your artery (endothelial) function
  4. Improves your arterial flexibility- which means, keep arteries flexible and elastic to help blood flow through freely
  5. Reduces your inflammation
  6. Improves your life span

How much polyphenols should intake daily?

According to the Journal of Nutrition, there was a study conducted that found people who consumed 650 mg per day experienced 30% lower mortality rate than those who took less than 500 mg per day.  It’s not an exact prescription, but it gives you an idea of a good range.

Where can I get polyphenols in my diet?

You can easily get your polyphenols from Whole nutrient-dense food there are over 100 foods found in nature that contain polyphenols. Having a diet that consists of super foods helps too.  Add I found an extensive list on the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition which includes the food, food groups, types of polyphenol and different amounts for each type.  I picked the ones that I like to eat because it is good to know I’m doing something right.

  • Corn
  • Cocoa powder
  • Dark chocolate
  • Flaxseed meal
  • Sage, Rosemary, Spearmint, Thyme, Capers, Basil, Curry, Mexican oregano (Grouping them all in one)
  • strawberries
  • coffee
  • Pecan nut
  • Black grape
  • almonds
  • red onion
  • apple
  • spinach
  • Green tea
  • And over a 100 more



Air Popped Popcorn with No Popcorn Machine Needed

So, yay for popcorn!!! I eat it so much and I have a really cool and easy way to make yours!

Good For You Microwave Popcorn

Good For You Microwave Popcorn


  • Brown Lunch Sack
  • 1/4 cup of Whole Kernels (Preferably Organic, Corn is loaded with GMO's and I am not an organic nut but I do eat Organic Corn)
  • Microwave


  1. Put Popcorn Kernels in Brown Lunch Sack and fold top close (You don't want popcorn all over your microwave)
  2. Place on side in Microwave
  3. Cook 2 minutes (also depends on your microwave)
  4. Add Topping of Choice
  5. Close bag and shake!


Topping Options:

Olive Oil Coconut Oil Ghee or Clarified Butter Salt Cinnamon Sugar Parmesan Cheese with Garlic Powder

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4 Comments on “Popcorn Indulgence, that’s good!”

  1. I am one of “those” who doesn’t like popcorn much. I might like it with Parmesan cheese and garlic.

    • There’s always one…haha just kidding. It actually is probably a good thing you don’t like it well at least at my house that would be because more for me….haha just kidding. Garlic Parmesan is my fave!

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