How can children stay healthy?

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How can children stay healthy?

Supporting your children’s immune system is something we should do all around. Now is a great time to begin.  I have so easy ways you can support your family’s immune system!!⁣ 

Your immunity is your body’s defense mechanism, and supporting your immunity is essential. In the past, I have shared ways to support your family’s health, but I wanted to share how you can specifically support your children’s immunity and health.

I am sure you’re already doing a few without realizing it!⁣

1. Encouraging daily joyful movement

Our American Society needs more movement.  With our lifestyle today, there is less and less movement and more sedentary moments. This needs to change to help support your child’s immune system. One way to begin making movement part of your daily routine is setting up a scheduled time to move as a family. Also, let kids play without rules or expectations. Children don’t play anymore, and developmentally, it’s good for children to play outdoors. Whether after a dinner walk or Morning Stretching, starting these habits with your children can become habits they will continue for the rest of their lives. 

Walking to local places instead of driving can encourage movement. Try taking visits to nearby parks if available and encouraging your kids to play.  Too often, children are on their devices and sedentary.  Riding bikes, skating, or outdoor play for 20-30 minutes can be beneficial to supporting your children’s immune system.

2. Hydration

Water is boring!

I get it, but it is needed for all living creatures to survive, and proper hydration can help support your child’s immune system as well as start a habit that will continue into adulthood.  Kids who drink water become adults who drink water. I’ve shared the adverse effects of moving dehydrated for adults. Check out my post Are you working out dehydrated?

According to, Depending on the age depends on the amount of water a child should consume.  Infants are recommended to drink 4-8 ounces of water a day.  Toddlers ages 1-3 years need about 4 cups of liquid beverage per day. For children between ages 4-8 years old, it is recommended about 5 cups per day. 1 

But water is boring, so what are some ways to get your kids to drink water?

  • Try “eating” your water with fruits and vegetables that are high water content like cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, celery, tomato, watermelon, cantaloupes, strawberries, oranges, etc. grapefruit. Adding some of these high water content fruits and vegetables to your plate is a great way to “eat your water” and add some powerful vitamins and nutrients to your children’s diet.
  • Or you can infuse your water with some of these high water content fruits and vegetables.
  • Add fruit to your ice cubes; it’s a great way to entice your children to drink more water.
  • Try Coconut Water popsicles which are great for hydration and a great cool treat. My kids love popsicles. Try the Coconut Water Slender Sticks

3. Nourishing Well

Another challenge is nourishing your kids when you’re combating C.R.A.P Food (Carbonated Beverages, Refined sugar, Artificial Colors and flavors, and processed food) which tastes good. It is heavily advertised to our children, and everywhere it’s hard to encourage your children to eat F.O.O.D.

My girls will choose fries over roasted potatoes any day. But encouraging F.O.O.D ( Fresh fruits and vegetables, Omegas 3s and 6s, Organic or Natural Protein, and Drinking Water) as alternatives every chance I get is sometimes a victory, and sometimes it ends in defeat. Still, I continue to offer them better options despite the challenge. 

Another thing that I do to encourage my girls to eat F.O.O.D is to include them in the meal planning, shopping, and preparing. Initially, it takes patience, effort, and time but taking the time when they’re little produces kids and teens who can make meals. And I’m grateful when my girls make dinner. 

They also prefer healthier options now, but it took years of “no thank you taste” and an open mind. Check out my post. Four Ways to get your family to eat clean

4. Washing hands

Kids are more aware of keeping their hands clean, but they can always use a reminder. 

5. Rest Well

Rest is how our bodies recover and develop. Children need an adequate amount of rest because their bodies are developing. Keeping a sleep schedule that has 9-15 hours a night (depending on thier age) helps your child recover, develop and support their immune health.

6. Eat more fermented foods or probiotics.

Adding fermented foods to your children’s plates can be a challenge. NOW® Probiotics chewable BerryDophilus™ is great because it combines several probiotic bacterial strains that support gastrointestinal health and a healthy immune system. It also creates an ideal gut flora for nutrients to be absorbed, and there’s no sugar. It’s sweetened with xylitol so that it won’t cause harm to your teeth. Fermented foods are still a great addition to feed the probiotics.  BerryDophilus™ is a great “insurance” they have happy guts!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

7. Supplement wisely⁣

Supplements are a waste if your kids won’t take them. They need to taste good, but they also need to have high quality. When looking for children’s supplements, check out this post on what to look for in your children’s supplement company

There are so many recommendations for supplements to help support your immune system.  What you take is important but where it comes from is more important.

If you’re looking for quality, trustworthy supplements to help support your children’s immune health. I would check out NOW®, whose quality standards are above and beyond and a reliable company for your family’s needs. 

Some extras that you are probably already doing without knowing are the behavior, you model.

8. Model Healthy Coping Skills

Children observe what we do and how we act. Modeling healthy coping skills is a great way to set up the foundation for your children to navigate their own emotions. Also, having open dialogue so that children can express their feelings and sort them out is excellent for them to feel supported and loved.

9. Love, Support, and Positive Feedback

The basic need of our children is to feel love and secure; creating structure, stability, and nurturing your child looks different for every child. It is a way to support them in their wellness and health.  Our environment and social setting have everything to do with our wellness. 

10. Participate and set the example

Don’t just say it! Do it!  When children see their parents joyfully moving, nourishing well, setting boundaries, coping, and resting. It’s an example for them to follow.  So, support your health so that you can support your children’s health and make it a family affair. We are so much stronger together.  

Supporting your child’s health is as unique as your children’s and an ongoing job. It may change as they get older, but these are some foundations for you to begin.

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Which tip did you find the most helpful?





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