Happy 1 Year Anniversary

1 Year Anniversary.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”-Anonymous

It has officially been 365 days! Today, one year ago I woke up, and I had enough! Enough excuses, enough regret, enough neglect, enough believing the lies of the enemy.  I woke up, and I said I must change now! The week before I had dabbled in a fitness routine.  It felt great but today last year I wanted to do more than just dabble. I wanted to commit. I wanted to commit to a healthy lifestyle.  Now, if you have been following me along the last year, you know that this is not my first weight loss journey. So, what was so different this time around? I did it before so what’s the big deal.  All the times before I was seeking weight loss for vanity reasons. I wanted to be a Size X, I wanted to look like so and so, I want people to see me as blah, blah, blah and honestly WHO CARES!

Who I was

I look back on the empty person I was, and I am so grateful for God’s redemption. This journey has been so much more; this has been the results of an ongoing relationship with God. That is the celebration today. I didn’t do this by myself I did this with God. There were so many days I prayed to him for His help through this journey, His self-control, His provision and His unconditional love. This was a daily intentional relationship with God to Honor My Temple. It has grown my faith in Him so much. It has defeated my anxiety, bouts of depression, obsessive-compulsive behaviors. I have never felt so fulfilled in my life.

Finding Purpose

The other thing that has changed this past year is my purpose.  For the last thirteen years, I have been searching, lost in this world, grasping at anything but the only thing that could fulfill me.  I have tried to overcome with bad habits, smoking, drinking, partying, over training, under eating, overeating, negative self-talk, negative to other people, selfish ambition.  Not one of those fruits has been of the Spirit.  It wasn’t until Jesus found me in a broken place, a rock bottom, despair and anguish were my friend that He picked me up, brushed me off and kissed me and then began this year of healing.  This journey has been my inside matching my outside as I yearn to know, grow and glorify Him.

1 Year Anniversary

The Last Year’s Reflection

In this last year, I have learned how to do fitness better. This journey has done so much for me and my life more than weight loss. It has improved my dependence on God, strengthened my marriage, help me find my calling and ignited a passion for teaching others how to honor their temple. It has been an incredible journey. I have had an amazing network of women and men who have cheered me on, cheered me up, prayed for me, and inspired me. I have met other peoples who like me want to teach others how to Honor their temple and glorify God!

I have been called to go to school AGAIN and get my degree in Fitness Exercise Science and an NASM certification so that I can be in the trenches walking with others and teaching them how to honor their temple with God. I created this blog “FaithFueled™” before I even knew what it means the name came to me in a dream. Here I am a year later with a precise definition.

This is the beginning of a new journey now. Can you imagine where I will be in a year, and my husband has joined me in my next Fitness Goal it’s going to be a BIG ONE? I plan on showing others the FaithFueled™ Lifestyle, which is God First! Witness through fitness; glorifying God through living a healthy lifestyle fueled by faith.

1 Year Anniversary

So, I say “Start now, a year ago you would be glad you did!” What got you started on your journey? Whether it be career, projects, weight loss whatever what got you started?

Do you want to join the FaithFueled™ Lifestyle? It’s Free!  Join us! www.FaithFueledLife.com 

6 Comments on “Happy 1 Year Anniversary”

  1. Yes! If we invite God into our journey, we can find purpose. Our worth is in him alone! Plus, will power is only temporary but when you change focus on a higher power, great things will happen! Great job De!

  2. You look amazing! You’ve done a wonderful job, your hard work has really paid off. There’s alot to be said for developing the self-discipline it takes to really take control of your physical well-being, and you’ve done a great job of it!

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