Christmas Gift Idea for Teenagers

I needed a Christmas gift idea for teenagers and came up with a simple Christmas Scavenger hunt that she will hopefully enjoy. This last year has been a significant transition for me as a mom.  My oldest daughter, Kyhia is a Senior, and as if I blinked, we are preparing her to join the world.  There are so many milestones in the last years in the home; drivers’ licenses and first jobs. We’re looking at career paths, colleges, and then the struggle of letting go of my little girl. It’s been really emotional for me since September.  All the small insignificant things that I took for granted are really hitting me this year—for instance, Christmas shopping.  Our family honors and celebrates the birth of Christ first and foremost. It’s far more important than Christmas gifts, but we exchange gifts too.  As I was shopping for my three girls, it dawned on me:

How to make Christmas memorable for my teenager

Milah’s Christmas list is more enjoyable to shop for and give since she is seven. I can’t wait to see her reaction as she opens up her gifts. They’re also easy to buy more of because of the value. This year, shopping for my oldest isn’t the same as when she was younger. I don’t feel like receiving money in a Christmas card would be memorable for my oldest daughter. Kyhia made her Christmas list simple it had three “gifts.”

  1. Money
  2. Makeup and Makeup Brushes
  3. Cash app $kyhiabolton

No fun!

When I was 17, all of my siblings got gifts, and I got a stocking of gift cards and money which (back then) I couldn’t use until the next day. I don’t want to give an insincere gift, and I want everyone to have fond Christmas morning memories this year.  I don’t feel like envelopes with gift cards, and money will achieve the Christmas memories and add to her bank account.

Again, No fun!

I decided to try to make her thoughtless Christmas gifts into something thoughtful.  A Christmas Gift Scavenger hunt! I got the idea from a client. One of her fondest Christmas memories is when her Mom hid money around the house and had her search for it with clues.  So, I put together a simple Christmas Scavenger Hunt to honor my daughter’s wishlist and make it memorable.  I hope she appreciates the intention and realizes Christmas is more than just gifts and receiving but memories and the love of the gift-givers.

What you need for the Christmas Scavenger Hunt

  • Little gift boxes or envelopes (I gathered old gift boxes and wrapped them with paper, but the Dollar Tree has plenty of options)
  • Money
  • Scavenger Hunt Questions (You can use mine if you like)


Christmas Scavenger by Faith Fueled Life

How to create a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

I printed these out and placed them in boxes that I could find nesting boxes. As she answers the questions, Kyhia gets small increments of money. In the smallest package, is rolled up wad of the remaining cash.  The amount is what I budget for each girl minus her makeup and makeup brushes.

If you’re looking for a creative way to gift your teenager.  Give the Christmas Scavenger hunt a try, and let me know what you think?

What are some creative gift ideas you’ve done?


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