7 Reasons Good Health begins with Foot Care

Everything starts from the Sole up! I feel like often in fitness we are focused on vain goals. We want to look good, bigger arms, defined back and legs. Not everyone thinks of fitness as helping you to function better. In that neglect to perform better, we often take our feet for granted until we injure ourselves or worse. Feet are the foundation of our body and the key to a healthy life.

Those who often walk, stand for long periods of time can tell you when their feet feel good they feel good and there are many reasons:

7 Reasons good Health begins with your feet

1. Sturdy Foundation

We need to have and maintain a sturdy foundation. The human body is amazing and until I started studying correctives, I didn’t even realize how we are adaptable. Our feet are typically smaller than the other parts of our body yet it contains;
42 muscles
26 bones
33 joints
50 ligaments and tendons
Which hold our entire body upright. Your little size 8 feet can withstand hundreds of pounds and has over 15,000 nerve endings from our toes to our heels.

Our feet are meant to withstand a lot similar to a foundation of a home. Have you ever had a crack in your foundation? If no, you are fortunate because a small crack in a foundation can completely shift your home, ruin your walls and compromise your roof. A foot injury can do the same.

Feet are meant to be taken care of, but we are usually focused on the vanity body parts rather than the function essential ones. We wear our shoes way too long, don’t stretch or massage them until they are in pain.

That is the first place we should begin when focusing on our health from the bottom up.

2. Foot Care equals optimal circulation

We sit too much, and that is causing the muscles in our feet not to get the activity they need so that they can have good blood circulation. Our shoes also inhibit blood flow and circulation. It is suggested that you should massage your feet daily for about 10 minutes. From a 10-minute foot massage, you can cause dramatic effects on your blood circulation. It’s also a great way to relax and unwind.

My little Mimi is excellent at massages and offers them freely. Although, she enjoys it her little four-year-old hands just don’t get the job done. I have been using Solehealers at the end of my day, and I cannot tell you how it has improved the tightness in my calf and it just feels right.

3. Helps you sleep better

If you don’t find you have time for a good foot rub take a few minutes before bed to indulge. Not only will it promote circulation while you sleep and relaxing you from a stressful day. Studies have shown Foot massages before bed has been associated with relieving headaches, migraines, neck pain, lower and upper back aches too  Relieving this body pains help you to get a more peaceful slumber and feel well rested when you awaken the next day.

4. Boost your Mood

Another study revealed that foot massages are linked to relieving people from depression and improving mood. This is due to the over 15,000 nerve endings that reside in your feet. There is reflexologist who can pinpoint certain pressure areas in your feet that will boost your mood. In patients with depression, it is recommended to massage your feet 2 to 3 times per day for about 10 minutes to help relieve depression symptoms.

SoleHealers are great portable, therapeutic foot massages that you can do right at your desk as I am now as I write this post. I noticed that while writing it helps keep me focused and attentive when I am massaging my feet on my Solehealers.

5. Healthier Feet

Massaging and stimulating your feet muscles also helps with ankle and heel pain which is a biggie in my house. Since my Level 3 Ankle Sprain and my husband rupturing his Achilles tendon, we have found the value in proper foot care. We both use the Solehealers to help strengthen our weak ankles. It’s also helped my husband with his foot swelling at the end of the day. I like to stand on my SoleHealers during my warmup to kind of invigorate my feet before I begin my ankle correctives. It’s nice how small and portable the SoleHealers are because they make it really convenient to take anywhere.

6. Helps with anxiety

At first, when I was researching I thought the last thing I want to do when I am anxious is to sit down and stay still for a foot massage. I gave it a try and guessed what it works!  High Anxiety has plagued me for eleven years. I have tried pharmaceutical relief, prayer, and other homeopathic aids. It wasn’t until I got my SoleHealers and was doing research on foot care that I decided to try them out. It was beneficial this month. September my anxiety was very high due to many triggers in my life.

One day while having racing, anxious thoughts I gave it a, “Why not?” I stood on the SoleHealers for about 5 minutes and with a little prayer and standing still on my healers the wave of anxiety went away. Now honestly I am not sure if it was prayer because that has helped me in the past but taking that moment just to stand still and massage my feet was very calming. Other than my experiment, studies have shown a positive correlation between foot massages and reducing anxiety.

7. It feels good

Having healthy feet feels good. It’s awful to walk around in pain, and your feet take a lot of weight on them. Practicing self-care feels good so if you don’t have magic handed Mimi or able to get regular foot massages. I would highly recommend SoleHealers. My mom loves them and uses hers daily. Great for everyone whether you have foot ailments or want to prevent foot ailments.

Solehealers are “Therapeutic relief for stressed out feet” They are helpful to relieve plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, stiff ankles, and feet. Reduce pain after a day of walking in high heels. All you do is stand on them positioning your feet differently and let the magic happen. So simple and so many benefits. They also have some videos for you to try the new exercise with or to use specifically for different foot ailments.

Check out SoleHealers and grab a 15% discount with my promo code 15BLESSED

  1. I received SoleHealers for a product review I make a commission from my affiliate link as well as other affiliate links that I am partnered.  I recommend this product but if I didn’t I would tell you. My full disclosure policy is here

17 Comments on “7 Reasons Good Health begins with Foot Care”

  1. I totally agree and yet the only thing that bothers me when I run long is my feet.

    It’s also why I make sure to rotate my running shoes and buy a new pair frequently.

    • That is an excellent point I forgot to make yet stress to my clients. Shoes are like tires you need to have good tread for healthy feet. Thank you for the reminder.

    • I have never heard of them but I am glad I was able to remind you. It’s funny how the little things make you feel so much better.

    • Sole Healers are great for everyone I think it’s going to be my Christmas gift for people this year. They don’t know they need it till they try it! I love them!

  2. Short of one bout of plantar fasciitis, I am lucky that my feet generally feel pretty good. I’m diligent about new shoes, insoles and stretching, so it helps.

  3. A few years ago, when I had Plantar Fasciitis, I got in the routine of massaging my feet (especially the arches). I do it every morning for a few minutes before getting out of bed, and I do it every night before lights-out.

    • Yes! I feel like runners understand me because they can feel the effects of proper foot care. Glad you are taking care of your soles.

  4. I love the analogy of the feet being the foundation like the foundation of your home. It’s amazing how many people do not take care of the feet. The SoleHealers sound like a great product! I think it’s also very important to invest in good shoes!

    • Sole Healers have been so Therapeutic and I really should have added frequent shoe replacement. Hope you try the Sole Healers I think I am getting everyone for Christmas!

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