Are you making the most of your Xfinity Service?

 I attended an event hosted by  Philly Social Media Moms who partnered with Comcast Philly NJ and received additional compensation from Xfinity for my opinions of their services and for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

We are officially in the Holiday Season

Would you consider us early in the Holiday Season or the middle? For me, it’s just beginning. I am looking forward to our annual Gingerbread house and cookie decorating this weekend. I finished my shopping the Friday before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I missed all those really good sales. I am also still in school almost half way done and still a mom of three little girls and now a wife to a Teacher AND Highschool Basketball Coach, so things have been busy despite my efforts to have a “memorable not stressful” holiday season. Yes, I did say that a few months goals. I have big dreams! Going to be a fun Christmas this year with my girls.

Who knew I could run and errand and getaway?

I had the opportunity to check out the new Xfinity Store near me. Like, WOW! Have you been to a new one yet? There are lots of new convenient locations available. I could totally de-stress and wait my turn in there for a few hours, but you know longer have to wait in that line with all your wires and equipment. They take it from you right as you enter the door and enter you into their queuing system. Allowing you to explore as you wait your turn for a customer agent if you even have to wait because they have increased their staff as well, so there usually is little to no wait. A vast improvement on the days with the glass windows and paper ticket.

While you’re waiting you can touch and explore the services with guided demos, flat screen tvs and Ipads with a comfortable seating area. There also so time saving features if you’re not like me and you’re looking to get in and out with self-serve bill pay kiosk.

Reading is Fundamental

Although, the Store is a different experience the new X1 service is also making it a lot easier to manage and use your Cable, the Internet, Phone and Home Security Service. I currently only have Internet Service through Xfinity. By spending some time in the Xfinity Store (which can be my new getaway from the kid’s spot). I learned so many things that came with my service that they probably explained in that little booklet you get when you sign up, but I pay no attention to those little booklets so for those who do stay informed this may not interest you. For those like me who have the service and just know where the password is for the WiFi, I learned some great features you get with Xfinity Internet that you may not know of and are FREE!


Did you know?

Did you know? Comcast has improved their customer service? Creating new customer service centers, staffing more agents, and having troubleshooting features included as easy as your remote control you should be able to have your issue fixed within minutes and if not, you can schedule your own time when you want a technician to come to your home from an app on your phone.

Did you know? You can schedule On-Demand, Download and take with your shows, and movies for access without WiFi and control your child on the internet all from your phone? Well, you can.

Did you know? You can take users off of your WiFi or block access at a particular time from your phone and even if you’re not home. The most underutilized app that Xfinity has is their My Account App which allows Parental and Admin controls for your internet and television.


Did you know? There are multiple ways that you can protect your children without physically being there. From Internet access to their X1 Kid zone which requires a Parent Code to get out of the channel lineup preventing your kids from finding anything that is not aged appropriate. According to Comcast, ” Kid Zone is a safe and secure place for kids to independently explore their favorite content and discover new programming.” They also have “Common Sense Media integrated ratings and reviews that help parents determine what content is appropriate for different ages.

Did you know? The new X1 search filters specific age ranges if you prefer. The X1 has infinite amount Integrated Xfinity apps that allow you to find something for anyone just from using the Voice Remote and speaking thinks like “Find today’s Top 100 shows” and like “Siri” or any other voice command the options of media is for your viewing pleasure.

Did you know? Xfinity and Netflix have partnered together, and you no longer need to stream NetFlix you can find it in your X1 Cable Box. You are able to access Netflix catalog of TV shows and movies in your X1 live, On Demand, DVR and web programming. It’s just added to your cable bill and you can find it all in one place. You can also access NetFlix movies through your Voice Command feature on your Xfinity remote control. So cool!


How did they change their service?

The cloud!  X1 DVR with cloud technology. According to Xfinity, “lets you stream DVR recordings and live television on mobile devices.” They are cloud based now allowing them to make updates faster, share and offer the best value. Although Comcast is not the lowest price it is the best value and you get a lot more with your services than just with live home television watching needs. It was great learning all the new things are happening with Xfinity.

Xfinity will be hosting a giveaway will end midnight 12/20/16!

What is important to you with your cable, the internet, or phone service?


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