The Future is Here with Xfinity XFI

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Last week Mimi and I went to explore a beautiful home! Although my husband and I are trying to live minimally, it’s nice to see the possibilities. I was grateful to be invited to the Philadelphia Magazine 2017 Design Home in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful audacious and the things that you dream and over $4 million dollars home would look like and more. Walking through touring the rooms and closets the size of my first floor was lovely. It was a breathtaking home that was designed well and simple. Lately, I have been looking for simplicity in my life. Especially, now that the lil diva’s are getting older and technology is a part of our daily lives.

It’s becoming another job monitoring my newly turned teen and tween on their devices. There are also other new things like I now have a built-in babysitter. Although it’s nice to have more freedom I don’t leave them home longer than 2 hours, and I still need to check-in with them to make sure they are behaving and not fighting. I was amazed at the abilities I would have to monitor the girls while I am at the gym or training clients. I now can do some easily and not just my girls but the entire home with the services of Xfinity XF1.

Peace while I’m Away

Xfinity Home Security may be something that Ed and I should look into as the girls get older and more freedoms. It’s funny how parenthood changes through the stages and Mimi is a great reminder. Little people require little problems. Now that we have two girls active in sports and extracurriculars my oldest often gets a ride home or is home by herself while I am at her sisters’ events. What I particularly liked is that I can get notifications every time my door is opened or closed while I am gone. It was also comforting to know that Xfinity Home there is 24/7 professional security monitoring system that I can turn on or off remotely. It also has LIVE video monitoring that can be accessed from my Xfinity Home app or online on any mobile device.

Xfinity X1

Now as I am walking through the spectacular Philadelphia Design Home I am a very simple girl. I don’t need much to make me happy, and it’s more about the people so it was truly a beautiful home but I found my favorite room was the Screened in Patio just like it is in my home. I am writing my post from my own screened in patio where I get a lot of inspiration. As you’ll see or saw when I went LIVE on Facebook it was beautiful and simple.

It was also a great place to check out all the versatility of the Xfinity X1 Service now has if you’re a Xfinity customer there are so many different things that you can do all from the sound of your voice. Voice activated remote was good news for me because I struggle with the remote and my kids are usually doing it for me. Now, I can just speak and retrieve. Say what? The Xfinity Voice Remote is an easy and simple way to search for any network, change the channel, record your favorite show on DVR, find your favorite tv show or even Netflix movie. It also will recommend what you may want to watch based on your viewing.

I also love to play music pretty much all the time in the house that’s probably the thing that I am most skilled with the remote. I play it while I cook, clean and workout so pretty much all the time. Xfinity X1 now has integrated apps like Pandora, and you can even get your Facebook feed on your TV. Readily available and custom to you.

It’s got security measures in the Kid Zone, as well as the Common Sense Media that keeps the children in a secure place to play with the remote or if you have biggins’ like me, aren’t watching age appropriate movies.

Not only can you access all these things at home but you can now stream them anywhere you go and access 1000 of Xfinity hotspots to play them at no charge to you.


After touring the fabulous home, I got to learn how Xfinity if simplifying your living experience. Streamlining and customizing each customer’s experience to make it easy for you. All the possibilities that they are providing are going to create a unique experience for everyone in my family. My lil diva’s ages range from 13,9 to almost three years old. Creating profiles for them would be an excellent way to parent with technology. As you have seen from how I manage my chores.  How we control the internet in our house that we have fully embraced technology in my home. I still feel that you need to monitor your children in all areas of life especially, technology.

Each child has their parameters. I could create profiles for each of my girls that are unique to our rules. I can have an option through my MY ACCOUNT Xfinity App that turns off the WIFI access to specific devices. I can do that remotely too so if I need her to do chores (homework hard they need the WIFI) I can turn off the WiFi for that hour and get her to do it. You gotta do what you gotta sometimes do to motivate your child. I’ve noticed when I have possession of her phone it drives her more; same concept.

Xfinity has ERRYTHANG and Now Mobile!

As Mimi and I made ourselves at home at the Philadelphia Design Home, I got all the tea on the new Xfinity Mobile that is being launched. Yep, you read right Xfinity has it all now guys; Home Security, X1 Television with unlimited access on the Cloud and Apps but now they have Mobile.

So, they already got HotSpots everywhere in over 16 million locations. They are not launching “Xfinity Mobile is the nation’s first wireless service combining America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network with Comcast’s 16 million WiFi Hotspots to provide customers with a better wireless experience, for less money on today’s most popular devices.”

Basically, with Xfinity, you will not have an access fee instead you pay by gigabytes of data that you use meaning there is no set price. Like $50 per month it goes according to the data, you use that is NOT on the Xfinity WiFi HotSpot and your phone will automatically connect you, so you don’t have to worry if you’re on one. That’s what kills your phone bill the data. They will have different packages like pay per gig or unlimited that you can switch back forth depending on your need that month AND you will not get penalized from change to pay per or unlimited. You will also have access to the Xfinity Mobile App that will allow you to view, monitor, and protect your home. I am pretty excited because anything I can do to streamline my life and save money I am trying to do. It was an amazing experience exploring a truly spectacular home. I took a few notes of inspiration. If you want to check out the home too, go I save my Facebook LIVE for you.


What are your biggest concerns with technology now; simplicity, secure, streamlined, organized? What do you think of all the Xfinity has to offer?

8 Comments on “The Future is Here with Xfinity XFI”

  1. I love looking at homes even if we’re not in the market to purchase one. My biggest concern with technology is security. My girls are still very young so they don’t do a lot online.

    • Yes, security is important and something we asked about especially with video footage in your home. Xfinity has the highest encryption possible to keep their customers secure.

  2. In my next house I’ll be instilling a few more digital features. There are a few things on the market I want my new home to be equipped with very similar to xfinity.

  3. This sounds amazing especially with all of this technology young ones can get their hands on and have access to. When my little one is older this is something I would definitely love to have in our home!

  4. I have been a comcast Xfinity customer for over 25 years. I love the free wifi hotspots. This new direction sounds awesome and I would probably take advantage of much of it in our new home. Great informative post.

  5. We just switched to Xfinity not long ago, but I have to admit I have not taken advantage of these features. I’ll definitely be checking out those hotspots.

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