Getting Down at the Barre: Sweat Pink NJ First Event


Launch of Sweat Pink New Jersey

We were laughing-well kind of; our thighs were quivering, and I think I found a new muscle in my butt that now hates me but it was such a fun time! Last night, Sweat Pink NJ was hosted at Revolution 360 for our Sweat Pink Chapter Launch.

Sweat Pink

Sweat Pink is a community of active women (and men!) globally who love to sweat and socialize! It is a fitness group will include outdoor adventures, meetups, and monthly workouts. We just are a bunch of health enthusiast who wants to support other health enthusiasts. It really is that simple. People always ask me what it is? Yep, no catch! There are so people who just want to motivate and inspire other people. I am one of them, and if you are too then you should join us and become a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

Sweat Pink Ambassador?

I’ve been a Swear Pink Ambassador for three years. After my second Blogfest high I wanted to be more involved with the active women that I have over the last three years known through Social Media and blogfest.

(Have you heard about Blogfest? If you are a health enthusiast or fitness influencer, I URGE you to come, and we can meet in real life!)

These group of women are so supportive, inspiring and encouraging and just encouraging to be in a group of amazing women’s from all sorts of backgrounds, states and fitness passions.

We are stronger together, and I have never gotten such a sense of community like Sweat Pink.  When the email blast came out they were looking for Chapter Leaders I jumped up and raised my hand.

New Jersey has so many great opportunities to get active and coordinating events to have women from different backgrounds come together, and Sweat seemed like a great idea for 2018.

I set my goals, resolutions or whatever at the beginning of the year and the Top 3 are to get women together to help each other. I have some fantastic plans, and God is laying out some exciting things in the near and distant future in this area.

When the ladies at Sweat Pink started to help me set up the group, I was a lot anxious, but if all our events are like the Launch, I have no worries.

Revolution 360

First I had to find an equally empowering studio to have our first event! Revolution 360 is a Boutique gym in Moorestown, NJ my hometown.  My little town had grown a lot from when I was a kid. Part of that growth is gyms like Revolution 360 which is just walking distance from my old childhood home.

Nilsa is the owner and teaches lots of challenging sweat dripping classes. What I LOVE about Revolution is we don’t play any baby weights there; it is an all but one guy staff and of certified amazing instructors.  We all have our own weight loss fitness journey, and we do not play.

Resolution 360 offers a variety of classes: Strength and Conditioning, Booty Barre, Zumba, Butts and Guts, Cardio Circuit (yours truly teaches), Bootcamp, Tabata and always adding great and new classes that get members results.

Showing women how to properly train with heavy weight and getting rid of all gym intimidation;  While Nilsa starts to kick your butt once she turns on that mic.  This woman is a truly and genuinely loves to serve people.  She has a servants heart and will go out of her way for anyone that she meets. She is an amazing instructor and loved by everyone.

Booty Barre at Revolution 360

Nilsa did not disappoint in the least.  There were moments in the class I had to close my eyes and pray and then others where we felt super sexy doing some hip shaking and then again tears of pain-in a right way and oh and we were cracking up. (An extra ab workout)

The group of women who came was so fun, outgoing and although some ran, spin, or only took group classes.  We were got together and had a good time.

Now the event was Barre Now Wine Later, but there was no wine. It was Bring Your Own, and nobody drank. So, we sipped on water and ate some snacks and reflected on the last 45 minutes of getting our butts kicked.

These Ladies came out for a good workout, to hang out with other active women and have a good time which is what I hope for our events. I met some new Ladies who rather be moving on a Saturday night then sitting on the couch- my kind of women and will be adding to our Sweat Pink NJ family.

Sweat Pink New Jersey 2018

We have so much planned for this chapter and are working on some fun events, team races, and nutrition workshops.  I am eager to meet more women and celebrate each other this year.  If you are an active women whatever that activity may be and you want to get busy, you should join us at our next event until then you can find us on facebook!

Are you looking for a group to just chill or get sweaty with active women?

5 Comments on “Getting Down at the Barre: Sweat Pink NJ First Event”

  1. YAY what a fun event! I’m so excited to see Sweat Pink NJ happening … going to have to make a business trip out there to join you! 😉

  2. I”m hoping to get to BlogFest one of these years. Now that my kids are older it should be easier for me to travel. I”m thinking 2019 will be my year.

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