Alexis R.

De’s Customized Carb Cycling Plan was just the guidance and motivation I needed! By following her carb cycling plan – and staying consistent with it, trusting the process – I lost over 15 pounds! The follow-up and care that De put into my plan was the main contributor to my success. This plan was customized to my preferences and dietary needs and took into consideration my fitness routine and my goals. Further, De checked in on me, and when my fitness routine changed, she was able to help me make the appropriate adjustments I needed to continue to find success.

Now that I’ve completed a cycle, I am much more conscious about what I’m eating and win. With this knowledge about how my body responds to certain foods, I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss, and have actually been able to continue losing an additional 5 pounds! I’m looking forward to starting a new cycle with De’s plan because I know that it is something that works, and it’s something that I can manage!

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