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I received my Life Application Study Bible from Bible Gateway for free to review and post. Although, I received the Bible as a gift. My opinions are my own. My Full Disclosure Policy

Years ago, I was in a Bible Study with a woman whose mother had just passed.  She had obtained one of her Mother’s Bible that had her notes, thoughts, and handwritten.  It was now one of the woman’s most treasured possession and the Bible she used. The woman’s mother had many Bible, so she and her sisters each took one to remember their mother.  It made an impact on me, and I wanted to leave the Bible to my three girls. Since meeting that woman, I have gone through two Bibles. What I mean is that I love to highlight and take notes in my Bible after a few years, many notes and highlights can become distracting when studying. I use the Good Morning Girls Highlight guide while reading my Bible

Leaving a Legacy for my Girls

Recently, I’ve thought I need a new Bible. As I go to study the current Bible, I have read. It’s beginning to be a challenge to overlook all the notes and highlights I have made.  I also realized that I get a new Bible in a new season. For the past few months, I have been feeling a new season in my life approaching. When I was asked to review the Life Application Bible from Bible Gateway, I knew it was God’s timing.  I have fallen in love with this new Bible and excited to make new highlights and marks. It’s also a Bible I can leave to my third daughter once I move on. I have each of my past Bible’s to my girls. I think it’ll be a special gift I can give them prayerfully when I am living.  Maybe their wedding who knows, but it’s something I want to leave them to keep with them and remember me.

A great resource to study

I am excited to explore this Life Application NIV Bible.  First, it is beautiful, bound in leather with golden lined pages.  Open up the pages, and it has an extensive commentary within each Book.  It’s jam-packed with great resources to further your study. The Life Application Study Bible has resources, references, maps, genealogy charts, summations of events.  It’s an excellent Bible for me to use in my inductive studies. 

I did find that most of the pages have more commentary than the Word, which can be distracting. I wish the commentary to verse ratio were evenly distributed. It’s also a different version than I am currently studying. For the last four years, I have been using the New American Standard Bible to study.  I think studying in a different version could change some of my reflections. Most people I do Bible Studies with have the NIV version, so I am curious to see how our conversation goes. I like having a different version to compare to others, but I am excited to see what the NIV brings to my perspective.

No matter the version, when I open the bounded book, the message is always what I need to hear. It’s not necessarily what I want to hear, but it’s required.  It also can be different, although I read the same verse. It’s the living Word, and it can be renewed in our Spirit daily if you read it. I’m curious if the version will change my reflections.

Bible Gateway Plus

If you’re looking for a beautiful Bible to give to someone who likes to study the Word or new to studying the Word. I think especially for those new to studying. The Life Application Study Bible is a great Bible to gift or gets for your own Bible Study time. If you’re looking for more opportunities to further your study or research. I want to encourage you to check out the Bible Gateway App for free, or you can access the BibleGateway Plus to get check out over 40 Bible studies and reference books. Bible gateways give you lots of resources to enhance your study experience. 

What type of Bible do you use to study?  

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