I am doubting my limits in 2018

I ended my 2017 pretty eventful. I have never been an athlete until recently, so I never injured myself until the middle of December. I want to say that I was doing some really cool lift or crazy feat of strength, but nope, not me I was warming up took a small hop and tore my ATF Ligament in my ankle. Oh OUCH, right?

It initially sounded worse than it felt but four weeks into recovery and yep, that bad boy hurts.  I have never been seriously injured, and I have also never been active every day, so both have had their mental ups and downs.  Reflecting can be nice because you can have a new appreciation for events, things and moments.

Putting and end to doubt

2017 was the best year that I have had in a long time and truly was for so long the year has ended, and I wished I would have done more, tried things, experienced more and limit myself less.

Last year, I ran the Tough Mudder, and I went to the race alone. Yep, I had intended to go with a team, but the only person that I kind of knew on the team couldn’t go last minute, and that left me all by myself. I wasn’t going to go for that very reason. I actually cried a little on how pathetic it was that I had no one to do the race with, but I still drove out there all alone.

By Godcidence I quickly was on a team of misfits.  We all had been left to go the race alone. Somehow, some way and stumbled upon each other and did the run as a team; we called ourselves “Team-No Team.”  I haven’t spoken to any of those people since that day, but they were part of a pivotal moment in my fitness journey.They helped me change my mindset.

That Mud Run was my beginning goal realized. When I had set out on this fitness journey, it was after I had run the Rugged Maniac at 205 lbs. 5ft 3 inches tall. I vowed to myself to run the race again in better shape, and I set out on that mission.  Then the day of the race came, and I did it alone.  It was the most empowering moment because I realized that I could do anything that I set my mind to there is nothing limiting but myself.  That day awakened a women who now see’s mountains as potential to be conquered.

Stop Limiting My Options

I couldn’t have found the Gixo app at a better time. So, I am starting the year off with one foot, can’t train like  I used to, can’t train others and I need a little motivation.  One day in a bit of pity party I decided to download the Gixo app and give it a try.  Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what to do.  I tried the Total Core class because I figured I didn’t really have to modify the instructors will for me (even better) and fell in love.

It’s just what I need right now while I am home and can’t get to a gym.  I can pick a class schedule, join others so I won’t feel so alone and real-time see and talk to the group instructor who was able to modify the moves for me.  They also made a note so now when I pop into other classes they already have some modifications for me.  It was the motivation I needed to get back to a new routine and new workout program until my ankle heals from home.

My injury is the “mountain” that I am beginning my year with and while everyone rushed to the gym January 1st, and I have to watch from the sidelines, and it stinks! But by Godcidence I was asked to participate in the Fit Approach, and Gixo App Campaign which I am absolutely in love with and I started a little early because I need to tell myself these things. I needed to remind myself that the limits that I have set are only in my head, that we can do anything that we give our heart and desire to and something that I always know to be true is that I am the daughter of a limitless King.

I am so excited to be joining forces with Sweat Pink and Gixo App to try new workouts.I am looking forward to sharing with women and remind them that we are limitless. We can do it alone, do it scared, follow our dreams, be all the things if that is what we choose to do. What we cannot do; is put the limit on our potential.

Would you join us in spreading a message of positivity, inspiration and motivation and share what or who makes you limitless this month? You can use hashtags: #IAmLimitless

But I am curious to know; How are you going to live Limitless this year and will you join us in spreading the message of our untapped ability to be limitless?



This post was written in partnership with Gixo Fit and Fit Approach “I am Limitless” Campaign. Although, I am being compensated my thoughts and opinions are my own check out my full disclosure policy 


44 Comments on “I am doubting my limits in 2018”

  1. You’ve alqays inspired me, friend. But even more so with your injury. You are pushing past some huge boundaries.

    • Girl without fear and doubt you are going to soar. I know your going to have a great year look forward to watching God’s blessing of abundance unfold.

  2. Your current situation sounds a lot like my reality seven months ago (emergency surgery for an “overlooked” staph infection left me sidelined for three months from running). it’s quite amazing the strength and power one can find in what feels like a dark moment. It’s gonna be exciting watching your journey! Best of luck!! (BTW…I love the Team-No Team LOL)

    • That is awesome that they found it and it really stinks that it took 3 months. Thank you for the words of motivation I am a month in and I guess may patience is wearing thin. Great reminder this is only a moment. Thank you!

  3. I love the changes that you’ve made! I hope your ankle heals quickly. I love the Total Core class too. Having a live teacher and other “classmates” is really motivating.

  4. Umm…love how you call your Tough Mudder mishap a “Godcidence”!! Isn’t it funny how things don’t go according to our plan and then we realize that God’s plan was better all along?! 🙂

  5. I love what a positive inspiration you are – I have had my own limits this year – and know how hard it is to remain positive when things get shaken up or take you off course but you’ve proved such incredible strength and resilience through and through and are no doubt giving others the strength to do the same.

    • Tunnel thinking will keep you under ground. Life stinks sometimes but there is always a reason and a destination-this too shall past. Thank you so much for your support!

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