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Planning family meals made easy.

When I meal planned family-friendly dinners consistently, we saved money, ate better, and spent more time connecting. I am reflecting and looking back on what I want to change in the New Year. I want to go back to having family meals together with work, sports, and extracurricular schedules. It’s hard to make time for family dinners like when the girls were little. Family dinners are less effort when the meals are planned, and I have all the ingredients. Perdue Farms Easy gathering Bundle Box inspired me to get back into meal planning.  

how to meal plan family meals in 30 days

I used to do and want to begin again is meal planning for 30 days. It helps me budget better and makes shopping much more manageable. Having a variety of options and all the ingredients makes me want to cook more. It’s the prepping and planning that I don’t like, but I love to make a delicious meal.  

How do you plan family meals for 30 days?

I found it very easy to plan 30 different meals for the family if you get them involved. I make a list with three columns. One for the divas, one for my husband, and one for me with ten spaces to fill their favorite meal. It’s that simple, and I find they rarely duplicate, but if they do, it’s 30 days, and a family fave it will get eaten anyway. The goal is to have a variety and make something that everyone will eat.  

Perdue Farms Easy Gathering Bundle Box

I recently tried Perdue Farm Easy Gathering Bundle, a new meat subscription box from Perdue Farms. You can have a variety of meats shipped directly to your door. Ready to be placed in your freezer or thawed and cooked. It made meal planning even easier because I didn’t have to do the shopping. 

Where can you get organic chicken and premium meat for family meals?

Since attending Shift Con, I have been trying to make sustainable efforts and eat organic meat. With Perdue Farms Easy Gathering Bundle Box, I can do both. Perdue Farms does not raise chicken conventionally and work with small local farmers. The box was fully recyclable, and all the products were encased in brown recyclable paper and not plastic.  

Easy Family Meals you can make in under 20 minutes.

Adding the Perdue Farms Easy Gathering Bundle box to my monthly meal plan was easy. I made some of our family favorites. I was highlighting my husband and my diva’s three favorites. One meal was a tie! My husband loved the Pulled Pork Sliders on Gluten-Free Ciabatta Rolls with Apple Coleslaw, Sweet Potato Fries, and Salad. This was an easy three-ingredient hit!! 

Niman Ranch Barbeque Pulled Pork Sliders with Apple Coleslaw

easy family friendly dinner

Perdue Farms Herbed Olive Oil with Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt wings

Lailah’s Favorite was the Herbed Olive Oil with Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt wings, Broccoli, and Cauliflower Rice. This is another easy three-ingredient meal nourishing, tasty, and easy to make. Perdue Farms Easy Gathering Box made this super simple with their pre-seasoned Herbed Olive Oil with Roasted Garlic and Sea Salt wings. This was simple. I made steamed Broccoli, my kid’s Favorite, and added riced cauliflower rice. Simple, easy meal healthy, and nutritious meal. It doesn’t have to be complicated to eat healthily, especially when you are always on the go.


Niman Ranch Kielbasa Stir-Fry

Niman Ranch Kielbasa Stir-Fry is Kyhia and Milah’s Favorite. It’s one of my favorite meals to cook because it takes about 20 minutes. It’s so easy and a healthier option when we need a meal quickly in the evenings.

This meal is a plate cleaner with the family, and it’s easy to make. Even if you’re not the best cook, you can’t mess this one up. Add seasonings like oregano, basil, or Italian Seasoning, and dinner is ready. You can add a few Niman Ranch Uncured Kielbasa to your Perdue Farm Easy Gathering  Bundle Box. You get to choose what meats you want to be delivered directly to your door.

Eating well doesn’t have to take time with the right ingredients. With your Perdue Farms Bundle box delivered right to your door. Just add some healthy sides, and you quickly have family-friendly meals without having to stop at a drive-thru. We’re going to spend more time at our dining room table. I am saved some grocery shopping, and it’s a great way to switch up some of our favorite meal rotations. I can’t wait to see what comes in my next Perdue FarmsBundle box.   Family meals are coming back in the Bolton home and I am going to make my life easier with the Perdue Farms Easy Gathering Box and planning my meals.

Have you ever tried a food subscription box before? Check out the link to get your own Perdue Farms Bundle Box.

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