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Let’s talk about FOOD CRAVINGS!

Food cravings may signify that you are missing something in your diet that your body needs. We often crave the foods that provide us with the missing vitamins and minerals. Some of these may be a deficiency in Chromium, Zinc, Vanadium, Magnesium, and Calcium. Instead of eating legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables can provide us with these vitamins and nutrients. We opt for pizza, french fries, snack cakes, and donuts. They still provide us with what we need in vitamins and minerals, but these food choices aren’t nutrient-dense and usually poor substitutions for what we need, which is F.O.O.D.

Fresh Fruits and vegetables

Omega 3s and 6s

Organic and natural protein (whether its plant-based or animal)

Drink water-there are many people who do not consume water.

Instead, we choose C.R.A.P to feed us instead of fuel us.

Carbonated Drinks

Refined Sugar

Artificial Sweeteners, Colors, and Preservatives

Processed Foods

C.R.A.P feeds our poor body fuel and causes metabolic and hormonal disruptions in our body. Cravings are an extreme desire for a particular food. It’s also a way of your body telling you what you need. Your body can get what it needs from both F.O.O.D and C.R.A.P, but it’s up to you on how you want to nourish your body.

Why do we crave food from 2-4 pm?

Studies have shown that women have more cravings between 2-4p for multiple reasons. During that time, your blood sugar level dropped as time passed from the last time we ate lunch. We also dissociate between hunger and cravings, which means when we crave food not to nourish us but to satisfy our senses which are taste. We want to eat something tasty. Our desire for fruits decreases and our desire for something sweet increases or is salty. Depending on what your body needs and is going through. This also happens around 8-10 pm. Suppose you’ve eaten dinner around 5 or 6 pm your desire something tasty instead of something satiating. It’s who we are in all things sinners saved by grace in battle with our flesh, even when it comes to food. We desire to be “healthy” and “eat healthily,” but we crave the things that don’t serve our temple.

Stress will make you crave food.

Another reason we snack in this 2-4 pm time frame is to cope with the stress of transitioning from work to home or day tonight. Or to manage, there are deep associations with food, comfort, and pleasure. During this time of high stress in the day, it’s a typical coping skill to submit to cravings.
During this time, we crave things that are high in sugar, caffeine because you’re looking for a quick fix or energy boost. It’s those hours of transition that can be stressful and tiresome, and we look for a comforting snack.
You know that time of day when you can eat All DA THINGS!!
Try getting up and moving around to avoid giving in to your cravings. Water can also help tackle cravings. But sometimes, you need a snack because, ultimately, you want “something tasty.” At this point, it’s become a habit that you have to replace with something you enjoy more. A tasty snack that satisfies tastes and fuels you is ideal instead of something that gives in to your cravings. So choose wisely. In combination, certain tasty F.O.O.D.s can help you find alternative craving conquerors instead of C.R.A.P.

Here is a suggestion:

It also may be what you are eating. Are you lacking Chromium, Zinc, Vanadium, Magnesium, Calcium, and other vitamins and minerals?
You can check out my free FIGHT YOUR FOOD CRAVING GUIDE to get an idea of the cause of your cravings and begin nourishing your body better, so it doesn’t demand it. 
Also, try this super easy Craving Crusher Trail Mix and see if that helps fight your 2-4p slump.

What is your go-to afternoon snack? It may tell you what you need. Don’t forget to grab that FIGHT YOUR FOOD CRAVING GUIDE.

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