I Carry for…

Carry the Carry Forward Project is a Virtual 5k raising fund and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project is a fundraiser that is near and dear to my heart.

For the last ten years around Memorial Day, I think about my little cousin Alex who would be thirty-one years this year, but he was fatally wounded in combat.  Ten years ago in my Uncle received news that his oldest son Alex had died in Afghanistan. My entire family still grieves for this loss, especially my Uncle and his siblings. It has particularly haunted my Uncle for the past decade. We will never get over the loss. 

Wounded Soldiers

We all miss his radiating smile and dimples.  He was always eager to help and a caring big brother—a witty sense of humor and willingness to serve.  When Alex joined the army, it was no surprise.  He was proud to serve his country. Our family has endured many wounds.

My father, stepfather, aunts, uncles, grandfather, grandmother, and great grandfather all served the United States Military. The duty that soldiers possess for their country. I’ve always found admirable.  I look up to so many of these people in my family and am proud of their service for the freedom of our country. Its something they choose to do, which includes sacrifices.  Maybe because my father was a soldier and you look up to your father. My grandfather was a distinguished man that also set the example. I have the utmost respect for those who serve our country so that we can practice our freedoms.  

Wounded Warrior Project

This year I partnered with “Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) to help further their extraordinary mission of honoring and empowering wounded warriors! We’re bringing awareness to the WWP Carry Forward® 5K, delivered by CSX®,  a powerful and unifying experience that raises mission-critical funds for services and resources for wounded veterans. “This is an opportunity for me to support a cause I learned about two years ago actively. 

Last year, I raised funds through my Ms. Muscle and Fitness, where I made it two 6th place with your support. The funds raised during the voting period was to the Wounded Warrior Project.  This year I am doing things differently and putting “movement to this mission.” I am passionate about offering veterans services and tools for them to heal from service.  It is important to care for those who cared for us.

I carry forward

I was taught about sacrifice and allegiance for our country at a young age.  As an adult, I now have deep empathy and compassion for the families of the armed forces.  I partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project to participate in a Virtual 5k to bring awareness and recognition to this organization serving our wounded veterans.

I am not a runner, but I do enjoy a run.  During COVID 19, I have running to be a great time to reflect.  This Virtual 5K was so much different because I was carrying for the people in my family that I have respected and admired. Their allegiances and servitude for the people of our country are admirable, considering the present state. Yet, they serve, and some of them die in honor like my cousin Alex.  Others come home wounded not only physically but some mentally, and that is equally debilitating, and their servitude goes unnoticed.  

Carry Forward is Unique

Running a 5k carrying weight is a humbling experience, and carrying my almost seventy-pound six-year-old as a representation of our fallen soldiers. I carried a weight to represent the responsibilities veterans carry while serving our country. As I ran, I was brought to tears thinking of the man Alex could have been. It’s a unique and powerful way to honor the brave and heroic women and men who serve our armed forces veterans. 

The experience was moving and reflective. I have never run a 5k and had that experience.  Its something that you have to do for yourself and you can.  I ended the race carrying Mimi to symbolize the responsibilities veterans c while serving our country. I carry for my family, my cousin Alex Hernandez, and other families of veterans of the United States. I encourage and invite you to do the same.

Right now, with coupon code FREEDOM, you can join this movement for FREE and participate in a Virtual 5k! 

To join, just click here and share who you are carrying for…let’s recognize these heroes and bring awareness to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

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