2022 Best Holiday Gifts for Fit Friends

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Friends

This 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is for your fit friends. It’s the Holiday Season, and I find gift guides helpful to inspire thoughtful gifts to give to my family and friends. I gathered the BEST equipment, tools, and apparel this year for fitness enthusiasts. These are my fave, and I know your fit friends will love them too. I am an affiliate for many of these products and make a commission, but I am giving you my honest opinion.

2022 Gift for the Outdoor Fitness Friends

Do you have a friend who is always hiking, biking, rock climbing, or loves being outdoors? TRX Suspension trainer is an excellent gift for so many reasons. It’s great functional training for Outdoor fitness enthusiasts but also travel-friendly. It’s less than 5 lbs, and the On-Go-Trainer fits in a little bag you can take on all your outdoor adventures. You can use code TRX20DE

2022 Holiday Gift Idea for the Cardio Queen

This is my absolute new favorite thing! I love my CLMBR, and I hate cardio! It has many class options, and I love the classes and playlist. The Instructors bring their mix and flavor. I love Ackeem when I need encouragement and a challenging workout. Christa is always inspirational and has the best playlist. Dahlia is fun, and her Rhythm classes make movement fun and achievable. Tomas is hilarious and has you laughing out loud. He makes you feel like he’s sweating it out with you. No matter the Instructor, you can get an incredible 10-30 minute workout on the CLMBR. I usually choose a 10-minute class to warm up and a 20-minute lesson to wake me up in the afternoons.

Climbing is great because you use both the upper and lower body. The first few climbs are awkward as you figure out how to climb. My tip is to push through the outside of your feet. Keep your upper body at a tilt like a climber and engage your glutes to go through the burn. When I first started climbing, I mostly used my quads which didn’t last long. Once I figured out how to engage my glutes, it helped me make it through endurance rounds.

When I am climbing, it feels more like HIIT, which I love, and less like cardio which I hate. This gift is excellent for someone who loves and hates cardio. If they love it, they will climb to new heights. I’ve been climbing since August, and I just made 50,000 ft. You receive badges for your achievements which is a great encouragement and incentive to climb. Adults don’t get gold stars, and it’s nice to be acknowledged for your efforts. Use Code FAITHFUELED to get $250 off your CLMBR

2022 Holiday Gift Idea for the At-Home Workout Enthusiasts

The COBABoard is my favorite piece of equipment. It’s a total gym that is portable, easy to store, and very effective. I prefer the COBABoard because it’s easy to move in and out. You can get the same challenge as breaking out a barbell and plates without all the effort. It allows you to get your workout in and go about your day.

I love using the COBABoard with my clients.   The #COBAboard aligns your feet perfectly. It’s on an incline, so it helps with ankle dorsiflexion so that you can get more range of motion in your hips.

It also allows me to cue them so that they’re pressing their hips towards the back of the board and getting the most out of the range of motion, and the band adds eccentric and concentric resistance.

Meaning you can feel it on the way up and down, controlling it and making it effective. And engaging in all the right muscles, love the COBA board+; it’s a great tool to help you learn your deadlift! Use “FAITHFUELED” for a discount

2022 Holiday Gift Idea for the Recovery Enthusiasts

The Mobility wall is genius. If you hate the awkwardness of foam rolling on the ground but know the importance of foam rolling, this is for you. This is also great for family members who have difficulty getting on and off the floor or need to increase circulation. That is one of the benefits of foam rolling, and Mobility Wall allows you to foam roll easily. It gives you the added benefit of enabling you to activate foam roll. Check out the Mobility Wall in action, and you can use code FAITHFUELED for a discount.


Do you make horrible faces when you foam roll? I don’t know if I could function if I didnt but I prefer to foam roll standing up. You can try it too check out @mobilitywall use code “FAITHFUELED” for a discount and start foam rolling daily 😘 #fitmomover40 #fitover40 #over40 #over40club #foamrolling #fittok #tighthips #tighttraps #UnlimitedHPInk

♬ dance(256762) – TimTaj

2022 Holiday Gift Idea for the Fitness Fashionista

9.5 out of 10 ten times when you see me, I am wearing Handful! I loved Handful before I became an Ambassador. It’s the most comfortable athleisure I’ve ever worn. Anytime someone asks me to recommend a great sports bra is Handful. Handful is excellent for women of all sizes. Check out my post about “The Best Sports Bra for women with small chests”   no matter your size, Handful can support you, and it’s woman-owned. You can use FAITHFUELED for a discount.

I also have some apparel for everyone: trucker hats, Snapbacks, and Beanies. Check out my shop.

2022 Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

Now Foods is where I get my supplements. The main reason is they do so much third-party testing and have such high standards of quality. It’s one less thing I have to think of, and it’s the most affordable supplement and holistic lifestyle supplier I have found. I trust them, and they have everything I need. I was invited to the headquarters a few years ago and learned firsthand about NOW Foods. Check out my post, Immersed at NOW®. 

NOW Foods-carry various products, including Supplements, Beauty & Health, Essential Oils, Natural Foods, Sports Nutrition, and Pet Health. Use Code FAITHFUELED for 20% off any purchase.

Some items that every fitness enthusiast can use no matter what their goals or how they train.

2022 Holiday Gift Idea for Fitness Friends

I hope this was helpful for you in your holiday shopping. I have some recipes and workouts for you in my Holiday Gift Guide. Please give it a flip and click, and I hope you have a great Holiday Season. I added some Holiday recipes, workouts, and treats in the 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for fit friends. You can download your copy here. Thank you for checking out my suggestion for holiday gifts for the fitness enthusiast in your life.

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