What is verse mapping?

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How I began Inductive Bible Study?

I remember when I first began inductive Bible Studying. I wanted to have a deeper understanding of God’s word.  So, I would do online studies in-person group studies, but they were never enough.  Often they were studies on books that people had read but never exclusively God’s word.

In a Bible Study, I heard about how women had inductively studied books in the Bible. So, I began to research the best way to study inductively.  I found many methods, SOAP and Bible Highlighting appealed to me.  I became a facilitator for Love God Greatly, which encouraged us to digest scripture slowly. To be intentional, ask questions, do research, read more and find references.  It was a fantastic way to learn how to grasp a deeper understanding of God’s word. I loved the community and conversation, and it helped me grow on my faith journey.

Over the years, SOAP and Bible Highlighting led me to seek even more research and knowledge in the Word. My research and study birthed my 7-week transformation program Bible and Bootcamps.  Through my study, God gave me the wisdom and words to create the devotional for Bible and Bootcamps that has helped many women reclaim their relationship with God and their bodies. Over the years, I have been seeking more.

What is Verse mapping?

Verse mapping isn’t something new from my research.  Many people have been studying scripture and references for years.  But the Verse mapping “learn to study systems” developed by Kristy Cambron as a Bible and Study guide are new.

According to Verse mapping, Bible verse mapping is a method of studying the historical context, transliteration, translation, and theological framework of a verse (or section of verses) in the Bible.

Basically, it’s getting deeper, thorough research of Bible verses.  It’s more than memorizing scripture. It’s the Who? What? When? How? Why? in very detailed context.  I was so grateful to receive the Verse Mapping Bible. It has prompted to help guide you through the verse mapping process and give you examples within scripture. The beginning also walks you through step by step on how to verse map.  The print is easy to read, and I had the New International Version Bible, a great Bible to study and understand God’s Word.

My Experience Verse Mapping

I have never verse mapped, and my six-year-old daughter is reading more, and her heart for the Lord is amazing.  Together we have been verse mapping with the guidelines and guidance of Kristy Cambron, and it’s been an amazing experience.  Getting more in-depth with a six-year-old is a fantastic way to learn the Bible.

Children’s thought processes and innocents are so admirable, and working my way through scripture with her has been great because she thinks of questions that never occurred to me, which helps further our study.

The Verse Mapping Bible

Verse Mapping Bible is great to give you study prompts and help you map out a simple process to get more in-depth with God’s word.

After prayer, each scripture is broken down into the Verse, Design, Develop phrases, Actions, and outcome.  It takes us two to three days to get through scripture, but the understanding and application of God’s word are different.  It’s more meaningful and rich. I love the experiences that the Verse Mapping Bible and tools has given me.

How to Verse Map

If you are looking for a simple process to gather a greater understanding of God’s word through Scripture, I would highly recommend the Verse Mapping Bible. If you’re looking for a basic understanding of “How to Verse map?” Check out my blog post: “How to Verse Map?”

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What processes or methods do you use to study the Bible?



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