Reasons why I have Fit Mom Guilt

I know it’s probably not just me. Before I was a Mom, I seldom felt guilty for my actions or reflective on my behavior. Since becoming a Mom, anything and everything I do causes me guilt. I am not sure why I hold myself to a higher standard than I do other Mom’s, but I am always questioning my motherhood skills.  From the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed. I am thinking the who, what, when, why and how that involves my three daughters’ day.

The majority of my day is making sure that their needs are met; physically, socially and academically.  I am constantly outnumbered.  I have found solace in the gym to help me get through the day.  Even though I know my gym time does not affect them because I am usually at the gym while they sleep. I feel guilty about not being there if they wake up. Crazy right? I have a whole list of my crazy guilt for being a fit mom.

There are so many things that make me feel guilty about living a healthier lifestyle.  It seems odd, but you have to admit that eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking care of your body is not the norm. So, for those who choose to live that life, it may be hard when everyone around them is not. Sometimes I feel guilty that I have made it a priority to honor my temple.  I always feel the need to explain my choices. Good and bad!

So, I am putting them out there all the things that I feel guilty about living this healthy lifestyle and being a Mom of three daughters. I am sure there are others who feel the same.

1. Spending time away to exercise.

This has always been a guilt trigger for me until we joined our new gym.  I would either work out very late at night after the girls went to bed or now very early before they rise so that I won’t miss time with them to go to the gym.  For my older daughters, this is important because they have extracurricular activities, friends and commitments. Not only is it nearly impossible once they wake up to find time to go to the gym. We spend a lot of time in the car going here and there. Until our new gym, I had to get up at the crack of dawn or in the late night.

Since a new gym opened up in my area that has a Kid’s gym included. As long as I can make time during there hours. I can go to the gym while they are awake.  They enjoy their time, and they are active while I sweat it out too.  It’s a great way to eliminate my guilt of spending time away to exercise.

2. Eating healthier versions of dinner.

I have tried intentionally always to eat the same or a version of dinner. I have guilt that my girls will remember me eating out of pre-prepped containers. Sometimes I have to eat differently because of my food allergies and sensitivities. I also feel guilty when we eat out, and I have to make a special request because of my food issues. Regardless, if I were fit mom or not I would have to order differently, but I still feel guilty. The only difference in my meals is usually because of my food allergies and sensitivities. Although created differently I try to make a dairy free, gluten free version of the same thing. Mostly, I make one meal and we eat together because of my fit mom guilt.

3. Eliminating or restricting foods that used to be permitted.

I have recently, become a sugar cop.  This year I have become convicted to remove sugar from my home. My revolt against sugar does not stem from me being a Fit Mom.  My decision to get rid of sugar in my house is because of the adverse effects of sugar. My family has a significant sugar dependency including myself.  

Sugar is tough to avoid especially when your kids are in public school.  I find there are ways to get your sweets without sugar.  I am trying to make that change in my home. I have guilt because although I know, it’s for my families health. Would it be a concern if I wasn’t a fit mom? Those are some of the things that I struggle with when making decisions for my family.  

4. Looking like a Fitness Model and trying to be a role model.

When I began my fitness journey, I admired women who looked like I do now but never thought that would be me.  Although, I look like a fitness model in a tank top. When I was up every day, I am a Mom to three very impressionable girls. I don’t walk around flexing or taking belfies in my full-length mirror in my Sports Bra because it’s not about that.  The way I look on the outside is because of what I do and put in my inside. I don’t ever want my daughters to strive to look a certain way to reflect a particular image. So, I have guilt for the way that I look although, it’s just a result of my lifestyle change.

5. Prioritizing health over idle time.

I have high anxiety, and when idle I find I get anxious  I like to exercise to get rid of extra energy as well as Workout and Worship.  I seldom have idle time now that my girls are older. In the past, I would fill my idle time with snacks and tv time. Now I fill that time with movement and doing things with my children.

I do feel guilty that we are always active. I need to practice balance give us time to sit idle as well as move.  Although I am showing my girls alternatives to mindless behavior. I feel we all could use a good tv show binge from time to time.  I am trying not to feel so guilty and to start practicing and showing balance.


6. Setting a Standard of good health

Because I am a Fitness Professional, I feel obligated to walk the walk.  I know as a Mom this may be setting a very high standard for good health. I don’t want my daughters to feel that they need to workout 5 to 6 times a week, but I do want them to be active at least 150 minutes a week.  I have guilt on what they see that I don’t realize. They are creating their standards, and I am giving them the example. Ultimately, I want my girls to honor their temple whatever that looks like to them and not what they see of me.  

7. Balancing life and living a healthy lifestyle and not a diet.

Because I am in the health and fitness field, my passion is to learn.  I am always exploring different aspects of wellness and a healthy lifestyle.  Typically, I am not a trend or fad jumper. I do like to research and try things for myself. Sometimes my children get included in the experiment as well. I am sure they will have plenty to share with their therapist about their Health Nut Mom.  Like the year she went crazy and took away sugar. I will probably still feel Mom guilt.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t something that I should feel guilty about, but I do.  I think if I weren’t living a healthy lifestyle I would feel guilty as well. I guess it goes with the Mom territory but if I could instill anything in my daughters: It would be to honor their temple; From top to bottom. Educate yourself, devote to God and Scripture, Feed yourself good food and move your body every day.  As long as they get those foundations, I think all my Fit Mom Guilt was not all in vain.

Do you get Mom Guilt? About what?


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