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One of the biggest challenges we face is De lives in New Jersey and I live in Southern California.

So, technically Bible & Bootcamps works coast to coast. We have a similar interest in the faith & fitness community and a shared compassion for senior fitness.  But when I lost my job I found myself submerged in deep depression & anxiety, that’s when God sent De to knock on my virtual door. Thanks to De Bolton and her faith-guided workouts, healthy eating guide, and prayer meditations. I was able to grow my faith in God, faith in people, and faith in myself again. Bible & Bootcamps is not your ordinary workout program. 

De created this program because she experienced her own faith and health journey. She shares the most pivotal part of her success is when she let God into her workouts and she let God guide her through her nutrition choices throughout the day. While De shares her story and exercises expertise with you; she sends you encouraging, spirit-lifting testimonies; along with Bible verses and prayer meditations. What I have learned through Bible & Bootcamps is you are strong enough, you are worth it, and God loves you and he’ll meet you where you are!

Even with a recent obstacle, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in March of 2021 at the ripe of age 36, I knew I had nothing to fear. With De’s extensive knowledge in exercise science and her firm stronghold in the Lord, she inspired me to be faithful with my workouts and prayer meditation. I am not close to my worldly “goals” of where I think my body should be but because of Bible & Bootcamps, I am able to move my body with fewer aches and pains in my increasingly sore joints. 

I know I am stronger!

I have more energy.

I am closer to my heavenly father God. Thank you, Jesus.

And It doesn’t matter if I participate in one-on-one virtual training with De herself (which is my favorite way to train.) Or if I complete a workout through the convenience of the Bible & Bootcamps app (which is very informative and practical.) Today, I am able to move freely without pain and with thanksgiving in my heart. And can we talk about food for a minute? I am a huge sugar addict. If you are a sugarholic like me? Then I highly suggest doing De’s 21-day sugar detox plan too, it is a very helpful and powerful tool. Ask De about it. But anyway, De’s nutrition plan and recipes in Bible & Bootcamps are so simple and TASTY, I’m all about flavor in my food and simplicity. How about you?  

Life is already complicated and busy, so this definitely is a time saver! Literally, anyone can follow the recipes without being overwhelmed or worrying that you might not feel full. PS…Make sure to pay attention to the salad greens measurement! Trust me on this one! Haha!

Thank you my dear friend for allowing me to partake in your marvelous life-changing tool Bible & Bootcamps. I pray for blessings and favor upon you always!

Shenie Grace Bento   

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