#OwnYourBodBabe on May 13

I am participating in this years #OwnYourBod on May 13th and I want you to join me. There is something that has been irking me since my birthday and today I’m going to tell you what and why?

So, on your Birthday Facebook lets your social media know it’s your big day and people comment, post pictures, videos. It’s awesome you feel celebrated and loved. Well, I try to give people the same respect as they give me and respond to each and every comment I receive. (I know crazy) Anyways, I read every comment.

Well, my last birthday there was a comment that hit me in the gut.  Now, maybe I was taking it wrong but it went a little something like this:

“Happy Birthday to someone who has worked so hard to make their body look good!”

Did you feel the blow to the throat?

The greater hurt was that I see this person every Sunday when I go to Church. Alright, now you are feeling me?


My Intended Message

In the last four years, it has never been my intention to promote a perfect body. I have admitted that I am vain and that my weight loss journey began because I wanted to get skinny. But, that changed during the process and it became an authentic passion to help other people honor their temple and transition into a healthy lifestyle.  

The results of moving your body and fueling it properly is that not only you look good but you feel good. That is what I have worked so hard on is showing others that a healthy lifestyle is possible and the results are that I look good.  

I also have become more confident and aware of who I am and proud of the achievement that I have made and my goal is no longer to be skinny but I really wouldn’t mind being the strongest woman in the world.

Owning my Body

So, today I chose to Own this strong body and say, “Yes, I look good and I have worked hard.” If that inspires someone to respect their body and treat it the way God intended then I’ll take that throat punch of others passive aggressive opinion.  I am on a mission to serve others by helping them find and live a healthier lifestyle. Earlier this month, a Facebook Memory popped up that I did a year ago with ReadersDigest.com. Sharing the message that EVERYbody is a bikini body.  

We really need to stop comparing ourselves to filters and being the best of who we can be.  Again, I am being bold and stepping up I am also joining an inspiring Influencer that I met last year at the life-changing Well Summit.  I have grown so much from the things I learned at the Well Summit as well as the connections that I made. Amanda from  Prim and Propah


#OwnYourBodBabe Vision

Amanda invited me to share this message today.  Amanda shared the vision also came from her own vain reasons:

“I started #OwnYourBodBabe because simply put, I wanted to wear a shirt that was cropped. Pretty superficial, right? But as I started coming to terms with the ingrained yuck surrounding my own self-image, I began to realize that this sh!t was going to take some work. I plan to talk about the hard work it takes to really commit to self-love/appreciation/acceptance and some days just dealing with the funk.”

“OwnYourBodBabe intent is to open up a conversation “ to encourage ourselves and others to appreciate and love our bodies, not to be dragged down by ugly societal pressures and the urge to try to be something we are not.”

Sports Bra & Capri Leggings gifted from Handful Bra


Share the Message

Today on Facebook, Twitter and specifically Instagram join us in by following the hashtag  #OwnYourBodBabe and be inspired and encouraged by other women to love your body. Then other people’s opinion won’t matter.  Now if you aren’t comfortable posting which is understandable there is another way that you can participate. Amanda created these questions for you to take some time today to ask yourself:

  • “Why do I give myself a hard time?”
  • “What causes me to feel self-conscious?”
  • “Why do I hate my ‘insert perceived flaw here’?”

Answering these questions can help you to start discovering and appreciating your body for how amazing it is versus your physical appearance.  That is the beginning of transformation and that is exactly what I have worked so hard for and hope I impress on others to achieve.

Conquer you #OwnYourBodBabe Monday, Beauties!

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