On Purpose: The Busy Woman’s Guide to an Extraordinary Life of Meaning and Success

21 Day Social Media Fast

In September, I took a 21 day Social Media fast, and it was so clarifying.  Social Media is a great tool to share information quickly, but just like most things, overuse is abuse. I needed to step back and spend time with God to renew and restore His calling and purpose for me and act in obedience.  To change a bad habit, you have to replace it with the one you enjoy more.  So, I needed to find a habit I enjoyed more, which was my love for books. I have always been a reader, but my daily scroll took over my reading. So, during the 21 days, I began reading books. It was a great substitute. Instead of getting bits and pieces of information, I was getting complete thoughts, paragraphs and I didn’t have others’ opinions or comments to distract me.

Since my fast, I have become a voracious reader again, maintaining my boundaries with social media. I just finished a great book called On Purpose by Tanya Dalton, and I wanted to share it with you. This book was such an easy read and had so much wisdom and actionable steps. You need to add it to your cart or kindle ASAP.

“When we don’t pause and question our thinking from time to time, we can find that we’ve been sleepwalking through our days. It’s time to choose to be awake in your own life.” Tanya Dalton

I read that excerpt from On Purpose gifted to me from the publishers of @tanya.i.dalton new book and was like, “Well, okay, she’s not going to hold back.” When living on purpose, we shouldn’t.

Must Read On Purpose: The Busy’s Woman’s Guide to an Extraordinary Life of meaning and success

On Purpose: The Busy Woman’s Guide to an Extraordinary Life of meaning and success.  I love how this book explores all aspects of clarifying and exploring your purpose. It’s broken up into four sections Reflection, Projection, Action, and Alteration. You don’t want to skip around because the pieces don’t make much sense, just from my experience.  It’s fascinating how one builds on the other and helps you navigate your visions and purpose.

In the reflection section, you navigate your past to figure out why you make the choices that you do. In the Projection section, you explore what you plan on doing in the future based on what you discovered in reflection—creating clarity on what you want for your future. In the Action section, you prepare to execute by releasing fears and doubts of your past and figuring out how to work towards your future. In the Alteration section, you prepare for the unexpected, the “what ifs” of life that catch you off guard. How are you going to deal?

“We make excuses to ourselves because we aren’t sure what is truly possible.” Tanya Dalton

On Purpose is a great tool for clarity

I love how forward she is in this book. It’s sometimes toe stomping and refreshing because it cuts to the chase, like Tanya’s definition of adulting- an excuse for people to use to let off their big dream.  This book reiterated over and over again how we are in getting in the way of our purpose.  If we are to achieve the definition of success, we desire. We have to choose, wake up, and stop walking around mindless, almost absent and using excuses to limit us. If you’re looking for a new book, read that provides clarity and cuts the fluff. I highly recommend @tanya.i.dalton new book.

“What if we decided to actually choose our choices?” Tanya Dalton

So, I’m asking you, “What IF WE DECIDED to actually CHOOSE our CHOICES?” It is one of those questions you need to ask yourself daily. I highly recommend you choose to check out this book, On Purpose, by Tanya Dalton.

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